September 2012

By Owen Anderson, County Executive Director Sanborn/Jerauld County Office
Disaster Declarations: Both Sanborn and Jerauld counties have been declared 2012 primary disaster counties due to drought. Normally disaster program payments are made the year after because USDA wants to determine what actual yields and prices were for the disaster crop. We will keep you posted of any disaster signup requirements.
CRP Hay Removal Extension to Nov. 15, 2012: the FSA SD State Committee and the Sanborn/Jerauld FSA have authorized an extension of the CRP hay removal deadline for CRP hay approved by the Sanborn/Jerauld COF. If you hayed someone else’s CRP you need to ask them about leaving the hay longer. If you have CRP hay approved by another FSA office you need to check with that county to determine if their deadline has been extended.
“USDA is an equal opportunity employer and provider.”

Ken Ruml, 63, a Howard native and former high school teacher and wrestling coach, earned the chance of a lifetime this past summer, as he traveled to London with the USA wrestling team.
Ruml’s life revolves around wrestling. After giving 35 years to the Howard School District, he decided that wouldn’t be the end of wrestling for him. He began helping with USA Wrestling in whatever capacity he was needed.
His dream of attending an Olympics with the team came true this past Aug. 3-12 as he spent 10 days in London helping out the team as they competed on the biggest and most prestigious world stage.
The USA team ranked well among the world placing third in freestyle behind Russia and Georgia. Individually the US brought home two gold medals in freestyle, a bronze in freestyle and another in women’s freestyle.
Ruml got to take part in and enjoy the behind the scenes work and preparation, the excitement of the matches and the every day stressful world of the Olympics, with little sleep, high anxiety and lots of security, but he says it was  an amazing and rewarding experience fulfilling his dream in London.
Ruml says he will continue to help out with USA wrestling until they no longer need him. He next will attend the pre-season nationals Nov. 4-6 in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

On the road in southern France, I traveled in search of the Divine Feminine. From Nice to Paris by way of Carcassonne and Lourdes, Montsegur and the Cathar citadel of last resistance, Limoux and Mount Bugarach, Chartres Cathedral, the Louvre and the River Seine, I went in search of her and found the more I saw the more I went deep within a history of myself.
I kept saying, “It doesn’t feel like I’m in France, nothing seems new or different.”
I wondered if it was because I’ve seen every WWII movie ever made or is it something else. The little villages and the winding streets, the window boxes of flowers and the beautiful countryside led me onward in my search for the truth.
A friend, Coleen, whom I met on the Ireland trip last year, also decided to journey to France and the two of us flew in together and enjoyed a day’s rest before the journey began. We walked around the area of our hotel in Nice. It’s a lovely, quaint place with narrow streets and little shops, actually it is the French Riviera. We walked down to the Mediterranean and viewed topless bathers and speedos.  Most of the people were not Charles Atlas types, but older people. The beach was not sand, but flat, large rocks.
I smiled to myself as I heard Finbarr’s voice in my head, “I’ve seen everything there.” There would be time in the Mediterranean, but not ‘til the second day and not on that beach.
On Sept. 11, we loaded three nine-passenger Mercedes vans in Nice to begin our trek on this Sacred Pilgrimage. Pilgrims are changed by their journey, tourists are always a bit disappointed. At the end, I feel there were those on this journey with me that ended up being tourists, others of us were given a clarity and understanding to our own lives.
The first stop was the Grotte de la St. Baume where we ascended a mountain to a church on the side of the mountain where Mary Magdalene is said to have passed the last years of her life. The mountain has been considered holy ground for thousands of years. The water in the cave below the church is said to have curative powers. It was an amazing climb through a forest of trees up to the church.
As we reached the church there were signs in French for silence. Finbarr led us inside and explained the different places in the church where there were high energy spots. One place in particular behind a statue had very high vibration. It was roped off and one was not allowed in. However, since there was no one around we took turns going in and sitting in the spot.
By the time it was my turn, a monk or priest had arrived and was sitting and meditating. I worked my way around to a place where there was an opening I could crawl through and sat. It was here that I received my first message. I heard Finbarr’s voice whispering we were leaving and as I climbed off my perch, I slipped a bit and a rock fell.  He told me he knew I was back there and the priest did too as he looked around when he heard it fall. We just smiled. I learned on this trip that there are many spots like this, they are all roped off. Why? I drew my own conclusion.
When I was shown to put my hand through a screened area over the well and hold my other hand over my heart, I had a magical experience. The energy that came from the well was awesome and I could feel the result in my heart. It is said that Mary Magdalene used the well with her curative work.
The next stop was St. Maximin Basilica to view the crypt and relics of Mary Magdalene.  Just standing in front of the glassed case with the relics and placing your hand close to the glass one could feel the vibrations of the energy.
I found this journey to be very informative. France has so many churches and Cathedrals that are all about the Magdalene. My search for the truth continues.
Day 2
On the second day we viewed monuments and remains of the Roman Empire. This place was known as “little Rome” at one time. There were white wild horses in the fields and black bulls in other fields. That was all, no other kind. This was the beginning of what I viewed as a pattern of light and dark, yin and yang all through the churches and places we were to see.
So much to learn and so little time. There was a place where the Christians were thrown to the lions and it is still used today for concerts and such. The history and buildings or remnants of such are still there.
Here we also saw St. Trophimus Church, the starting point of the 500 mile journey to St. James Cathedral in Compostela. That is the journey I wrote about before called “The Way,” “The Camino,” and one that I would like to do. Here one receives a clam shell as you begin your journey. The pearl of great price lies within your heart. It is also in this place where there was a Templar stronghold.
Next, we journeyed to Saintes Maries de La Mer where it is believed the Grail family landed on their journey from the Holy Land. Here we saw the Black Madonna revered by the Gypsies of Europe as St. Sarah. We went down to the Mediterranean where Finbarr and Peter, another facilitator, did a ceremony in the sea where it is believed the Grail family landed on the shore. It was a beautiful spot where I collected a couple of rocks from the ocean. We were each anointed with a mixture of essential oils of frankincense, myrrhe and another one that I can’t remember.
Later, some of the group swam in the Mediterranean at that spot, but it was a chilly day and so I just walked in the water. Then a few of my new friends and I stopped at a small café and had some hot tea before returning to our hotel and dinner as a group.  Much information is coming in and we are taking time alone to process what we each are receiving.

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