October 2013

The rainfall total for September recorded by the Sanborn County Extension Office was 1.65 inches. Average September moisture for Sanborn County is 2.2 inches.
Total year-to-date precipitation in the county is 20.515 inches. Average year-to-date precipitation is 19.7 inches.

Pictured from left to right are: Jalen Larson, Margarita Santiago, Ashlynne Terkildsen, Mr. Mitch Korbel, Austin Ball, Amberiah Smith, Elliott Ohlrogge, Brenden Rassel, Savannah Swenson and Michele Carda.

To better understand the concept of motion and force, this years physics class took some time to build mousetrap cars.
There was a wide variety of building concepts and materials used by the students. No two cars were built the same and they all moved at a variety of speeds and traveled varying distances.
The winning car in both distance and speed was mainly built with the use of K’nex and was constructed by Austin Ball and Elliott Ohlrogge. The winning car traveled at a top speed of four feet per second and had the greatest distance of traveling 29 feet.
Overall the cars were a great success in helping students better understand the concept of motion.





Notice is hereby given to Glen Hoffman, deceased; his executors, administrators, heirs at law, devisees or legatees, the owner of record of the hereinafter described real property, persons in possession and person in whose name said property is taxed, and to Sanborn County, lienholder.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the following described real property situated in the County of Sanborn, State of South Dakota, to wit:
Lot 7-12 (Seven through Twelve), Block 8 (Eight), Crennen & Shannons Addition, Letcher Town, Sanborn County, South Dakota,
was on the 21st day of December 2009, purchased by the County Treasurer of Sanborn County, South Dakota, for said county at the regular tax sale held in said county on the 21st day of December 2009, for the sum of $24.93,  said sum being the amount of the taxes assessed against said real property for the year 2008, plus penalty, interest and costs of sale, said real property having first been offered for sale to competitive bidders at public auction, but not having been sold for want of bidders offering the amount due, it was thereupon bid in for the said amount due by County Treasurer for said Sanborn County, South Dakota; that pursuance of said sale, a certificate of tax sale dated the 21st day of December 2009, was duly issued by said County Treasurer to said Sanborn County, South Dakota; and that said County is now the legal owner and holder of said certificate of tax sale.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, That the right of redeeming said real property from said tax sale will expire sixty days from the date of the completed service of this notice, and that unless redemption is made from said tax sale within said time, a tax deed will be made and issued by the County Treasurer of the County of Sanborn, State of  South Dakota, to said County of Sanborn, State of South Dakota, covering the above described real property.
Dated the 27th day of September 2013.
Karen Krueger
County Treasurer of
Sanborn County,
South Dakota
Holder of Tax Sale