2016 South Dakota State Fair results

The 4-H results are in for the State Fair:
Child Development:
Purple: Carver Lindsey, Banion Niles, Kara Wormstadt (2), Noah Wormstadt (2).
Purple:  Hope Baysinger, Tyler Eddy, Tyson Eddy, Victoria Hoffman, Kaitlyn Swenson, Kara Wormstadt, Ty Ziebart, Delaney Zoss;
Blue:    Michael Hoffman, Megan Linke, Bethany Niles.
Conservation, Soils & Stewardship:
Blue: Kyle Clarambeau.
Consumer Education:
Blue: Nick Snedeker, Shaun Snedeker;
Red: Banion Niles.
Purple: Xavier Baysinger, Evan Ohlrogge, Brooklyn Swenson;
Blue: Kyle Clarambeau.
Blue: Hope Baysinger;
Red: Blake Howard, Aubrey Senska.
First Aid (Health):
Purple: Evan Ohlrogge.
Food Preservation:
Purple: Allison Britton (2), Alexis Kelly (2), Caleb Kneen, Toby Kneen, Brady Larson, Aaron Linke;
Blue: Alexis Kelly (5).
Foods & Nutrition:
Purple: Hope Baysinger, Xavier Baysinger, Tyler Eddy, Tyson Eddy, Bailey Feistner, Wyatt Feistner, Erica Howard, Caleb Kneen, Toby Kneen, Brady Larson (2), Bryce Larson (2), Carver Lindsey (2), Taylor Lindsey (2), Nathan Linke, Clay Moody, Taryn Ziebart;
Blue:      Tyler Eddy, Tyson Eddy, Blake Howard, Caleb Kneen, Toby Kneen, Carver Lindsey, Taylor Lindsey, Aaron Linke (4), Nathan Linke, Clay Moody, Cole Moody, Clay Olinger, Sutton Senska;
Red: Kade Olinger.
Geology & Minerals:
Purple: Bethany Niles, Emma Niles.
Graphic Design:
Purple: Emily Ohlrogge;
Blue: Emily Ohlrogge.
Purple: Taylor Lindsey;
Blue: Taylor Lindsey, Kara Wormstadt.
Hobbies & Collections:
Purple: Devyn Brooks, Lane Burkel, Kyle Clarambeau (2), Erica Howard;
Blue: Michael Hoffman.
Home Environment:
Purple: Hope Baysinger, Allison Britton (3), Dilyn Brooks, Ellie Evans (3), Bailey Feistner, Michael Hoffman, Bethany Niles, Brady Larson (3), Bryce Larson, Megan Linke, Emily Ohlrogge, Austin Schmit (2), Sutton Senska, Payton Uecker, Trista White (2), Tristan Ziebart, Tyson Eddy, Kara Wormstadt (4), Noah Wormstadt (2), Taryn Ziebart (2), Delaney Zoss (2);
Blue: Allison Britton (2), Bryce Larson (2), Ellie Evans (2), Bailey Feistner, Dean Hanson, Michael Hoffman (2), Taylor Lindsey, Kade Olinger, Brooklyn Swenson, Kaitlyn Swenson, Trista White (3), Kara Wormstadt (2), Noah Wormstadt, Tristan Ziebart, Ty Ziebart;
Red: Bryce Larson, Carver Lindsey, Taylor Lindsey, Bethany Niles (2), Payton Uecker, Taryn Ziebart, Tristan Ziebart, Ty Ziebart.
Purple: Aaron Linke (2), Megan Linke;
Blue: Aaron Linke, Megan Linke.
Special Honor of Judges Choice: Emily Ohlrogge;
Purple: Dilyn Brooks (2), Lane Burkel, Ashlee Hanson, Toby Kneen, Megan Linke (2), Nathan Linke, Emma Niles, Emily Ohlrogge (3), Nick Snedeker, Brooklyn Swenson;
Blue:    Banion Niles (2), Caleb Kneen (2), Catherine Bechen (2), Dean Hanson (2), Devyn Brooks (2), Dilyn Brooks (4), Emily Ohlrogge (4), Emma Niles (3), Evan Ohlrogge, Kaitlyn Swenson, Lane Burkel (4), Megan Linke, Nathan Linke (3), Shaun Snedeker;
Red: Megan Linke, Banion Niles, Emma Niles, Evan Ohlrogge (2).
Poultry & Eggs:
Purple: Hope Baysinger, Xavier Baysinger (2), Nathan Linke (2);
Blue: Xavier Baysinger;
Red: Hope Baysinger (2), Xavier Baysinger.
Sheep & Wool:
Purple: Xavier Baysinger.
Visual Arts:
Purple:    Hope Baysinger, Devyn Brooks (3), Dilyn Brooks (2), Lane Burkel, Victoria Hoffman, Mariah Jost, Brady Larson, Bryce Larson, Carver Lindsey, Aubrey Senska, Sutton Senska (2), Trista White, Taryn Ziebart, Tristan Ziebart, Delaney Zoss;
Blue: Lane Burkel, Bailey Feistner (2), Caleb Kneen, Carver Lindsey (2), Megan Linke, Kaitlyn Swenson, Trista White, Taryn Ziebart, Ty Ziebart;
Red: London Metzger, Sawyer Senska, Trista White, Tristan Ziebart.
Wildlife & Fisheries:
Purple: Bethany Niles;
Blue: Emma Niles.
Wood Science:
Purple: Xavier Baysinger, Tyler Eddy, Michael Hoffman;
Blue: Toby Kneen.
Writing & Public Speaking:
Purple: Nathan Linke (2);
Blue: Lane Burkel, Bethany Niles, Emma Niles.
Breeding Beef:
Purple: Aaron Linke, Nathan Linke, Sutton Senska – *Reserve Champion Miniature Heifer;
Blue:    Kyle Clarambeau (2), Tyler Eddy, Tyson Eddy, Brady Larson, Bryce Larson, Aaron Linke, Nathan Linke (2), Morgan Schmiedt, Sawyer Senska, Sutton Senska, Kaylee White.
Market Beef:
Purple: Kade Olinger, Collin Schmiedt, Morgan Schmiedt;
Blue: Camden Jost, Clay Olinger, Aubrey Senska, Sawyer Senska.
Dairy Cattle:
Blue: Amber Schelske, Dana Schelske;
Red: Alexander Schelske (2), Amber Schelske.
Dairy Cattle Showmanship:
Purple: Alexander Schelske, Amber Schelske, Dana Schelske.
Dairy Goat:
Purple: Aubrey Senska.
Breeding Meat Goat:
Purple: Delaney Zoss;
Red: Hope Baysinger (2).
Market Meat Goat:
Purple: Payton Uecker;
Red: Sutton Senska, Delaney Zoss.
Purple: Hope Baysinger, Xavier Baysinger (3), Wyatt Feistner, Sutton Senska (2);
Blue: Hope Baysinger (3), Xavier Baysinger (3), Bailey Feistner, Wyatt Feistner (2), Nathan Linke (3);
Red: Hope Baysinger, Xavier Baysinger, Chloe Degen (2), Bailey Feistner, Wyatt Feistner, Nathan Linke, Sutton Senska (2);
White:    Nathan Linke.
Poultry Showmanship:
Purple: Hope Baysinger, Xavier Baysinger – *fifth place Junior, Bailey Feistner – fourth place Junior.
Breeding Sheep:
Purple: Bailey Feistner;
Blue: Bailey Feistner (2), Megan Linke (3), Delaney Zoss;
Red: Tyson Eddy, Ellie Evans, Brady Larson, Bryce Larson (2), Megan Linke.
Market Sheep:
Purple: Delaney Zoss;
Blue: Rex Schlicht, Delaney Zoss (3).
Market Swine:
Blue: Hope Baysinger, Xavier Baysinger, Chloe Degen (4).
Judging Teams:
Horticulture Skill-a-thon:
Junior Team:  (team placed seventh)  Dilyn Brooks, Taylor Lindsey, Emily Ohlrogge.
Individual Judging Results
Beginner CDM:
Red: Blake Howard.
Junior CDM:
Blue: Dilyn Brooks, Taylor Lindsey;
Red: Alexis Kelly, Carver Lindsey, Emily Ohlrogge.
Junior Horticulture Skill-a-thon:
Blue: Dilyn Brooks, Alexis Kelly;
Red: Taylor Lindsey, Emily Ohlrogge;
White: Carver Lindsey.
Fashion Revue:
Purple: Alexis Kelly (2), Ashlee Hanson;
Blue: Banion Niles.
State Fair Public Presentations Contest
Purple: Xavier Baysinger, Blake Howard, Erica Howard, Aaron Linke, Megan Linke, Nathan Linke, Bethany Niles, Emily Ohlrogge, Acaiya Schultz, Nick Snedeker, Shaun Snedeker.
State Fair Special Foods Contest:
Purple: Emily Ohlrogge;
Blue: Isaiah Schultz;
Red: Michael Hoffman.
Adult Division:
Art, any media: SueAnn Schelske .
Craft:  Sarah Senska.
Needlework:  Gwen Effling – first.
Amateur Photography:  Sherryl Rankin.
Professional Photography:  Elizabeth Brooks – third.
Junior Division:
Art, any media:  Kolby Lindsey.
Canning, jellies/jams:  Ava Blindauer.
Needlework:  Brooklyn Larson – second.

…See pictures of 4-Her’s at the fair in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.

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