January 2017

The Sanborn County Food Pantry and Feeding South Dakota are again sponsoring a food give-away after a hiatus in January. It will be held Wednesday, Feb. 1, at 5 p.m. at the Woonsocket Community Center.
There are no restrictions of eligibility except that only one box of food will be distributed per family in need. Fresh produce and bakery items, dairy products, frozen meats, as well as non-perishable items are available.
Volunteers are encouraged to come early and help unload the food trucks, distribute the food, or carry and load the boxes of food into vehicles for those participating in the give-away.

A group works to run the noodle dough through the pasta machine. You can see where the dough is being cut into strips and the hangar is gathering the noodles for drying.

A group works to run the noodle dough through the pasta machine. You can see where the dough is being cut into strips and the hangar is gathering the noodles for drying.

Twenty-four kids from the Jerauld/Sanborn County 4-H participated in the Oodles of Noodles, a 4-H workshop, held on Jan. 24 at the Jerauld County 4-H Building. The workshop entailed making both noodles and cheese from scratch. From their fancy aprons to their floury faces, the kids had a fun-filled morning learning the science behind the process and the value of making a meal from scratch.
The youth, along with volunteers, used a variety of flours including: All Purpose, Durum, Semolina, Whole Grain, White Whole Wheat and Gluten Free. The end result of the noodles depended largely on the type of flour that was used to make them. They ranged from perfectly formed noodles to small chunks of pasta. The kids worked in small groups, and were each assigned a specific flour. They measured and mixed their ingredients and then wrapped the dough in plastic to let it rest. When this was done, half of the groups took their dough to the pasta machines and began the process of rolling, cutting and hanging the noodles to dry.
Youth learned about gluten, the secret ingredient that provides the structure in baked goods. In order to understand a little more about gluten, gluten balls were made by combining flour and water. Then they rinsed the starch away with cold water, leaving behind only the gluten. “It was interesting to compare the types of flours to each other,” stated Audra Scheel, SDSU 4-H Extension Youth Program Advisor.
Youth also were introduced to the art of making cheese. The kids taste tested a variety of store bought cheeses to compare with their homemade cheese, Queso Fresco. Once the noodles were dry, they were cooked and served with both white and red pasta sauce, making for a tasty lunch to conclude the event. Queso fresco could be sprinkled on top to finish their plate if they chose. This workshop fell under the Foods and Nutrition project area in 4-H. For more information on how to join South Dakota 4-H, contact Audra Scheel at audra.scheel@sdstate.edu or igrow.org.

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