Blackhawks recognized at State and Conference levels

Pictured ARE the Blackhawks who were selected for the SESD All-Conference team, from left to right: Rylie Stevens, Devon Weber, John Witte, Logan Wolter, Trey Weber, Trent Kingsbury and Trey Ulmer (Honorable Mention).

Pictured ARE the Blackhawk football players who were selected for the 11B All-State team, from left to right: Trent Kingsbury, Devon Weber (Honorable Mention), and John Witte.

Seven Blackhawk football players were named to the SESD and 11B All-State Conference teams.
Those named to the SESD All-Conference team were Devon Weber, Trent Kingsbury, John Witte, Trey Weber, Logan Wolter and Rylie Stevens. Trey Ulmer received an honorable mention.
For the 11B All-State team, Trent Kingsbury was named quarterback, and John Witte was named runningback. Devon Weber received an honorable mention.

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