December 2018

Sanborn Central Board proceedings

Unapproved Minutes of School Board Meeting

The School Board of Sanborn Central School District 55-5 met in regular session on Monday, December 10, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanborn Central Conference room with the following present: Adams, Dean, and Enfield. Others present were Superintendent Siemsen, Elementary/Middle School Principal Vermeulen, and Business Manager Bechen. Spelbring arrived at 7:03 p.m. and Schmit was absent.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Visitors to Board Meeting were: District 8 South Dakota State Representatives Jordan Youngberg and Randy Gross – The representatives attended the meeting to discuss with the administration and Board of Education the concerns and needs that face the Sanborn  Central School District. Items of discussion centered on the $.05 sales tax and the online sales taxes being collected and monies distributed to the school districts, mental health concerns with students, juvenile justice system, dollars from the state to support programs such as preschool. The conversation was positive and we believe that the representatives will do their best to help make the legislative session a positive one for the state and schools in particular. 

Motion by Adams, seconded by Enfield, all aye, to approve the agenda as printed. 

Motion by Enfield, seconded by Adams, all aye, to approve the minutes of the regular board meeting November 12, 2018, as printed. 

Motion by Adams, seconded by Spelbring, all aye, to approve the Financial Statement and bills. 

General Fund balance, November 1, 2018: $108,164.32. Receipts: taxes $306,873.49, penalties/interest $374.06, interest $63.49, other pupil $18.35, other local income $22.00, state fines $1,734.77, state aid $52,052.00, medicaid administrator $2,058.91, mentor program $156.81, transfer $20,209.67. Expenditures: $168,395.22, manual journal entry $1,433.00. Balance, November 30, 2018: $321,899.65. CorTrust Savings balance, November 1, 2018: $50,226.24. Receipts: interest $0.00. Expenditures: $0.00.  Balance, November 30, 2018: $50,226.24. 

Capital Outlay Fund balance, November 1, 2018: $788,289.72. Receipts: taxes $187,719.20, penalties/interest $202.67, interest $196.00, transfer $12,476.97. Expenditures: $11,302.12. Balance, November 30, 2018: $977,582.44.

Special Education Fund balance, November 1, 2018: $49,942.08. Receipts: taxes $32,559.25, penalties/interest $33.74, interest $13.80, medicaid adm $172.00, transfer $2,170.15. Expenditures: $23,263.80. Balance, November 30, 2018: $61,627.22.  

Pension Fund balance, November 1, 2018: $423.29. Receipts: $0.00. Expenditures: manual journal entry $423.29. Balance, November 30, 2018: $0.00.

Food Service Fund balance, November 1, 2018: $(1,464.15). Receipts: student meals $8,868.19, adult meals $732.21, ala carte $1,326.75, meal certification $186.72, federal reimbursement $4,640.32, manual journal $1,659.26. Expenditures: $15,748.87. Balance, November 30, 2018: $200.43.

Enterprise Fund balance, November 1, 2018: $20,979.75. Receipts: interest $2.76, preschool tuition $2,350.00. Expenditures: $3,933.34. Balance, November 30, 2018: $19,399.17.

Trust and Agency Funds balance, November 1, 2018: $58,168.36. Receipts: $13,865.13. Expenditures: $13,271.32. Balance, November 30, 2018: $58,762.17.

Scholarship Fund balance, November 1, 2018: $11,692.72. Receipts: interest $1.21. Expenditures: $0.00. Balance, November 30, 2018: $11,693.93. Peters Scholarship balance: $11,693.93.

Salaries and benefits for the month of December 2018 were as follows: 

General Fund: $152,144.64; 

Special Education: $15,797.42; 

Food Service: $8,069.45; 

Enterprise: $3,911.81.

Claims approved: GENERAL FUND – A-Ox Welding, cylinder rent $32.30, ag three cylinder five year leases $526.95; Bechen Electric, LED replaced $298.47; Brooks Oil Co., #1 diesel $2,689.50, gas $1,824.00, propane $2,767.23; Buhl’s Drycleaning, half of clean marching band uniforms $160.65; Churchill, Manolis, Freeman, Kludt, Shelton and Burns, audit letter fee $129.40; CorTrust, air cards $120.03, high school principal supply $114.28, middle school principal supply $85.72; Dakota Two Way, install bus radio $134.89; Dawson Construction, garbage October-December $677.04; Department of Revenue, water testing $15.00; Direct Digital Control, heater supply $231.12, service on units $758.10; First National Insurance, insurance 2018 Chevy 14 passenger $109.00; Harlow’s Bus Sales, bus parts $75.98; Heartland Paper, janitor supply $1,636.80; Hoffman Digging & Well Repair, pump out septic tank $1,147.66; 

[IMPREST: Gayle Bechen, state FFA Leadership Development Event’s meals $122.00; BrightArrow Technologies, digital voice dialer Technologies $250.00; Chester School, volleyball region 4B loss $238.73; Freeman High School, oral interpretation fee $32.23; Hanson School District, junior high girls basketball tournament $80.00; Tim McCain, fifth/sixth boys basketball referee (2) $50.00; Tater Moody, fifth/sixth boys basketball referee (2) $50.00]; Josten’s, first payment on yearbook $1,254.10; K&D Busing, shared busing $446.27; Menards, janitor supply $34.22, band chair $69.00; Mid-Dakota Technologies, November technology support $140.00; Petty Cash, bus plate transfer $15.00, postage $27.50; Sanborn Weekly Journal, board proceedings $93.09; Santel Communications, phone $229.30; Scholastic Inc., elementary just write $32.16; Walmart, high school chair $64.00.

CAPITAL OUTLAY Fund — A&B Business, copier rent $899.87.   

SPECIAL EDUCATION Fund – Behavior Care Specialists, November tuition services $6,242.00; November 2018 mileage, $378.00; James Valley Education Cooperative, psychologist service $1,625.00, physical therapy service $2,500.00, occupational therapy service $3,625.00, Special Education administrator $4,250.00; November 2018 mileage $67.20.

FOOD SERVICE Fund – Child/Adult Nutrition Services, processed commodities $156.76; Darrington Water, SS tank $24.00; Dean Foods, milk $497.00; Earthgrains Baking, bread $91.92; Reinhart Foodservice, food $3,293.76, supply $267.77; Walmart, food $13.19, supply $8.92; Woony foods, food $121.52. 


Mr. Siemsen reported on the following: 

•Girl’s and Boy’s Basketball is underway. The first contests were on December 8th. 

•Cheerleading is also underway for the winter season. There are two squads. 

•The school will not have Winterguard this year, as there is not enough interest. 

•The school does have drumline. 

•Siemsen attended state-wide superintendent’s meeting in Oacoma on December 5th to discuss potential legislative session initiatives to back for this year. 

•The Christmas Concert was held on December 4th. The students performed well and their leaders, Ms. West and Mrs. Easton, should be commended on a great performance. Also, the Board would like to thank Laura Conrad, Mary Unterbrunner, and Tina Luthi for preparing the juice, coffee and cookies, as well as the Artesian Community Improvement Association for helping to get Santa here. 

•Semester Tests are scheduled for December 18th and 19th. 

•Christmas Break begins on December 20th with an 11:00 a.m. dismissal and goes through January 2nd.  

•The Board and district would like to thank the Sanborn Central Booster Club for their donation of $10,000 towards the athletic complex project. The support from the club for all of the activities at SC is tremendous and greatly appreciated.     

Mrs. Vermeulen’s report included the following: 

•Extra help day was on December 7th. 

•Upland Colony Christmas Concerts will be held on December 12th at 7:30 p.m. 

•Vermeulen is currently driving the Woonsocket bus route due to the absence of Gary Willman. 

•Sanborn Central will have a newly enrolled first grade student who moved here from Florida due to being displaced from the hurricane. The school also lost three students, ninth grade, sixth grade, and second grade due to their family moving to Sioux Falls. 

•Mrs. Miller and her third grade class won a random drawing from Imagine Learning and will receive a $50 pizza gift card. 

•Christmas Break starts on December 20th with an 11:00 a.m. dismissal.

Discussion Items: 

•It was discussed and decided that the gym floor will be refinished. The process will begin with final determinations and plans made later in the year. This will be a part of the 2019-20 budget. 

•The board is looking at options to either enhance or replace the meal accounting software to allow for more real time notification to patrons. This is an ongoing analysis with an eye on implementation in the 2019-20 school year. 

•The board will decide if entering into an annual service contract with Direct Digital Control will be advantageous as opposed to paying per needed job. 

•Last, with some potential issues to the boiler/propane tank situation, it was determined that Brooks Oil will provide the district with extra tanks and subsequently be the company who provides the district with propane to operate the system.  

Old Business: None.

New Business: Motion by Enfield, seconded by Adams, all aye, to approve the transfer of $93,472.43, 45 percent of current year’s taxes July 2018 to November 2018 allowed under SDCL 13-16-6 from the Capital Outlay fund to the General Fund.

Regular Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 9, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanborn Central School Conference Room. 

Motion by Adams, seconded by Spelbring, all aye, to adjourn the meeting at 8:35 p.m.

Gayle Bechen

Business Manager

Clayton Dean

Board Chair

Sanborn County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, December 18, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. with Chairman Ebersdorfer presiding. Other members present were: Ohlrogge, Blindauer, S. Larson, and P. Larson. Also present was Auditor Larson. Motion by Blindauer, seconded by S. Larson, to approve the minutes as presented. All ayes. Motion carried. 


Stacy Mendenhall, Highway Supervisor; Sheri Kogel, Administrative Assistant; Josh Gebhart, Vantage Point; Jason Ward, PUSH; and Mark Wilson, Santel; met with the board to discuss burying cable for Santel. Concerns of the conditions of the roads and ditches where the digging was done were addressed. A ride along with Josh Gebhart of Vantage Point will be scheduled in the spring. Mendenhall and Kogel presented a bid from Marshall County for a 2019 Mack Truck. This will replace the Sterling Truck which has 300,000 mileage and is hard to purchase repairs for. Motion by Blindauer, seconded by S. Larson, to purchase the truck. All ayes. Motion carried.


Penny Farris, Director of Equalization, presented a plat on behalf of Randy Cope for A Plat of Lot 1 of Cope First Addition in the NE ¼ of Section 17, T 105 N, R 59 W of the 5th P.M., Sanborn County, South Dakota. By recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Board, motion by Ohlrogge, seconded by P. Larson, to approve the plat. All ayes. Motion carried.


Motion by P. Larson, seconded by Ohlrogge, to enter executive session at 10:00 a.m. to discuss personnel. All ayes. Motion carried. Chairman Ebersdorfer declared an end to executive session at 10:25 a.m.


Motion by P. Larson, seconded by Blindauer, to go into executive session at 11:30 a.m. All ayes. Motion carried.  Chairman Ebersdorfer declared an end to executive session at 11:45 a.m.


Auditor and Treasurer in all accounts $3,859,566.22

Register of Deeds $1,429.00

Motion by Ohlrogge, seconded by P. Larson, to pay the following bills. All ayes. Motion carried.

Office of Child Support, Wage Garnish $240.00

Accounts Management Incorporated, Wage Garnish $280.92

First National Bank, Tax Liability $2,742.65

South Dakota Association of County Officials, Mod and Preservation $70.00

State Treasurer, Monthly Remittance $44,942.19

Towns, Townships, Schools, T&C, James River Water, Monthly Disbursement $244,982.92

A-Ox Welding Supply Co Inc., Cylinders $93.71

AmeriPride, Mats, Mops, Towels $85.25

Artesian Fire Department, Rent $100.00

AT&T Mobility, Cell Phone $221.58

Axon Enterprise Inc., Cameras $2,796.00

Beadle County Sheriff, Prisoner Care $240.00

Beadle County Treasurer, VSO Quarterly Payment $1,875.00

Beck Ace Hardware, Supplies $168.14

Gary L. Bender, Jetting Sewer Line $449.00

Lynn Brueske, Supplies $68.12

Central Electric Cooperative, Furnace Repair $95.00

Colonial Research Chemical, Supplies $119.33

County Wide Directory, Wall Map $117.00

Douglas M. Dailey, Court Appointed Attorney $507.60

Dakota Counseling/Stepping Stones, Quarterly Support $625.00

Dakota Two Way, Supplies $1,326.07

State of South Dakota, Blood Alcohol/Drug Tests $335.00

South Dakota Department of Legislative Audit, 2016-2017 Audit $11,502.60

Dick’s Body Shop, Alignment $75.00

Express 2, Fuel $89.04

Farnams Genuine Parts, Supplies $154.39

Marla Feistner, EMT Conference $301.20

First National Bank Omaha, Meals/Supplies $1,328.10

Growmark Inc., Supplies $378.40

Liz Hoffman, Open House Supplies $11.25

Innovative Office Solutions, Supplies $353.93

James Valley Drug Task Force, Dues for 2019 $6,250.00

Susan Johannsen, Supplies $21.05

John Deere Financial, Tire Chain $85.34

KO’s, Tires/Supplies $1,692.99

L. Tron Corporation, Printer, Scanner $720.81

Lakota Contracting Inc., Supplies $111.18

Larson & Nipe, Office Expenses $1,100.10

Diane Larson, Open House Supplies $10.00

Leads Online, Investigation System $1,188.00

Letcher Community Center, Rent $100.00

Light and Siren, Supplies $357.00

McLeods Printing, Supplies $66.90

Randall Morgan, Clean Ditches $3,348.22

Miner County Auditor, E-911 Services $6,250.00

Mumford & Protsch, Court Appointed Attorney $188.00

Total Funds, Postage $1,000.00

Northern Truck Equipment Corp, Wiper Shaker $437.70

NorthWestern Energy, Electricity $199.74

Office Peeps, Supplies $2,853.10

Physicians Claim Company, Monthly Fees $262.94

Postmaster, Box Rent $444.00

Sanborn County Ambulance, Meals/Supplies $14.66

Santel Communications, Phone/Internet $2,897.11

Audra Scheel, Laminating $45.69

South Dakota EMS Association State Treasurer, Emergency Medical Technician Membership $150.00

Sanborn Weekly Journal, Publishing $780.69

James D. Taylor, Attorney Fees $1,134.48

Transource Truck & Equipment, Supplies $111.33

Waste Management, Garbage $318.42

Williams Musical and Office Equipment, Copy Repair $157.00

Woonsocket Community Center, Rent $100.00

Woonsocket City, Water/Sewer $78.88

Woony Foods, Gift Certificates $600.00

X-Cel Energy, Electricity $12.83

Gary Zell’s Auto Glass Inc., Windshield Repair $70.00

Motion by Ohlrogge, seconded by Blindauer, to adjourn the meeting. All ayes. Motion carried. A special meeting will be held on Thursday, December 27th, to conduct end of the year business.  

Diane Larson

Sanborn County Auditor  Jeff Ebersdorfer

Chairman of the Board, 

Sanborn County

Donald Merriman


Donald R. Merriman, 98, died Friday, Dec. 14, 2018 at Sanford USD Medical Center.

A memorial service and burial with military honors will take place at a later date. Arrangements were made through the Wass Funeral Home, Beresford.

Donald Raymond Merriman was born in Lane on Nov. 12, 1920 to Ira and Clara (Brattrud) Merriman. He graduated from Woonsocket High School, and then worked for his uncle, Tony Kuborn, drilling water wells. He later moved to Yankton, where he worked for Finger Well Drilling and met Elaine Dahlin. The two were married in McCook, Neb. on October 10, 1942.

At the age of 22, he was drafted into military service. He intended to be a pilot, but upon showing a strong aptitude for math and science, he was placed into specialized training courses at the University of Alabama to become a navigator. Donald later graduated from the USAAF Advanced Navigation School in Ellington Field, Texas and was sent overseas to serve during World War II. His combat unit of the U.S. Army Air Corps was based in England, and he flew eleven missions as a navigator with the 94th Bomb Group before the war ended, and then spent time in Germany helping keep the peace before returning home to Elaine.

Don and Elaine moved to Beresford, where he started Merriman Well Drilling. Don was active in both the state and national drilling conventions. He was very active in the VFW where he served as Commander three times and as Quartermaster for twenty years. Don also served on the Beresford School Board and as a Beresford City Council member.

Don is survived by his seven children, Gloria Gunnare, Gayle (Robert) White, Dale (Judi) Merriman, Larry (Marty) Merriman, Lonnie (Linda) Merriman, Sharon Merriman, and Penny (Brian) Lansdowne; nineteen grandchildren, 31 great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandchild.

Don was preceded in death by his wife of 63 years, Elaine; his son, Geoff, son-in-law, Cliff Gunnare; great-grandson, Joshua; two brothers, Keith and Vern Merriman; and his parents, Ira and Clara Merriman.

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