Change in staff occurs at Sanborn Weekly Journal

RACHEL LINDGREN, Sanborn Weekly Journal’s new staff member, has taken over Wanda Swenson’s position, which includes typing physical copies of news, writing the history section and weather, and, of course, proofreading.

As most of you know, as of the first of this year, the Sanborn Weekly Journal has been under new leadership with Tara and Rod Weber as owners and Carrie Howard as Editor/Publisher. As of June 11, the paper also has a new typist/proofer, Rachel Lindgren.

After Hillary Lutter sold the business, her mother, Wanda Swenson, who had been working for Hillary for five years, decided that she would also like to hang up her keyboard and red pens and join the rest of the retired members of society.

So, the staff asked certain people who they thought would be great for the job but were turned down. They then took the next step and advertised in the paper with no response for one week, and then, a glorious voice called into the office and asked if the position was still open. Everyone was elated because Rachel was actually someone they had considered talking to about the job, so it was even better that she contacted them. Wanda was especially overjoyed because she really wanted to be done, but she didn’t want to leave the paper short-staffed, and no matter what, she wanted the paper to be successful.

…Read on in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.

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