City Council hears from community members on vehicle ordinance

On Monday, Sept. 10, 15 Woonsocket citizens attended the Woonsocket City Council meeting to voice their opinions and concerns about the vehicle ordinance that has recently been enforced. Also in attendance, were two city employees, Donnie Jemming and John Ames, Sheriff Tom Fridley and Deputy Sheriff Jason Coenen. 

Mayor Dick Reider started the discussion with a request that everyone try to stay civil and to keep comments on subject. There was a list of people who asked to be on the council’s agenda to speak so Mayor Reider started with that list and asked if those people wanted to speak. First up was Robert Wingert, who declined. Next up was Roger Linke, who did not attend, and the last person on the agenda was Charlotte Bruce, who also chose not to attend. 

So, the Mayor opened the subject to the floor and to the rest of the visitors of the meeting for discussion.

…Read on about the meeting in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.

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