Sanborn County 4-H Special Foods Contest held

PICTURED ARE, left to right: Brady Larson, Lane Burkel, Kadyn Turner, Cole Wilson and Emily Ohlrogge.

Sanborn County 4-H recently held their annual 4-H Special Foods Contest on May 23. Thirteen 4-Hers spent the day showcasing their culinary talents. Judging the contest this year were Margo Edwards, Paula Linke and Maria Feldhaus, 4-H Youth Program Advisor for Miner County.

This unique contest gives the youth a chance to prepare a recipe from any of the five food groups. One requirement is that three ingredients must be measured during the contest in front of the judge.  Oftentimes, first time participants will choose something simple, such as a smoothie.  During the contest, 4-Hers are tested on their nutritional knowledge and must answer questions from the judges.  Other elements of the contest include planning a menu and displaying a table setting to go along with the special dish.  The variety of the table settings vary greatly year to year and often showcase bright colors and themes.  

…Read the results, see some recipes, and view more pictures in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.

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