Sunday Night = Fun Night at the Woonsocket Pool

Lauren Jensen and Kaitlyn Swenson enjoy time to freely use their floaties at the Woonsocket Pool last Sunday evening.

The pool management and lifeguards are trying to limit the large floaties brought to the pool to just Sunday nights. Floaties are getting to be much larger than they used to be, and when they are used during regular pool hours, they are starting to become a hazard because of the high attendance the pool has been experiencing. 

Young, inexperienced swimmers can often fall off their floatie in water that is too deep for their skill level. The pool staff have had some younger swimmers accidentally get caught underneath a floatie, as well, which has been due to the pool being so busy and the size of the floatie being so large. 

Pool management and lifeguards are hoping that limiting the use of floaties to Sunday nights will help give the kids the opportunity to still use them but at a specific time.

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