Town ‘N Kountry Kids Blue Group plan safety event

In recent years, the FBI’s Internet Complaint Center Report has recorded a yearly average of 290,000 reports of various types of fraud, from fake used car ads on Craigslist, to email messages impersonating FBI officials, to phone messages about the IRS filing a lawsuit on someone for owing taxes that are not owed. Of these, more than 115,000 involved some financial loss. The typical loss was $600, but for some kinds of scams, the figure was much higher, adding up to more than $525 million lost.

On Monday, May 7, at 7 p.m., the Town ‘N Kountry Kids 4-H Blue Group is hosting an Internet/phone safety course in Letcher at the newly remodeled community center. Everyone seventh grade up to adult is welcome, and, although it is suggested for grades seven and eight, high schoolers, parents, grandparents, and interested community members are encouraged to attend. It is free to the public. 

Toby Russell of the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation will be speaking about very serious, mature topics; therefore, no one under grade seven should attend. 

Snacks will be provided by 4-H families.

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