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In 2010, the Land O’ Lakes Foundation started a “Feeding Our Communities” campaign that aimed at reducing hunger issues in the United States.

Agtegra Cooperative is a cooperative member of Land O’Lakes and can participate in the “Feeding Our Communities” campaign to donate money to help a selected organization in their community. As part of the campaign, Agtegra Cooperative donated $1,600 to the Sanborn County Food Bank for the county’s food pantry. The Land O’ Lakes Foundation also sent a check in the amount of $1,600 to the Sanborn County Food Bank as a matching grant to Agtegra Cooperative’s donation. The Sanborn County Food Bank received a total of $3,200 through the “Feeding Our Communities” campaign to help county families in need. 

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Avery Miller confidently takes her horse through the reining pattern at the Fun Horse Show held in Forestburg on Oct. 6.

A 4-H Fun Horse Show was held on Oct. 6 at the 4-H Grounds in Forestburg with nine counties represented.  Thirty-seven 4-Hers kicked off National 4-H Week by participating in horse safety training and improving their horsemanship skills in several individual events. 

Eric Kobernusz of Mt. Vernon served as the horse safety instructor for the day.  He kept the attention of the participants by teaching them basic horse safety skills.  Safety is always at the forefront of any project done in 4-H.  Other information he taught included:

•How to pick up a horse’s feet

•Safe ground handling

•Checking tack

•Loping each direction in the correct lead

•Turning a horse on its forehand and hind quarter

•Backing the horse on the ground

Jennifer Martinez of Ethan was given the task of judging the many events of the Fun Horse Show.  Ribbons were awarded in each event to the top six finishers in each class of beginner, junior and senior participants.  Points were totaled and Grand Champion and Reserve Champion ribbons and prizes were awarded to overall beginner, junior and senior participants.  This event is sponsored by Sanborn and Jerauld/Buffalo Counties.

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The Artesian American Legion Auxiliary met on Oct. 7 at the Artesian Community Center at 7 p.m.

Karen opened the meeting. Candy read the opening prayer, and the group recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Dee gave the treasurer’s report and the secretary’s report.

Old Business:

The Auxiliary is ready for the Trunk and Treat, just waiting for a time and date.

Veterans Day dinner is coming along and duties have been made. The group will try to come in Nov. 7 to decorate the center. Posters were handed out to put up in businesses.

The invitations to the Veterans were made and ready to mail.

The club made some Christmas ornaments and Holly provided the supplies.

It was discussed to give out some door prizes for those who attend the dinner.

Holly made some Christmas stockings and the club will put some candy in them to give to the Veterans.

New Business:

The ordered poppies came in.

Meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting is Nov. 7 to decorate the center and the dinner is Nov. 10 at 12 p.m.