Artesian Town Board proceedings

Unapproved Minutes January 2, 2019

The Town of Artesian Council met on January 2, 2019, in regular session at the Artesian Community Center.  Council Member K. Effling called the meeting to order with Council Member C. Danek, Council Member Travis King and Finance Officer G. Effling present.  Also present was Tom Fridley.

The minutes of the December  5, 2018, meeting was read, motion to approve by Danek;  motion carried. Financial reports were read; motion to approve by Danek, seconded by King; motion carried.  

The following vouchers were presented for the month; motion to approve by Danek, seconded by King; motion carried:

Artesian Fire Department – $125.00

Candace Danek – $120.00

Dawson Construction Inc. – $1,064.88

Department of Environment & Natural Resources – $50.00

Gwen Effling – $500.00

Kurt Effling – $120.00

Tom Fridley – $280.00

Howard Auto Clinic – $544.89

Travis King – $162.00

Runnings – $59.01

Tractor Supply Co. – $78.72

USDA – $1,116.00

Town of Artesian – $220.96

Xcel Energy –  $1,064.73

Old Business: 

Streets – The snow removal went well. Town residents are asked to trim back down tree branches on boulevards or tree limbs that hang over the street.

Lagoon – It’s in good condition.   

Sewer/Garbage – The Board reviewed and discussed delinquent bills and implementing the sewer shut off for non-payment ordinance No. 2019-2. A current listing of volunteer fire department personnel has been received.   

New Business:

A motion was made to join the District III Association by Danek, seconded by King; motion carried.

Election date notice – April 9, 2019. You may pick up petitions through  January 25, 2019. Petitions are due back on February 22, 2019. Kurt Effling’s term is up for re-election. It is a three-year term. Gwen Effling will remain on all accounts at CorTrust Bank. 

Dakota Pump’s annual inspection was discussed. 

Regular town board meetings will be held the first Wednesday of each month at the Artesian Community Center. Regular depository is CorTrust Bank, Artesian, S.D. The official publication is the Sanborn Weekly Journal. The regular meeting attendance is $40.00 per meeting. The Finance Officer salary is $500.00 per month. Administrative wage is $10.00 per hour. The Head Maintenance wage is $14.00 per hour. Part-time maintenance wage is $9.10 per hour.  Mileage is $0.485 cents per mile. It is $50.00 per hour for tractor/wages snow removal. Motion to approve all by Danek, seconded by King; motion carried.  

The next regular meeting is scheduled for February 6, 2019, at the Artesian Community Center at 7:30 p.m.

There being no further business motion by King, seconded by Danek; motion carried.

Gwen Effling

Town of Artesian, 

Finance Officer

Kurt Effling

Council Member

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