Horse remains discovered on property near Letcher

This horse was irresponsibly and improperly disposed of on random property near Letcher. Please contact the Sanborn County Sheriff’s Office with any information about this.

On Thursday, May 29, Andrew Ewing and his father, Jim Ewing, were driving around the countryside surveying the water levels and water damage on some of the land that Andrew is renting. As they were traveling down a grass road on some of the property Andrew rents, which is located two miles east and one mile south of Letcher, they discovered a horse carcass lying in the grass on the property. According to Jim, the horse had been left there since the last big rain because the tracks of a dually pickup had been left in the grass and gravel and were still quite visible, and the horse wasn’t present when the Ewings last visited the property prior to the last rain. From the looks of its condition, the horse had been dead for at least a few days.

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