Letcher Town Board proceedings

June 18th, 2019

Mayor Mark Chada called the meeting to order with Ed Hoffman, Angie Larson, and Angie Meier in attendance. 

A motion was made by Hoffman, seconded by Larson, carried, to approve the May 21st, 2019, minutes as read.

A motion was made by Larson, seconded by Hoffman, carried, to approve the financials as presented.

Old Business: Discussion was held on past due accounts.  

Discussion was held on replacing light bulbs on some of the poles at the ball park. TK Electric will be replacing lights bulbs that need to be replaced.  

New Business: The board went over the water sample report.

Discussion was held on past due accounts. 

The tractor for the town has been purchased and delivered. 

The West Nile grant has been sent in.

The board sent in paperwork for a Homeland Security Grant, and the grant money was received. 

DB Electric installed the timer on the new warning siren. The whistle will go off daily at noon. 

A motion was made by Hoffman, seconded by Larson, carried, to approve the Planning and Development District III Dues for 2020. 

Bechen Fencing has fixed the fence at the Community Center Park.  

Discussion was held on the alumni weekend.  

Discussion was held on requested information about being able to put a cement pad at the corner building on Main Street.  Discussion will be held at a later date. More information is needed. 

A motion was made by Hoffman, seconded by Larson, carried, to approve the following claims for payment:

General AND WATER/SEWER: Hoffman Digging – $46.80 – Mower Supplies, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield – $2,242.25 – Health Insurance, Dawson Construction – $1,265.30 – Streets – Blading, C&B Equipment – $8,750.00 – Tractor Down Payment, Santel Communications – $285.19 – Community Center phone – $45.44, internet – $40.12, Office phone – $47.00, Internet – $66.62, Lift station phone – $44.40, W/H Phone – $41.61, Sanborn Weekly Journal – $118.90 – advertising, Quill – $142.63 – community center cleaning supplies, Miedema Sanitation – $827.95 – garbage removal, Menards – $443.92 – Supplies Rossy Park, Department of Health – $76.00 – Water Samples, Menards – $19.90  -Grounds Supplies, Bechen Fencing – $1,833.76 – Fixed Fence at Community Center park, NorthWestern Energy – $1,292.03 – Community Center – $173.50, Ballpark-$45.24, Water Valve – $12.34, Lift station – $377.20, Street Lights – $479.65, Lagoon – $107.39, Rossy Park – $25.48, Water Plant – $71.23, Quill – $125.04 – Supplies, Department of Environment and Natural Resources – $60.00 – Water Dues, Angela Larson – $426.29 – wages custodian, Gregory Knutson – $584.22 – Summer help wages, Jim Fridley – $184.70 – Water Superintendent Wages, Michael Hoffman – $101.58 – wages, Benders – $478.00 – Sewer Repairs/Maintenance.

The next board meeting will be held on July 2nd, 2019, at 7:00 p.m.

Angie Meier

Finance Officer

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