Sanborn Central Middle School tackles plastics National Geographic challenge

A group of Sanborn Central Middle school students joined the 2018-2019 National Geographic GeoChallenge, “Tackling Plastics”. 

In early October, all Sanborn Central middle school students were invited to participate in the challenge. Morgan Hoffman (sixth), Alex Schelske (sixth), Casady Dean (eighth), Jessie Krueger (eighth), and Sidney Salas (eighth) chose to participate in the student-led contest and complete the National GeoChallenge by Jan. 15.

“The GeoChallenge is an annual themed and standards-based competition from the National Geographic Society that challenges student groups in grades five through eight across the United States to develop a creative solution to a real-world problem. 

Students form teams—between four and six people—and respond to a problem, challenge, or critical issue by using research, collaboration, creativity, and communication to create and present real-world solutions, just like National Geographic Explorers. Teams with the best projects can advance to the regional and national levels.” from the website

The students met weekly outside of class with their coach, Marci Farmer, to discuss their research and ideas. The students chose a waterway to reduce plastic pollution, created a solution, developed a prototype and created a video to showcase their GeoChallenge journey. The team’s submission will be scored and the group may be invited to the regional competitions. If you see these young scientists, give them a pat on the back for being environmental leaders and improving our planet!

…Check out a picture in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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