Sanborn County Commissioners proceedings

MAY 7, 2019

Sanborn County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, at 9 a.m. with Chairman Ebersdorfer presiding.  Other members present were:  S. Larson, Ohlrogge, Blindauer, and P. Larson. Also present was Auditor Larson. Motion by S. Larson, seconded by Ohlrogge, to approve the minutes as presented. All ayes. Motion carried. 


Stacy Mendenhall, Highway Superintendent, met with the board. Much discussion was held on conditions of the county roads and the work being done to repair the damage. The policy for clearing snow during a storm for the electric companies was discussed. The procedure will be not to send our workers out in a storm if it endangers their lives. Emergency situations will be a case by case basis. Motion by P. Larson, seconded by Blindauer, to declare 2010 140M road grader surplus and will sell it at online auction. S. Larson abstained from the vote. Motion carried. Motion by P. Larson, seconded by Ohlrogge, to declare the cars in the impound which include 1999 Ford Explorer, 1999 Ford Taurus, 2000 Honda Civic, 1999 Dodge Durango, 2000 Chevy Lumina, and 1997 Ford Contour surplus and also the 2010 Ford Explorer to be sold at the same time. S. Larson abstained from voting. Motion carried.   


Puetz Corporation presented their assessment for plans and costs of installing an elevator.  Three options were presented.  One was eliminated and Puetz will proceed with more information on the remaining two.  


Karen Krueger, Treasurer, met with the board on behalf of John Nissen requesting an abatement on Lot 6 Block 30 Original Plat, Woonsocket City.

The property was torn down in February 2017. Motion by Ohlrogge, seconded by S. Larson, to abate the taxes in the amount of $129.92. All ayes. Motion carried.


The sheriff’s department is implementing a new tracking device for house arrest. Motion by S. Larson, seconded by Blindauer, to transfer $1,000.00 from contingency to 101-212 to fund this project. Motion carried. Motion by P. Larson, seconded by S. Larson to transfer $5,640 from the general fund to the 24/7 Sobriety fund. This is the amount budgeted for. All ayes. Motion carried.


Motion by Ohlrogge, seconded by Blindauer, to enter a Memorandum of Understanding with the SDSU Extension and Counties of South Dakota for the year 2019 in the amount of $6,006.00 per year for the 4-H Advisor. All ayes. Motion carried.


Auditor and treasurer in all accounts $5,262,964.94

Register of Deeds $1,949.00

Motion by Ohlrogge, seconded by Blindauer, to pay the following bills. All ayes. Motion carried:

Towns, Townships, Schools, T&C, James River Water, Monthly Distribution $215,429.57

Kylie Forbes, Wages $853.33

First National Bank, Tax Liability $323.41

Huron Regional Medical Center, Wage Garnishment $19.55

Prairieland Collections, Wage Garnishment $272.81

First National Bank, Tax Liability $1,931.27

Avera Health Plan, Insurance $19,447.96

AFLAC, Insurance $1,140.08

AFLAC, Insurance $199.60

South Dakota Retirement System, Retirement $7,382.72

South Dakota Retirement System, Retirement $44.79

Small Business, Insurance $51.00

Sanborn County Treasurer, Real Estate Taxes $293.95

Sun Life Financial, Insurance $161.71

VSP, Insurance $195.57

Sanborn County, Insurance $932.84

EMC National Life Company, Insurance $383.64

Colonial Life, Insurance $439.56

Colonial Life, Insurance $18.86

First National Bank, Tax Liability $11,835.40

EMC National Life Company, Insurance $67.50

Sanborn County Treasurer, Taxes in Trust $2,932.95

South Dakota Association of County Officials, Registration $525.00

A-Ox Welding, Welding Blanket $109.21

Advanced Drainage System Inc., Supplies $9,522.00

Agtegra, Supplies $54.18

Ameripride Services, Laundry $175.50

Artesian American Legion, Memorial Day Donation $50.00

Artesian Fire Department, Yearly Support $450.00

AT&T Mobility, Air Card $197.74

Avera Occupational Medicine, Drug Tests $425.25

Gary  L. Bender, Jetting Sewer $449.00

Bound Tree Medical, Supplies $522.26

Butler Machinery, Repairs and Supplies $2,824.03

Central Electric Cooperative, Electricity $258.73

Colonial Research Company, Supplies $251.70

Dakota Two Way, Radio Repair $47.40

Total Oil Inc., Fuel $1,525.00

Davison County Sheriff Office, Jail Fees $1,045.00

State of South Dakota, Blood Alcohol $190.00

DMC Wear Parts, Blades $6,275.51

Express 2, Fuel $119.83

Express Stop, Fuel $11.19

Farnams Genuine Parts Inc., Supplies $781.40

Fastenal Company, Supplies $203.09

Innovative Office Solutions, Ink Cartridge $34.66

John Deere Financial, Supplies $61.31

Mark Katterhagen, Mental Health Hearing $6.00

KO’s, Repairs and Supplies $317.52

Larson & Nipe, Office Expense $1,250.00

Letcher American Legion, Memorial Day Donation $50.00

Letcher Senior Citizens, Yearly Support $450.00

Lucy Lewno, Chairman, Mental Health Hearing $113.25

Local Lumber Co., Supplies $115.06

Darcy Lockwood, Mental Health Hearing $6.00

Mac’s Hardware, Supplies $97.17

McLeod’s, Laser Checks $289.90

Menard’s, Supplies $114.00

Mumford & Protsch, Court Appointed Attorney Fees $1,434.70

NorthWestern Energy, Electricity $1,677.89

Office Peeps, Supplies $1,115.79

Sherryl Rankin, Mileage $40.00

SAGA Communications of SD, Publication Fees $420.00

Sanborn County Ambulance, Meals $20.19

Santel Communications, Phone and Internet $1,192.39

South Dakota Association of Assessing Officers, Training $350.00

Sanborn Weekly Journal, Publication Fees $508.46

Waste Management, Garbage $316.33

Wheelco Truck & Trailer Parts, Supplies $74.01

Woonsocket American Legion, Memorial Day Donation $50.00

Woonsocket Community Center, Yearly Support $450.00

Woonsocket City, Water/Sewer $85.11

Woony Foods, Supplies $104.29

X-cel Energy, Electricity $796.47

April payroll before deductions:

Commissioners $3,025.00

Auditor $5,381.13

Treasurer $5,501.13

States Attorney $3,766.84

Courthouse $3,540.72

Assessor $5,698.31

Register of Deeds $6,220.30

Sheriff $11,835.41

County Nurse $1,116.26

Ambulance $1,700.00

Extension Office $1,201.25

Weed $1,350.00

Drainage $180.00

Road and Bridge $25,634.45

E-911 $58.75

Emergency Management $516.30

Sobriety Testing $244.00

There being no further business, motion by S. Larson, seconded by Ohlrogge, to adjourn the meeting.  All ayes. Motion carried. The next regularly scheduled meeting is Tuesday, May 21, 2019.  

Diane Larson

Sanborn County Auditor  

Jeff Ebersdorfer

Chairman of the Board, 

Sanborn County

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