SCW class releases trout into Lake Prior

By Josie Weber

This year, on Feb. 14, the Sanborn Central/Woonsocket Wildlife and Fisheries class received 100 rainbow trout eggs from the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks.  This was made possible through a grant called “Trout in the Classroom,” applied for by Ag teacher, Jessica Ronning. This is a junior level class, and was taken by Josie Weber, Carter Linke, Megan Linke, Tater Moody, and Amber Schelske.

These students were able to see firsthand the growth cycle from egg to fingerlings. The students learned about the anatomy of the fish, the life cycle, and the habitats they live in. Trout require very specific growing requirements including: a specific pH level of the water, water temperature to remain at 53 F, and water circulation. The SCW class released the fish on Tuesday, May 7, at Lake Prior in Woonsocket. 

The SCW class would like to thank the SD Game, Fish, and Parks for making this possible. The SCW Wildlife and Fisheries class plans to continue this class next spring. 

…See pictures in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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