Woonsocket City Council proceedings

August 12, 2019, Minutes -  7:00 P.M.

The regular meeting of the Woonsocket City Council was called to order by Mayor Richard Reider at 7:00 p.m., Monday, August 12, 2019, with the following members present: Derek Foos, Arin Boschee, Darin Kilcoin, Joel Rassel and Garret Foos. Brandon Goergen was absent.

Motion by G. Foos, seconded by Boschee, to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

Motion by D. Foos, seconded by Rassel, to approve July 1, 2019, minutes. Motion carried.

Financial Report – Tabled.

Motion by Rassel, seconded by Boschee, to approve the bills.

South Dakota Rural Water $405.00 Membership

One Call $8.96 Shop

South Dakota Public Assuance Alliance  $14,030.82 Insurance

Stan Houston $2,029.95 Storm

Santel Communications $299.87 Phone

Woony Foods $14.72 Shop

Waste Management $8,072.79 Garbage

Runnings $37.94 Shop

Northwest Pipe Fitting $172.67 Shop

Menards $22.97 Shop

Mitchell Concrete Products $367.00 Parks

Michael Todd $675.09 Streets

MCR Pools $1,745.47 Parks

McLeods $475.90 Water/Sewer

Larson & Nipe $55.00 Professional

Local Lumber $272.80 Parks

kO’s Pro Service $32.00 Shop

Hawkins Water Treatment $1,117.93 Water/Pool

NAPA $19.78 Shop

Express Stop $446.37 Shop

Express 2 $339.76 Shop

Public Health Laboratory $581.00 Water

Dakota Pump $1,728.70 Storm

Chesterman $905.34 Pool

Central Concrete $3,362.25 Parks

Campbell Supply $51.96 Shop

Colonial Research $354.68 Sewer

Benders Sewer Drain $1,622.50 Storm

AmeriPride $51.83 Shop

Agtegra $151.25 Parks

SD Retirement $955.20 Retirement

First National Bank $4,201.97 Payroll Tax

Department of Revenue $186.07 Sales Tax

Total: $44,795.54 

Waste Management met with the council to present a proposal for a new garbage renewal:

The proposal is based on a three- or five-year contract between the City of Woonsocket and Waste Management. The proposal would include current trash service to all residential homes within the City limits with a 96-gallon cart. The proposal also includes a new commerical trash pricing matrix, that we know the commercial customers will enjoy seeing, a free-yard trash container to be used for City service and no charge walk up service for those with physical limitations that would make curbside service difficult. The pricing shown will include the current taxes and fees which will save the City approximately $480.00 per month on top of the free two-yard and walk up services.

Residential Pricing:

The prices shown are the Monthly cost per residence for trash services provided. All carts shall be provided and maintained by Waste Management at no additional cost to the residents. The current billable number of homes is 244 and can be adjusted to match the actual number serviced.

Residental Trash:

Ninety-six-gallon wheeled and lidded trash cart, serviced once weekly – $18.25 per month, per unit

Commercial Trash Service:

The pricing shown is monthly for year one of the contract. Secondary containers will be at the same cost as the intial container.

Size Container, Once Monthly Price, Every Other Week Price, Once Weekly Price:

2-Yard Container, $15.00, $39.00, $78.00;

3-Yard Container, $18.00, $48.00, $96.00;

4-Yard Container, $20.00, $57.00, $114.00;

6-Yard Container, $25.00, $75.00, $150.00;

8-Yard Container, $28.00, $93.00, $186.00.

Adjustement of rates:

The residential and commercial prices seen in this proposal shall remain flat for the first 12 months of the contract, after which there will be an annual rate adjustment of three percent on each succeeding year of the contract.

There will be a fuel surcharge added if diesel fuel reaches $4 per gallon (see table below). Prices are calculated on the first Monday of each month using the Department of Energy (DOE) National Average for Weekly retail on Highway Prices, Midwest Region.



Diesel Fuel Price Per Gallon, Fuel Surcharge

Less than $4.00, 0 percent;

$4.00 to $4.24, 2 percent;

$4.25 to $4.49, 4 percent;

$4.50 and up,  5 percent.

Motion by Rassel, seconded by G. Foos, to approve the proposal from Waste Management effective October 1, 2019. Motion carried.

Several citizens were at the meeting to discuss sewer backup and drainage. The city is working with the state to get a solution for the drainage of the Spirit of Faith Church.

Several citizens were at the meeting to discuss abandoned cars in town. 

Julie Bebout was at the meeting to discuss the City purchasing her property. Motion by Rassel, seconded by Kilcoin to purchase Lots 12-15 Block 38 OP Woonsocket for $15,000.00. Boschee voted No. Motion carried.


Council discussed the streets.At this time it is recommended not to do any paving due to the high water table.

Council discussed the budget.

Council discussed cleaning up lots.

Council discussed crushing concrete.

Council received a proposal to upgrade the lift station. Motion by D. Foos, seconded by Kilcoin, to approve the proposal for material from Milbank Winwater in the amount of $13,798.30. Motion carried.


Council discussed the fountain. The council agreed to fix the fountain.

Council discussed doing smoke testing in the sanitary system to see if the city has some infiltration issues of storm water. It is best to perform this test during October/November.

Council discussed fixing some leaks at the pool. 

Council discussed the bathhouse at the campground.

Council discussed the bat problem at the city shop. A quote in the amount of $12,500.00 was brought up. With no motion on the table, the proposal was denied.

Motion by G. Foos, seconded by Rassel, to enter into executive session at 10:00 p.m. Motion carried.

Motion by Rassel, seconded by Kilcoin, to exit executive session at 10:30 p.m. Motion carried.

With no further business to be discussed, motion by G. Foos, seconded by Boschee to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 p.m.

Richard Reider


Tara Weber

Finance Officer 

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