Town ‘N Kountry 4-H Club Blue Group meets

The Town ‘N Kountry Kids Blue Group met on Sunday Jan. 4, at 5 p.m. at the Letcher Community Center. Prior to the meeting, the members were able to work on identifying livestock and horticulture species in an activity. Youth enjoyed a snack provided by the Zoss and Greenway families. 

The meeting was called to order by President Brady Larson. Thirty-one youth were in attendance. The pledges were led by Shay Bechen and Ramsey Fouberg. Roll call “What would be or is your favorite pet and name?” The secretary’s report was read by Hudson Fouberg. Payton Uecker gave the treasurer’s report with outstanding bills from Janet and Brooke. Delaney Zoss made a move to approve the treasurer’s report; Teagan Moody seconded the motion.  

The club health officer, Bryce Larson, was absent from the meeting, however he provided tips on “How to properly wash your hands” that Ellie Evans and Brady Larson provided to members. Safety officer Sophie Kelly provided tips on caring for and keeping an infant safe.

Committee reports: 

Community Center Christmas Tree decorating members Ellie Evans and Delaney Zoss reported that they were able to get the tree undecorated after Christmas, and reported that the tree is in tough shape. Motion was made by Janet Maeschen to purchase a new tree; Payton Uecker seconded the motion. 

Courthouse Tree Decorating Committee members Shay and Suri Bechen and Hudson and Ramsey Fouberg reported that they were able to get the tree taken down at the Courthouse in Woonsocket. Bechens purchased some ornaments and donated them for next year. 

Old Business:

YQCA training is required for all 4-Hers showing any animals. Upcoming training dates were reviewed. See the Dec. 26, 2019, email from the office for more details.

Shooting sports starts Jan. 5. 

Teen Leadership program deadline for applications is Jan. 8. This is a program for youth in seventh through 12th grade. Youth from Sanborn, Jerald/Buffalo, Aurora, Davison and Beadle counties are invited to attend. The goal is to get five students from each of the counties to participate.  Steve Zoss provided an update on the dates of the meetings and planned activities.  

Jan. 15 – “Capital for the Day” is an opportunity for 4-H members. Audra will work with youth to provide a letter for school administrations for an excused absence.  Several families reported that they were attending.   

New Business:

Brady Larson proposed several community service projects for the upcoming months.  Ramsey Fouberg made a motion to purchase hand sanitizer to provide to area schools to use during activities. Brooklyn Larson seconded the motion. Brady volunteered to be in charge of purchasing and getting the sanitizer to the schools.  

Teagan Moody made a motion to make Valentine’s Day cards at the next meeting to distribute to local community members. Kenzie Uecker seconded the motion. Members are asked to bring art supplies to the next meeting.  Janet Maeschen and Lacy Bechen will also be bringing extra supplies for this project. 

Stacy Zoss shared that the Central Electric Supper is Jan. 14 and that the 4-H Leaders are hosting this event. If older youth and families would like to help serve the meal, please connect with Stacy.  Families could also provide a pie for the meal. If able to donate pies, please connect with Velma, Janet or Stacy.  

Teens for Jeans – 2019 Teen Leadership Conference State 4-H Ambassadors came up with this project. The club will be collecting jeans for this project.  Members are asked to bring a pair of gently used or new jeans to the next meeting for donation.    

A few 4-H t-shirts were available at the meeting for members needing a different size. If someone is needing Club t-shirts, let Janet know so they can be ordered.  

Janet proposed some project ideas and pointed out project ideas in the State Fair Book.  Sign up sheets were passed around.  Janet will be connecting with those youth that are interested in sewing projects.  

For their next meeting each family was asked to bring a plate of three homemade muffins for an activity.  

Sydney Richardson gave a demonstration on “Paints & Finishes.”  Cannon Zoss presented on “Tack you need for a Successful Ride.” Alexis Kelly demonstrated “How to make Fruit Rollups.” 

Recreation officer Ellie Evans organized an activity for the 4-H members at the end of the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting is Feb. 1, at 5 p.m. at the Letcher Community Center.

Talks were given by: Parker, Cain, Cole, Teagan, Hudson and Ashlee.

…See photos in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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