January 2021

Sanborn County has hired Craig Bennett to take over the position of Sanborn County Veterans Service Officer. Bennett is currently the Davison County Veterans Services Officer, and he will remain in that position as well.

With 22 years of military service in the United States Navy, Bennett is very familiar with services that veterans may need and are entitled to for serving the country. One of those benefits deals with veterans’ health benefits and their care in their community. There is a home-based primary care provider who is employed through Veterans Affairs who will do home visits for eligible veterans.

Bennett also works with veterans and their compensation and pension benefits. The compensation side of things deals with service-connected issues, such as things that occurred during a veteran’s active duty. One such issue is what is now known as a Blue-Water Vietnam vet benefit. Any veteran who served within 12 miles of Vietnam could be eligible for the agent orange benefits now.

Bennett also works with the pension program that is available for war-time veterans, their spouses, or widows/widowers. He also helps with burial benefits. He orders the markers for the burial site, and he helps with financial burial benefits if the veteran is eligible.

An important service that Bennett provides through his office is a transportation service for any veteran who needs a ride to the VA Hospital in Sioux Falls. He only asks for at least a three-day notice, and the veteran has to get their own ride to and from Mitchell. 

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On Friday, Jan. 8, the Sanborn Central/Woonsocket boys and girls junior high basketball teams hosted Mt. Vernon/Plankinton at Sanborn Central. The girls B-team played first and defeated MVP 25-1.

The SCW junior high girls’ A-team played next and came away with the win, 29-21.

After the two girls’ games, the SCW junior high boys played their two games. In the first game, the young Blackhawk boys defeated MVP 25-22. 

In the second boys’ basketball game, the Blackhawks lost a hard-fought game against MVP with a score of 17-24.

On Monday, Jan. 11, the junior high girls and boys basketball teams had to travel to take on Kimball/White Lake. KWL didn’t have enough kids for two teams so the A-teams played a full game, and the B-teams played a partial game, so the younger players could get more experience with game play. The Blackhawk girls seventh/eighth grade A-team defeated KWL with a score 42-30. Lizzie Boschee led the team in scoring with 24 points.

The young Lady Blackhawks’ coach, Rob Baruth, is proud of how the girls are playing. The “girls continue to improve. They really get things done on the defensive end. That’s what is really getting them going each game. They really work well together,” said Coach Baruth. He added, “We will have a short break with the 281 tourney and then will be back in action on the 23rd in Kimball.”

The SCW junior high boys’ basketball team also played Kimball/White Lake. In their first game, the Blackhawk junior high boys won with a score of 38-25.

The junior high girls are traveling to Kimball for a Round Robin on Saturday, Jan. 23, then both the boys and girls play at home on Monday, Jan. 25 against Corsica/Stickney at Woonsocket.

…See a photo and read details of the games in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

Letcher Town Board proceedings

December 7th, 2020

Angie Larson called the meeting to order with Sean Gromer and Angie Meier in attendance. 

A motion was made by Gromer, seconded by Larson, carried, to approve the November 4th, 2020, minutes as read.

A motion was made by Larson, seconded by Gromer, carried, to approve the financials as presented.

Old Business: 

Discussion was held on past due accounts.  

A motion was made by Larson, seconded by Gromer, carried, to approve liquor license renewal for Buckshots and Jake’s Lounge for 2021. 

New Business: 

The Board went over the water sample report.  

Discussion was held on the sewer smell on the end of Main Street. Ed Hoffman is going to go down to the lift station and look it over and see if Dakota Pump needs to be called.  

Discussion was held on past due accounts.

As of now the Legion is waiting on having Bingo at the Community Center. They will reevaluate in March of 2021.  

A motion was made by Gromer, seconded by Larson, carried, to approve the following claims for payment:

General AND WATER/SEWER: Northwestern Energy – $930.24 – Utilities – Electric (Water Valve – $10.62, Water Plant – $137.94, Lagoon – $15.00, Ballpark – $21.66, Lift station – $36.73, Community Center – $212.08, Rossy Park – $23.28, Street lights – $472.93), Davison Rural Water – $2,175.00 – Water Used, South Dakota Municipal League – $187.88 – Annual Membership, Robert Digerness – $20.00 – Refund on Deposit, Tiffany Cundy – $80.00 – Refund on Overpayment, Angie Meier – $315.44 – Finance Officer Wages, Ed Hoffman – $1,018.20 – Maintenenace Position Wages, Dakota Pump – $10,301.74 – Replacement Pump for Lift station, Michael Hoffman – $83.11 – Meter Reader, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield – $2,598.23 – Health Insurance, Santel Communications – $235.47 – Internet and Phone (Lift station – $45.33, Office Internet – $80.50, Office Phone – $29.47, Community Center Internet – $55.00, Community Center Phone – $25.17), Sanborn Weekly Journal – $369.44 – Advertising Minutes, Quill – $224.08 – Ice Melt and Office Supplies, Public Health Lab – $15.00 – Water Sample, American Garage Door – $194.90 – Repairs to Garage Door at Fire Hall, DB Electric – $140.54 – Repairs to Ceiling Fan in the Fire Hall, Dawson Construction – $4,731.38 – Gravel & Blading, Sioux Falls Winpump Co. – $2,876.00 – Culverts. 

The next board meeting will be held on January 4th, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Office. 

Angie Meier

Finance Officer 

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