Sanborn Central Board proceedings

Unapproved Minutes of School Board Meeting

The School Board of Sanborn Central School District 55-5 met in regular session on Monday, September 12, 2022, at 7:02 p.m. in the Sanborn Central library with the following present: Clayton Dean, Mark Goral, Emma Klaas, and Gary Spelbring Jr. Others present were Superintendent Justin Siemsen, Elementary/Middle School Principal Connie Vermeulen and Business Manager Gayle Bechen. Absent was Curtis Adams.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Visitors to Board Meeting: Casady Dean, representing the Senior Class at SCHS, Robin Moody, Susan Farrell-Poncelet, and Tim McCain all representing the SCEA, and Justin Enfield. 

Motion by Spelbring, seconded by Klaas, all aye, to approve the agenda as amended. Correct the date at the top of agenda from August 8th to September 12th, Add: 21-2022/2023. Approve a price increase in adult meals to $4.85 in accordance with USDA mandate; 22-2022/2023. Executive Session SDCL 1-25-2(1) to discuss personnel; 23-2022/2023 Approve Adjournment.

Motion by Klaas, seconded by Goral, all aye, to approve the minutes of the regular board meeting August 8, 2022 as printed.

Motion by Spelbring, seconded by Goral, all aye, to approve the Financial Statement and bills.

General Fund balance, July 31, 2022: $1,056,469.47, manual journal entry ($79,006.00), August 1, 2022: $977,463.47. Receipts: taxes $839.96, penalties/interest $8.04, interest $168.62, admission $1,861.00, other – pupil $102.71, other $78.99, yearbook $180.00, state fines $1,587.40, state aid August $81,569.00, revenue in lieu of taxes $250.11, gross receipts telephone $20,964.36, ESSER III $34,918.00, mentor room $120.00. Expenditures: $148,382.25.  Balance, August 31, 2022: $971,729.41. CorTrust Savings balance, August 1, 2022: $50,522.00. Receipts: interest $0.00. Expenditures: $0.00.  Balance, August 31, 2022: $50,522.00. 

Capital Outlay Fund balance, July 31, 2022: $490,565.01, manual journal entry $65,997.00, August 1, 2022: $556,562.01. Receipts: taxes $55.99, penalties/interest $0.18, interest $92.92, McKillop memorial $1,178.40, ESSER III $105,654.00.  Expenditures: $16,029.02. Balance, August 31, 2022: $647,514.48. CD $50,000.00.

Special Education Fund balance, August 1, 2022: $513,309.27. Receipts: taxes $94.84, penalties/interest $0.44, interest $79.15. Expenditures: $19,654.03. Balance, August 31, 2022: $493,829.67. 

Food Service Fund balance, July 31, 2022: $19,203.83, manual journal entry $21,123.52, August 1, 2022: $40,327.35. Receipts: interest $3.44, student meals $10,486.01, adult meals $474.90, ala carte $1,129.80. Expenditures: $6,293.53. Balance, August 31, 2022: $46,127.97.

Enterprise Fund balance, August 1, 2022: $4,822.04. Receipts: $1,350.00. Expenditures: $4,182.85. Balance, August 31, 2022: $1,989.19.

Custodial Funds balance, August 1, 2022: $72,067.46. Receipts: $2,966.49. Expenditures: $3,751.03. Balance, August 31, 2022: $71,282.92.

Scholarship Fund balance, August 1, 2022: $9,475.24. Receipts: interest $0.68. Expenditures: $750.00. Balance, August 31, 2022: $8,725.92. Peters Scholarship balance: $8,725.92; Nelson Scholarship balance: $0.00.

Salaries and benefits for the month of September 2022 were as follows: General Fund: $161,238.15; Special Education: $20,933.92; Food Service: $11,953.12; Enterprise Fund: $4,415.77.

Claims approved: GENERAL FUND – A-Ox Welding, cylinder rent $37.26; Logan Amundson, reimburse memberships $104.00; Arrowwood Resort, superintendent conference room $234.90; Associated School Boards of South Dakota, elementary/middle school principal conference registration $250.00; Automatic Building Controls, annual check fire alarm system $511.00, batteries $128.00; Bannwarth Trucking, delivery $282.00, rock $335.74; Gayle Bechen, gate tickets $16.31; BetterLesson, coaching $7,000.00, virtual workshop/coaching $36,400.00; Capital One, janitor supply $25.90, superintendent supply $28.54; Carquest, bus supply $420.27, air wrench $284.77; Council on College Admission in South Dakota, counselor workshop $20.00; Central Electric, July electricity $1,717.75, August electricity $4,377.78; Chesterman, pop $56.81; Cole Paper Inc., janitor supply $27.90; Conrad Repair, professional service $93.75; CorTrust, air cards $55.00, turbo hotspot $146.82, middle school supply $73.43, yeti/typing subscription $737.25; Dauby’s Sports Center, volleyball supply $316.00, boys basketball supply $360.00, girls basketball supply $367.00; Demco, library supply $99.09; Emergency Education Associates, staff CPR training $1,800.00; Susan Farrell-Poncelet, janitor supply $32.97; Hanson School District, volleyball early bird fee $175.00; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, elementary workbooks $187.34; 

[IMPREST FUND: Lynne Calmus, volleyball referee/mileage $115.20; Capital One, superintendent supply $81.67, in-service meal $156.18; Carrie Howard, volleyball clock junior varsity/varsity $45.00; Kenny Huether, junior high/junior varsity football referee $70.00; Charley Larson, junior high/junior varsity football referee $70.00; Kristen Williams, volleyball referee $90.00]; 

Innovative Office Solutions, high school supply $30.00, middle school supply $4.50, colony supply $117.93; IXL Membership services, site license $4,700.00; K&D Busing, volleyball shared buses $368.67; Lakeshore, kindergarten supply $28.49; Menards, janitor supply $165.71; Mid-Dakota Technologies, August tech support $170.00; Performance Foodservice, janitor supply $531.00; Bryce Petersen, reimburse fingerprints $53.25; Pomps Tire Service, two bus tires $252.84; Premier Equipment, mower service $199.66; Really Great Reading Company, LLC, reading program $2,291.00; Sanborn Weekly Journal, board proceedings $287.23, back to school ad $70.88; Santel Communications, July/August phone/fax $401.64; School Mate, elementary planners $127.50; School Specialty, elementary supply $1,006.57; South Dakota Association of School Business Officials, conference registration – Bechen $75.00; Connie Vermeulen, reimburse back to school night supply $44.13; Wards Natural Science, high school science supply $339.92; Trey Weber, drive football to practice $150.00; Wheelco, bus air filters $506.43; Hannah Ziebarth, reimburse praxis $389.58.

CAPITAL OUTLAY Fund — A&B Business, copier lease $1,011.83; Apple Inc., reissued check high school macbook $1,149.00; Hauff Mid-America Sports, crane memorial gym pads $6,219.80; 

[IMPREST FUND: A&B Business Solutions, new rate adjustment copier lease $41.80; Capital One, Ice machine $440.59]. 

SPECIAL EDUCATION Fund – Paula Sanderson, ESY services mileage $176.40; Teacher Created Materials, SPED books $206.91; Teacher Direct, speech supply $75.40. 

FOOD SERVICE Fund – Arctic Refrigeration, inside walk-in freezer condenser $217.00; Bimbo Bakeries, bread $112.35; Capital One, food service supply $158.24; CorTrust, food service prep table $344.80; Darrington Water Conditioning, August SS tank $28.00; Eastside Jersey Dairy, milk $476.53; Educational Biometric Tech, three-year fingerprint support $500.00; Performance Foods, equipment $1,179.89, supply $319.09, food $7,594.66, ala carte $1,537.85; Visualz, supply $237.49.

ENTERPRISE Fund – Gayle Bechen, lock for outside storage $8.27.

Mr. Siemsen reported on the following: 

• The school has experienced an enrollment increase, particularly in the ESL area of students. The Board is working to get translation of curriculum. 

• Official Count of District enrollment is September 30. The current breakdown is as follows: Elementary – 104, Middle School – 30 (+ 1 out of district placement), High School – 38, and Colony – 36. Total: 209. 

• The Board is waiting for materials to work on the fixes to the roof by Dalsin. 

• Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for September 15th, followed by no school on September 16th. 

• Oral Interp is hosting a Blackhawk Meet on October 29th in Woonsocket. 

• There’s a good number of students enrolled in dual credit courses. 

• FAFSA night is being held at Sanborn Central on October 3rd at 5:30 p.m.

Mrs. Vermeulen reported: 

• A motivating assembly was held on August 29th for all grades in two sessions (Pre-K through fifth in one and sixth through 12th in the other). The assembly (presented by Corey Greenwood) included humor, music and conversation. Corey emphasized that each and every person has their “own story.” You need to be compassionate and understand not everyone is the same and some may be hurting inside.  The students were very attentive. 

• Homecoming Week is September 26th-30th, with the parade theme being board games. 

• Laura Conrad has received the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable grant again this year. Twice a week, the elementary students will get to sample foods. On September 6th, the elementary students were invited to a kick off of the program, where they were able to sample and view items such as coconut milk and artichokes. 

• Brandon Manchester, of the Mitchell Fire Department provided CPR/AED training during the Back to School in-service. It was organized and well received. 

• Parent-Teacher conferences will be held on September 15th from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., with no school on September 16th. 

• Enrollment: Colony – 36, Pre-K to fifth – 104, middle school – 30, high school – 38. The school now has three ELL families, two students in high school, two students in middle school, and three students in Pre-K through fifth. 

• The Title III coordinator has visited with staff and will be returning to assist staff on Extra Help Day in October. 

• Rachael Foster, colony ENL teacher, will start to assist the students once a week beginning next week. Three of the students have very limited English skills.

Discussion Items: 

• Tax levy request to the county auditors for taxes payable in 2023 as follows AG $1.362; OO $3.048; OTH $6.308; General Fund Opt Out $600,000.00; Special Education $200,000.00; Capital Outlay $200,000.00. It was decided to adjust the levies for the SPED fund from $250,000 down to $200,000 and the Capital Outlay up from $150,000 to $200,000. This will help balance out these areas in the revenue base making it easier to use the funds where they are needed.

• The Board discussed the current status of the football field. Many steps have been taken to try and ensure that the field was in good shape for playing. It has been reseeded and fertilized, aerated twice, and watered constantly, all over the course of this last year. While it has improved, the weather made it very difficult to get it where the district hoped it would. Two varsity and two junior varsity/junior high games have been played on it this year. There were some complaints, both inside and outside the co-op about the state of the field. To address this problem, the district will be looking for ways to improve the field beginning this fall. The plans for improvement will necessitate the field be unused for the remainder of the football season, and beyond, depending on how the improvements go. This would mean that any potential playoff games would be played in Wessington Springs this year. The district will be gathering information and obtaining quotes for work that is deemed necessary to get the field in better shape. It is the board’s hope that this will be done quickly so that better weather for growing can be taken advantage of. This will be an ongoing process, particularly when trying to figure out the best course of action and deciding on all that will need to be done, potentially. All the board members are on the same line of thought in trying to find a solution that is not simply a “Band-Aid” but a long-term, positive change to the field, not just for football, but soccer, physical education, and any other events. As more information is received, updates will be provided to the Board and public as well.

New Business:

Motion by Goral, seconded by Spelbring, all aye, to approve the adoption and renewal of the District’s Participation in ASBSD’s Insurance Protective Trust.

Motion by Spelbring, seconded by Klaas, all aye, to approve the proposed senior privileges as presented by Casady Dean, the representative of the Class of 2023.

Motion by Klaas, seconded by Goral, all aye, to approve the use of the new state mileage rate on an ongoing basis. Effective Sept. 12, 2022, it changed to $0.51 per mile.

Motion by Klaas, seconded by Spelbring, all aye, approve a price increase in adult meals to $4.85 in accordance with USDA mandate.

Motion by Spelbring, seconded by Klaas, all aye, to approve executive session SDCL 1-25-2(1) to discuss personnel at 8:35 p.m. Regular session resumed at 8:55 p.m.

Regular Board meeting will be held on Monday, October 10, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanborn Central library.  

Motion by Klaas, seconded by Goral, all aye, to adjourn the meeting at 8:56 p.m.

Gayle Bechen

Business Manager

Clayton Dean

Board Chair

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