Sanborn County Commissioners proceedings

JUNE 21, 2022

Sanborn County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at 9:00 a.m., with Chairman Jeff Ebersdorfer presiding. Present were Paul Larson, Gary Blindauer, and Rod Weber. Steve Larson was absent. Auditor Kami Moody was also present along with Duane Peterson. Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Weber, to approve the minutes from the June 9 meeting, as presented. Motion carried.


No public was in attendance for input. 


Stacy Mendenhall, Highway Superintendent and Sheri Kogel, Highway Administrative Assistant, met with the board. County ditches are being mowed. Discussion was had on the current rental of mower tractors. There have been some complaints about weeds on properties. Kogel will be sending letters to landowners. Motion by Weber, seconded by P. Larson, to approve the road approach permit requested by Jason White located just east and just west of his home driveway located on 232nd Street. Motion carried. County road 4-0 will start getting chip sealed starting next Monday, June 27th. Twelve miles will be completed going north/south from Highway 34 south to the county line. 


Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Weber, to enter Board of Adjustment. All ayes, motion carried. 

Penny Farris presented a variance for Barry and Shelly Selland. By recommendation from Planning & Zoning board, motion by Blindauer, seconded by P. Larson, to approve the variance as presented. Motion carried. Chairman Ebersdorfer declared adjournment from Board of Adjustment. 


Bennett informed the board that he plans to retire, and Davison County has hired someone to be his replacement. Bennett is requesting that the county help cover the additional costs while the new hire is in training, until his retirement. Further discussion will be held regarding this matter at the next meeting, provided that more information is received from Davison County with the request. 


Motion by Weber, seconded by P. Larson, to enter the agreement with Planning & Development District III for January 1 through December 31, 2023.


Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Weber to surplus the Ford 531 Tractor, Model #D2213C and Farm King Mower, Model #Y750R to be sold separately. Items will be sold on the Dean/Edwards Auction in July. Motion carried. 

Motion by Blindauer, seconded by P. Larson, to release the county and township ditches for mowing effective immediately. Motion carried. 


Motion by P. Larson, seconded by Weber, to pay the following bills; motion carried:

Jury Duty Member, Jury Duty $395.60

First National Bank of Omaha, State Remittance $2,217.65

Avera Health Plan, Insurance $19,177.84

AFLAC, Insurance $1,063.65

AFLAC, Insurance $231.74

South Dakota Retirement System, Retirement $8,631.26

Delta Dental, Insurance $605.70

Small Business, Insurance $51.00

Sanborn County Treasurer, Taxes in Trust $84.53

BEAM, Insurance $228.50

Cincinnati Insurance Co., Insurance $512.81

EMC National Life Company, Insurance $371.30

Colonial Life, Insurance $126.30

First National Bank, Tax Liability $14,391.59

First National Bank of Omaha, Direct Deposit Fee $27.56

Division of Child Support, Employee Child Support $283.50

Amazon SYNCB, Supplies $224.90

City of Woonsocket, Utilities $91.48

Express 2, Fuel $126.80

First National Bank of Omaha, Supplies $222.11

KO’S Pro Service, Repairs $57.05

Menards, Supplies $162.08

NorthWestern Energy, Utilities $1,010.52

Office Peeps, Supplies $1,382.66

Physicians Claims Company, Ambulance Service Fee May 2022 $326.86

The Lodge at Deadwood, Travel and Conference $160.00

Brosz Engineering Inc., Township Inventory Report $4,700.00

Sign Solutions USA, Signs $1,185.10

Double D Body Shop, Repairs $3,537.09

Melissa Heinen, Blood Draw $80.00

Pennington County Jail, Transport – R. McReynolds $187.00

Pheasantland Industries, Supplies $243.97

South Dakota EMS Program, Ambulance Service Renewal Fee $12.00

Artesian Fire Department, Election – Building Rent $100.00

Deloris Reider, Election Worker $235.84

Jane Amick, Election Worker $265.66

Jean Wormstadt, Election Worker $256.84

Judy Wormstadt, Election Worker $264.28

Kathy Austerman, Election Worker $262.30

Kay Jorgenson, Election Worker $235.84

Letcher City, Election – Building Rent $100.00

Lori Bratland, Election Worker $250.12

Louise Eddy, Election Worker $236.68

Mary Ann Hopper, Election Worker $235.84

Pat Carsrud, Election Worker $244.24

Vickie Blindauer, Election Worker $235.00

Wanda Swenson, Election Worker $237.52

Woonsocket Community Center, Election – Building Rent $100.00

There being no further business before the board, motion by Weber, seconded by P. Larson, to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  The next regular scheduled meeting will be held on July 5, 2022.

Kami Moody

Sanborn County Auditor

Jeff Ebersdorfer

Chairman of the Board, 

Sanborn County                                                                                                                           

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