Sanborn County Commissioners proceedings

OCTOBER 4, 2022

Sanborn County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, at 9:00 a.m., with Chairman Jeff Ebersdorfer presiding. Present were Steve Larson, Gary Blindauer, and Rod Weber. Paul Larson was absent. Auditor Kami Moody was also present, along with Duane Peterson. Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Weber, to approve the minutes from September 20 regular meeting, as presented. Motion carried.


No public was in attendance for input. 


Sheri Kogel, Highway Administrative Assistant met with the board. 

Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Weber, to approve the approach permit for Jason White, that will be located on the northeast corner of a field located on 400th Avenue. Located between 223rd and 234th Streets. A 24-inch culvert will need to be placed when the approach is built.Motion carried. 

Motion by S. Larson, seconded by Weber, to pay Swingen Construction the second payment of $162,170.10 for the bridge replacement on 24-O for bridge 56-190-056. Motion carried. 


No bids were received for acceptance. Paula Linke was also present for discussion. There was discussion on how to move forward. Auditor Moody will be in contact with the Architect and Legislative Audit for legal guidance. Linke will reach out to some local contractors. 


Penny Farris, Director of Equalization, met with the board. The second public hearing for the rezoning of Block 9 of Original Town Woonsocket from Two Family Residential to an Agricultural Residential District was held. By recommendation from District III and the Planning & Zoning board, motion by S. Larson, seconded by Blindauer, to deny the rezoning for Block 9 (lots 1-24). Weber abstained; motion carried. 


Leon and Sharon Fredrichs met with the board to continue discussion regarding the drainage ditch located on their property. 


Motion by Weber, seconded by Blindauer, to approve Resolution #2022-17. Motion carried. 

A resolution of the Sanborn County Commission declaring its support for, and adoption of, the Sanborn County Hazard Mitigation Plan.

WHEREAS the Sanborn County Commission recognizes the threat that natural hazards pose to people and property within Sanborn County; and

WHEREAS Sanborn County has prepared a multi-hazard mitigation plan, hereby known as the Sanborn County Hazard Mitigation Plan in accordance with federal laws, including the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, as amended and the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, as amended; and

WHEREAS Sanborn County participated in the development of the plan; and

WHEREAS the Sanborn County Hazard Mitigation Plan identifies mitigation goals and actions to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to people and property in Sanborn County from the impacts of future hazards and disasters; and

WHEREAS adoption by the Sanborn County Commission demonstrates its commitment to hazard mitigation and achieving the goals outlined in the Sanborn County Hazard Mitigation Plan.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Sanborn County Commission hereby adopts and supports the Sanborn County Hazard Mitigation Plan and will take action to ensure that the Plan is implemented.

Adopted and approved this 4th day of October 2022.

/s/Jeff Ebersdorfer

Mr. Jeff Ebersdorfer, 

Sanborn County 



/s/Kami Moody

Ms. Kami Moody, 



Drainage Board minutes from September 14 were reviewed, discussed, and approved.

Planning & Zoning minutes from October 3 were reviewed, discussed, and approved.  

Motion by S. Larson, seconded by Blindauer, to enter into an agreement with the South Dakota Department of Social Services regarding the South Dakota Opioid Settlement Memorandum of Agreement. Motion carried.


Auditor and Treasurer in all accounts $3,961,775.65

Register of Deeds $3,644.00

Motion by Blindauer, seconded by S. Larson, to pay the following bills; motion carried:

September payroll before Deductions

Commissioners $5,184.91

Auditor $7,726.09

Treasurer $6,865.26

States Attorney $6,633.64

Courthouse $3,779.53

Assessor $9,650.41

Register of Deeds $8,696.43

Sheriff $16,262.73

Public Welfare $1,092.49

Nurse $2,988.32

Ambulance $1,980.56

WIC $49.71

Extension Office $3,091.42

Weed $5,000.67

Drainage $193.77

Planning and Zoning $193.77

Road and Bridge $33,025.28

E-911 $89.20

Emergency Management $752.04

Sobriety Testing $89.15

First National Bank of Omaha, Direct Deposit Fee $2,117.37

Huron Regional Medical Center, Employee Garnishment $319.18

Division of Child Support, Employee Child Support $283.50

Avera Health Plans, Health Insurance $97.44

EMC National Life Company, Ambulance – No Run Insurance $93.77

Sanborn County Treasurer, Taxes in Trust $7.77

Swingen Construction Company, Bridge Repair $162,170.10

First Rate Excavate Inc., Gravel Crushing $500,000.00

AT&T Mobility, Utilities $406.36

Blue, Wheeler & Banks LLC, Court Appointed Fees – S. Two Eagles and J. Woldt $888.70

Bound Tree, Supplies $106.97

Brooks Oil Company, Supplies $13,439.60

Budde Septic Tank Cleaning, Floor Pitt in Ambulance Shed $220.00

Butler Equipment Co., Supplies $142.78

Davison County Auditor, VSO Quarterly Payment $1,875.00

ES&S, Election Supplies $1,160.25

First National Bank of Omaha, Supplies $713.48

Governors Inn, Spring Workshop $261.00

Hillyard/ Sioux Falls, Supplies $1,700.72

KO’S Pro Service, Supplies/ Repairs $124.92

Andy Larson, Gravel/Sand $8,500.00

Mitchell Regional Ambulance Service, Interpreter Fee $300.00

Napa Central, Supplies $19.70

NorthWestern Energy, Utilities $21.73

Office Peeps, Supplies $2,250.89

Physicians Claims Company, Ambulance Service Fee August 22 $166.18

Safe Place of Eastern South Dakota, Quarterly Remittance $625.00

South Dakota Department of Transportation, Services and Fees $3,337.35

SDAPP, Liability and Property Insurance $61,266.00

Sanborn Weekly Journal, Publishing $63.00

Verizon, Utilities $80.02

Ron Volesky, Court Appointed Attorney Fees – J. Kessler $303.00

Xcel Energy, Utilities $51.69

There being no further business before the board, motion by Weber, seconded by S. Larson, to adjourn the meeting at 12:12 p.m. Motion carried. The next regular scheduled meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

Kami Moody

Sanborn County Auditor

Jeff Ebersdorfer

Chairman of the Board, 

Sanborn County                                                                                                 

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