Varsity Blackhawks can’t catch a break on the hardwood

Junior Varsity boys on winning streak

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, the Sanborn Central/Woonsocket Blackhawks hosted a doubleheader against the Ethan Rustlers at Sanborn Central. The junior varsity (JV) girls kicked off the evening with a matchup that came down to the wire. Unfortunately, when the final buzzer sounded, the Lady Blackhawks were down by three points and lost with a final score, SCW 26 and Ethan 29.

The JV Blackhawks had a strong showing against the Rustlers. The boys were consistent throughout the game and defeated the Ethan Rustlers, 40-25.

The varsity Lady Blackhawks struggled against a tough Lady Rustlers team. In the end, Ethan defeated SCW, 27-64.

The Blackhawks worked hard against a strong Rustlers team, but in the end, SCW lost, 38-60.

On Friday, Feb. 3, the Blackhawks hit the road for a makeup game against the Corsica-Stickney Jaguars that was rescheduled due to poor weather and road conditions in December. The junior varsity girls got things rolling. The girls played well, and despite losing Aubrey Moody in the first half to a knee injury, the young Lady Blackhawks only lost by six points with a final score of SCW 20 and CS 26.

The junior varsity Blackhawks extended their wins in Corsica. The game was close, but the Blackhawks came away on top, 31-26.

The varsity Lady Blackhawks battled through a difficult game against the Lady Jaguars. The injury bug continued to bite the Lady Blackhawks when starter Kenna Ochsner went out of the game early with a concussion. It was the third major injury in four games for the varsity girls. SCW got down early and struggled to make up any ground and ended the game with another loss, 23-54.

The Blackhawks lost to the Jaguars in their contest with a final score 39-54.

The Blackhawks wrapped up a busy week on Saturday hosting the Wolsey-Wessington Warbirds at Woonsocket. The JV girls only played two quarters as the team was playing shorthanded. It was a close matchup, but SCW lost 15-16 to Wolsey-Wessington in sudden death overtime.

The JV Blackhawk boys continued their winning streak with a win against the Warbirds, 56-32.

The Lady Blackhawks played short handed against the Lady Warbirds with three starters out due to injury. It was a challenging game for the Lady Blackhawks, and they ultimately lost to the Lady Warbirds, 36-58.

The Blackhawks came out strong versus the Warbirds, leading at the end of the first quarter, but the Warbirds made some adjustments and didn’t look back. The Blackhawks lost 30-47.

The Blackhawks’ next game was a doubleheader in Parkston on Tuesday, Feb. 7. Then they have two doubleheaders at home against Bridgewater-Emery on Thursday, Feb. 9 (tonight), at Sanborn Central and against Highmore-Harrold on Friday, Feb. 10, in Woonsocket. The boys then travel to Irene for the Irene-Wakonda Classic against Scotland on Saturday, Feb. 11.

…See pictures and details of the games in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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