The Town ‘N Kountry Kids-Blue Group 4-H Club met on Nov. 21 at the Letcher Community Center in Letcher. The meeting was called to order by President Brady Larson. Pledges were led by Memphis Moody and Westen White. Sixteen members and six cloverbuds answered the roll call topic, “What is your favorite ornament that hangs on your family Christmas tree?”. There was no secretary’s report. The treasurer’s report was read by Stacy Zoss, and a motion was made by Bryce Larson to approve the treasurer’s report, seconded by Caleb Kneen. Bryce Larson also made a motion to purchase the rest of the playground equipment with the grant money. The motion was seconded by Toby Kneen.
Committee Reports were as follows: Chloe Ruml reported the Trunk or Treat in Letcher went well, even though it was cold. The club had a small gathering before-hand to play games and hand out prizes for best costumes. She said there were a lot of kids that dressed up. Ellie Evans gave a grandparents update. She updated the list, and if there is anyone to be added, please let her know.
Old Business: If you need a new club t-shirt, please talk to Paula Linke or Janet Maeschen. Online enrollment needs to be done by the end of 2017. If anyone needed help, Roxane Larson had her computer to help with registration. Premium money and record books were handed out. Members signed thank yous to be sent to the Achievement Days sponsors. Bryce Larson talked about Western Junior. He had a great experience and there are many different activities to participate in at the event. For National 4-H week, some club members made signs to encourage others to join 4-H and members wore green on Thursday of that week. During American Education week, Bryce, Brady, Brooklyn Larson, and Janet brought treats to the staff workroom at Sanborn Central school. Members were reminded that if they have not done so already to turn in forms to state leaders for camp reimbursement.
New Business: Shooting Sports sign up will be on Dec. 4 at 6:30 p.m. The club will be putting up a Christmas tree at the courthouse again this year. The committee members that will be helping with this are: Keaton, Kenlie, Kaidence Fridley, Parker Ettswold, and Miley Adams. The club will finish decorating the Community Center Christmas tree following the meeting. Ellie Evans, Parker Ettswold, Kenlie Fridley, and Michael Hoffman are on the Community Christmas Party Committee. The Community Christmas Party will be held in Letcher at the Community Center on Dec. 16. Discussion was held on a winter fun day to be held over Christmas break. It will be decided at a later date what activity will be held. Election of officers were as follows: President – Brady Larson, Vice President – Ellie Evans, Treasurer – Bryce Larson, Secretary – Payton Uecker, Cloverbud Recreation Coordinator – Chloe Ruml, and Reporter – Michael Hoffman.
Talks and Demonstrations were given by Chloe Ruml on “How to make a Crystal Ornament” and Bryce Larson on “Parts of a BB Gun.”
The next meeting is scheduled for Dec. 16 at 5 p.m. at the Letcher Community Center.
Snacks were served by Payton and McKenzie Uecker and Teagen and Memphis Moody.

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Sanborn County 4-H Recognition Event held

SD Wheat Growers, Sanborn Weekly Journal receive Outstanding Contribution awards

Wheat Growers of Woonsocket, received the 2017 Sanborn County 4-H Outstanding Contributions award, accepted by Layton Schimke, who’s pictured with some of the 4-H Leaders of Sanborn County. Wheat Growers supports the 4-H program, both through financial contributions and through deeds, such as providing a truck with a water tank and pump with hookups to supplement the livestock wash rack for Achievement Days, and helping prepare and serve the community breakfast.

Sanborn County 4-H held their annual Recognition Event on Nov. 11 at the 4-H Grounds in Forestburg. Receiving a token of remembrance of their 2016-2017 4-H year as a Cloverbud were: Kaylee Adams, Whitney Adams, Sury Bechen, Ledoux Bracha, Wiley Bracha, Ty Burkel, Emmitt Feistner, Kaidence Fridley, Anna Hunter, Trevor Johnson, Sophie Kelly, Timothy Kelly, Brooklyn Larson, Myles Larson, Memphis Moody, Shiloh Senska, Averie Turner, McKenzie Uecker, Aurelia White, Weston White, Cain Zoss and Landree Zoss.
4-Hers completing the requirements for their Participation Medals were:
First year award pin: Miley Adams, Shay Bechen, Danielle Brooks, Alexa Goertz, Riley Kneen, Teagen Moody, Sydney Richardson, Kadyn Turner, Cannon Zoss;
Bronze Award (second year and beyond): Hope Baysinger, Allison Britton, Lane Burkel, Keaton Fridley, Kenlie Fridley, Victoria Hoffman, Bryce Larson, Alex Schelske, Amber Schelske, Dana Schelske, Elisha Schultz, Sutton Senska, Kaitlyn Swenson, Payton Uecker;
Silver Award (3rd year and beyond): Charles Hunter, Henry Hunter, Caleb Kneen, Isaiah Schultz, Delaney Zoss;
Gold Award (fourth year and beyond): Ellie Evans, Toby Kneen, Acaiya Schultz
5-year award pin: Bailey Feistner, Camden Jost, Toby Kneen, Brady Larson, Emily Ohlrogge.
10-year award pin: Catherine Bechen, Shaun Snedeker, Ty Ziebart.
A 4-H varsity letter was presented to all 4-H members who have completed five years. Receiving their 4-H varsity letters were: Camden Jost, Carver Lindsey, Ashlee Hanson, Toby Kneen, Brady Larson, Bailey Feistner, Charles Hunter, Emily Ohlrogge.

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The Town ‘N Kountry Kids Red Group 4-H Club helped to celebrate American Education Week at Woonsocket School last week, through acts to appreciate the teachers and staff.
On Tuesday, the club brought brownies and M&M’s to the break rooms, with a special note about the impact of teachers. The 4-H members/students delivered a set of dry erase markers that said, “I can never erase the mark you have left on me,” and an individually written note to each of the teachers and staff.
On Thursday, the club took chocolate cookies to each break room with a note that said, “Thanks for turning us into Smart Cookies!”

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