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Jason White, Location Manager for Agtegra of Woonsocket and Wessington Springs, on the left, hands a donation of $2,500 to Tom Carda, co-administrator of the Sanborn County Food Pantry.

In 2010, Land O’ Lakes Foundation, an organization of Land O’ Lakes, launched a “Feeding Our Communities” campaign, with the focus on relieving hunger issues in our country. 

As a cooperative member of Land O’ Lakes, Agtegra Cooperative is able to participate in the Feeding Our Communities campaign in two ways. First, they recognized the valuable role that the Sanborn County Food Pantry has in our area by donating $2,500. 

The second way they to participate in the Feeding Our Communities campaign is to apply for a matching grant from Land O’ Lakes Foundation. An application will be sent to Land O’ Lakes Foundation on behalf of the Sanborn County Food Pantry, and if it is approved, it could result in an additional gift for the food bank.

Agtegra is proud to be a part of the communities where they have locations, including Woonsocket and Wessington Springs, and they want to do their part to support organizations that are vital to caring for those in need. They are also pleased to be a partner with Land O’ Lakes Foundation, which shares their commitment to offering assistance to those same communities and organizations.

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) commission changed the way preference points affect 36 limited draw seasons at their January Commission meeting.

The Commission decided to take the number of times a person is in the draw and cube that number (number of preference points + 1 for the current application). This adjustment is intended to provide those hunters with a higher number of preference points a greater chance of drawing a limited license than currently exists.  

While this will improve the odds for people with a higher number of preference points drawing a license, it will not guarantee them a license. GFP licensing supervisor Shon Eide stated in January that the proposal doesn’t change the drawing to a true top down preference point system, and that a hunter with the most preference points would still not be guaranteed a license before another hunter with less preference points who is in the same draw pool, but their odds of drawing a license would be increased over someone else in the draw pool with fewer preference points. 

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PIERRE – The South Dakota Transportation Commission awarded 35 Preliminary Engineering Bridge Improvement Grants (BIG) totaling approximately $1.345 million at their meeting today in Pierre. 

The remaining $13.655 million in BIG funds will be used for Preservation, Rehabilitation and Replacement grants to be approved by next April.   

Grant recipients are: Sanborn County, city of Aberdeen, Aurora County (2), Beadle County (3), Bon Homme County, Brookings County, Brown County, Butte County (3), Davison County, Day County (2), city of Gary (2), Grant County, Hamlin County, Hanson County, Jackson County, Lawrence County (3), Lincoln County, Lyman County, Perkins County, Roberts County (2), and Union County (5).

Forty-one applications totaling $1.58 million were received by the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT). Two cities submitted three applications and 22 counties submitted a total of 38 applications.

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