The Sanborn County 4-H Building in Forestburg has served the area well for many years, supporting 4-H as well as many community events.  We are in exciting times as both growth in 4-H and needs from the school and community are demanding more space for activities.

We are pleased to announce that plans are underway to expand the 4-H building. The Sanborn County 4-H program has grown from about 30 members in 2004 to 160 members today. Of that total, we have 90 4-H members in the Shooting Sports program, an increase from 15 in 2008. Shooting Sports offers practice every week on Sunday and Tuesday from January to April, and this activity pushes the building capacity to its seams.  As we have explored ways to support and expand our annual Achievement Days and other 4-H activities, we also find the need for more space.  

The building is used for community and school activities throughout the year including meetings and workshops, graduation receptions, showers, family reunions and get-togethers, funerals and the Forestburg alumni reunion. As we have visited with Sanborn Central and Woonsocket Schools, we find that there is a need for additional building space for school plays, FFA activities, marching band practice, cheerleading practice, and much more that could take pressure off the school gym and support various activities. We see potential for the building to be used for larger social events with increased space.

We are planning to double the size of the existing 100’x60’ building with an addition to the north side.  It will provide mostly open space, but also add storage off the kitchen and add a family/handicap-accessible restroom. Groundbreaking is planned for May 2023.

…Read on and see a picture of the plans in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

On Friday, Nov. 12, a semi-truck was traveling west on SD Highway 34 near Forestburg when the high winds took hold of the truck’s trailer and with the icy road conditions, it was thrown into the median and tipped over. According to Sanborn County Sheriff Tom Fridley, the trailer was empty which caused it more trouble with the high winds and icy road conditions. The truck and trailer tipped over and blocked the west-bound lane of the highway for about two hours. Traffic was re-directed by members of the Sanborn County Sheriff’s Department for a mile of the east-bound lane. 

The Sanborn County area had a high-wind advisory on both Thursday and Friday of last week and then again on Saturday night, which made for some dangerous conditions for travel, especially by semi-truck. Hopefully, the blustery winds are out of the weather forecasts for a while.

…See a photo in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

At about 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 16, the Town and Country Fire District of Woonsocket were called to a house fire in Forestburg. Once the firefighters arrived at the scene, they called in the Artesian Fire Department and the Letcher Fire Department for help with the blaze.

…See a photo and more info about the fire in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly journal!

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