Spring and summer is a busy time for the Woonsocket Community Club as they continue to strive to support community organizations and events. They recently donated $50 toward the Valentine’s Day balloon and candy event at the school; $500 to the Sanborn County Food Pantry; and continue to offer a three-month subscription of the Sanborn Weekly Journal to new homeowners coming to town. 

At their last monthly meeting, donations were made of $150 to the nursing home’s easter egg hunt; $500 to Kadin Schlenker to help complete his Eagle Scout project –  a canopy by the ball park; up to $250 to transport residents of the nursing home for an outing to attend the Shrine Circus; and lastly, $250 for the club’s senior scholarship on an essay of “volunteering in the community.”

Upcoming events include their annual city-wide cleanup on Thursday, May 16, and their annual city-wide rummage on Saturday, June 1.

The club encourages anyone in the community who would like to get out and meet people to come attend the meetings, held the first Monday of the month (November-June), at 5:15 p.m. at the Woonsocket Community Center. For more information on the club, contact Gay Swenson or Emily George.  

On Saturday, April 6, the American Cancer Society held their annual Magic of Hope gala at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. This is a very formal event that is used to raise funds, but, more importantly, to highlight some of the Society’s successes. At this year’s event, Sanborn County’s Cathy Hegg was recognized as an honorary survivor.

See a picture and read a speech that Cathy’s daughter, Jennifer, gave on Cathy’s behalf at the gala in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.

Thor Zell, son of Lance and Mallory Zell of Garretson and grandson of Dick and Joyce Zell of Woonsocket, just returned to South Dakota after traveling to Lake Placid, N.Y., to play in the Canadian/American squirt hockey tournament. Zell played on a team out of Blaine, Minn. Northland Hockey; his team’s name was Beast. In order to play on the team, Zell had to receive a letter of recommendation from his regular season head coach because Zell is only a 2011 birth year, and this team was made up of mostly 2007/2008 birth year kids, with some 2009/2010 birth year players sprinkled in. Zell was the youngest on the team, but he held his own against some older and extremely stiff competition.

Zell arrived in Lake Placid on Wednesday, May 20, after a 22-hour straight through drive from Garretson. Lake Placid is considered sacred ground for anyone who loves the sport of hockey as it’s where the 1980 Olympic hockey team defeated Russia in order to advance to the gold medal round. “Do you believe in miracles?!” is a phrase that is attached to this game and Lake Placid will forever be known as the place where the Miracle team played. Zell had the opportunity to play on that very rink, the 1980 Olympic rink and also the rink from the 1932 Olympic games, which were also held in Lake Placid. 

Zell’s team went undefeated (5-0) against teams from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, and they brought home the championship. Zell ended the tournament with two assists, some valuable lessons and learning opportunities, life-long friends and, of course, a big, heavy “Gold” medal that he wore the entire 22-hour drive home to South Dakota.

…See a picture in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.