Pictured are the 64 packages that Julie Bebout wrapped and handed out to healthcare workers. It took her about five hours to wrap them and prepare all the cards with the recipes and personal notes inside. 

Several groups and individuals worked on projects during the holiday season to promote the joy of giving and the truth behind the old adage, “It is better to give than to receive.” One such person was Woonsocket resident, Julie Bebout, who is most famously known as “The Lunch Lady” because she is the head cook for the Woonsocket School District.

Bebout is also a Pampered Chef sales representative, and through her side job, she found a way to make many people happy during the Christmas holiday. She decided to do something for healthcare workers and those on the front lines that have worked tirelessly through the COVID-19 pandemic. She wanted to give them something for Christmas that would help them feel appreciated, and yet, was functional and worthwhile for the workers to receive.

The Pampered Chef sells a ceramic egg cooker, and it can be used for many other things besides eggs, such as oatmeal, blueberry muffins, even desserts. According to Bebout, “I know these folks are not always able to go out to get something to eat when they are at work, so this would give them the option to have some warm comfort food while they are working. It would be a fast way to get a little nutrition.” 

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Over the weekend of Dec. 18 and 19, three local young men competed in the Matt Triplett Invitational Bull Riding event held in Sioux Falls. On Saturday night, Tanner Christian, a seventh grader from Woonsocket, won the mini bull exhibition, and Layton Zoss, a sixth grader from Forestburg, got second. Mason Moody, a junior from Letcher, got second in the invitational, finishing just 1.5 points behind Professional Bull Riding great, Jess Lockwood. 

It was a successful weekend for Sanborn County in the bull riding arena, and we look forward to seeing more of this success in the future.

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At the November meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary Post 29 in Woonsocket, members present decided to organize a project to include some of their junior members. It was decided to work with the sixth-grade class in Woonsocket in decorating pillowcases for deployed soldiers. The Auxiliary has two junior members in the sixth grade; they are Megan Kogel and Danielle Brooks. 

On Thursday, Dec. 17, Legion Auxiliary members, Bobbi White, Carrie Howard and Erica Howard went into the sixth-grade classroom with blank, white pillowcases to be decorated. They were joined by junior Legion Auxiliary members Dilyn Brooks and Trista White who helped with instruction and dispersing of supplies needed to the sixth-grade students. 

…Read on and see a photo in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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