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The Woonsocket Community Pool has opened for the enjoyment of young and old alike. Many precautions are being taken because of the COVID-19 pandemic that is still wreaking havoc on the country. Sanborn County has been fortunate with having only 12 cases so far, with all of those cases recovering from the illness. If you or someone in your family plans to enter and enjoy the pool, please be sure nothing is shared, such as towels and food, and that the six feet apart rule is followed as often as possible.

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TEMPE, ARIZ. – Wrap Technologies, Inc., an innovator of modern policing solutions, reported Sanborn County Sheriff’s Department is the first agency in the state of South Dakota to purchase the BolaWrap remote restraint device. Currently, more than 150 law enforcement agencies across 37 states in the US are carrying BolaWrap devices.

“The BolaWrap is a tool that will assist law enforcement in doing their jobs smarter and safer,” said Sheriff Tom Fridley of Sanborn County Sheriff’s Department. “It will help us end a situation peacefully without having to use a higher level of force that may hurt someone.”

Mike Rothans, Chief Operating Officer of Wrap technologies added, “We are excited to see agencies in new states adopt the BolaWrap onto their duty belt. With states opening, we are seeing increased sales and training activity, and I believe other cities and counties will follow Sheriff Fridley’s leadership in working toward a safer end to police encounters.”

Wrap Technologies is an innovator of modern policing solutions. The Company’s BolaWrap 100 product is a patented, hand-held remote restraint device that discharges an eight-foot bola style Kevlar® tether to restrain an individual at a range of 10-25 feet. Developed by award winning inventor Elwood Norris, the Company’s Chief Technology Officer, the small but powerful BolaWrap 100 assists law enforcement to safely and effectively control encounters, especially those involving an individual experiencing a mental crisis. For information on the company, please visit www.wraptechnologies.com.

A family from Woonsocket, R.I. stopped to see their sister city on Tuesday afternoon last week. Pictured are members of the Judson family from left to right: Sarah, Abigail, Genevieve, Nathaniel, Caroline and their father, Kevin.

On Tuesday afternoon last week, the newspaper office had some very unexpected but incredibly welcomed guests. The Judson family from Woonsocket, R.I., made a point of traveling through Woonsocket, S.D., when they made their itinerary and route for their family vacation this year.

The family’s original plans for their summer vacation were to visit France, but the COVID-19 pandemic required a change to those plans. When the patriarch of the family, Kevin Judson, was tasked with planning a new vacation, he thought about what his father had told him many times when he was younger. His father had traveled to every state in the country, except Florida, and he had stated that the Badlands and Black Hills of South Dakota were his favorite part of the country. 

…Read on in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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