November 2017

Gay Swenson donating a check on behalf of the Woonsocket Community Club to Supt. Rod Weber to help with the purchase of the new speed radar sign.

Woonsocket School has begun the process of installing radar speed signs on each end of the school speed zone on South Dakota Highway 34.
The process started with getting support from the Woonsocket Schoool Board, Woonsocket City Council and Sanborn County Commissioners. Official approval by the school board was not necessary because they did not have to pay more than $5,000 to help fund the project. With support from these boards, when permission from the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SD DOT) was received, the first speed sign was then installed.

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The students who attended the Region 5 Junior High Music Festival are pictured, front row, left to right: Leighton Tarbox, Brighten Hitchcock, Michael Hoffman, Sydney Salas, Mary Frances Bruce, Bella Fry, Carver Lindsey and Gabe Freidel; middle row: Dana Schelske, Mason Moody, Shania Cornelius, Dayton Easton, Dilyn Brooks, Natalie Evans and Blake Howard; back row: Katie Morgan, Ellie Evans, Brady Larson, Ellie Kisor, Taryn Guinn, Trinity Boschee and Brody Miiller.

Twenty-two junior high students from Sanborn Central and Woonsocket schools combined, attended the Region 5 Junior High Music Festival in Platte on Tuesday, Nov. 21. The students who attended were chosen by nominations submitted by the teachers according to their musical abilities.
The day of the festival consisted of rehearsals during the morning and early afternoon followed by a concert at 2:30 p.m., which was free and open to the public. The guest directors this year were Teresa Keehn (choir) and Terry Keehn (åband). They are a retired married couple who both taught in McCook Central School District for many years.
The students attending for choir were, from Sanborn Central: Ellie Kisor, Ellie Evans, Brady Larson, Shania Cornelius, Katie Morgan and Leighton Tarbox; and the choir students from Woonsocket were: Trinity Boschee, Taryn Guinn, Carver Lindsey, Dilyn Brooks, Bella Fry and Gabe Freidel.
Those attending for band from Sanborn Central were: Dayton Easton, flute; Brighten Hitchcock, alto saxophone; Dana Schelske, clarinet; Sydney Salas, clarinet; Michael Hoffman, trumpet; and Mason Moody, percussion. Band students attending from Woonsocket were: Mary Frances Bruce, clarinet; Natalie Evans, clarinet; Blake Howard, baritone; and Brody Miiller, percussion.

With Christmas just four weeks away, the Sanborn County Courthouse employees are busy making lists and gathering food for the Christmas boxes that they prepare and deliver to needy families in Sanborn County. This is an annual project that has been sponsored by the Sanborn County Food Pantry for 30 years.
Approximately 106 boxes are filled with food traditionally served at Christmas, such as turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberries, vegetables and fruit, pie mix, and additional items to add to the family pantry, such as peanut butter, tuna, cereal and pudding. The cost per box is approximately $70, with $40 of that provided by the Food Pantry, and the rest from private donations and grant money from the South Dakota Rural Office of Community Services at Lake Andes, if it is available.
Courthouse employee Tom Carda is in charge of organizing the boxes and enlists the help of junior high classes at Woonsocket School, who take an hour and a half of class time to help pack them. The boxes are delivered on Dec. 20, which can be quite a challenge with families scattered around the county, so the committee is especially grateful to the employees of SD Wheat Growers and the Sanborn County Highway Department, as well as community volunteers in Letcher, Artesian, Forestburg and Woonsocket, who assist with deliveries.
Each year, the Food Pantry Committee compiles a list of those in need of the Christmas boxes from sources in the county. They are grateful for any donations, including food and monetary. If anyone has questions or needs additional information, contact the Food Pantry co-chairpersons at the courthouse: Tom Carda, Diane Larson (796-4513) or Lynn Brueske (796-4516).

…See pictures in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.

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