Over the weekend of Dec. 18 and 19, three local young men competed in the Matt Triplett Invitational Bull Riding event held in Sioux Falls. On Saturday night, Tanner Christian, a seventh grader from Woonsocket, won the mini bull exhibition, and Layton Zoss, a sixth grader from Forestburg, got second. Mason Moody, a junior from Letcher, got second in the invitational, finishing just 1.5 points behind Professional Bull Riding great, Jess Lockwood. 

It was a successful weekend for Sanborn County in the bull riding arena, and we look forward to seeing more of this success in the future.

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On the night of Friday, Nov. 27, the Town and Country Fire District of Woonsocket answered a fire call to a fire reported south of Forestburg. Once the trucks were called out and on their way, it was confirmed that it was just a large controlled fire started by Charlie Zoss of Forestburg, who was burning off a slough, and someone driving past must have thought the fire was unattended and called it in. According to Fire Chief Travis Coulthard, the fire department was actually not needed, but it was good that someone called it in to be sure it wasn’t something more serious.

…See a photo in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, the Town and Country Fire District of Woonsocket was called out to a house fire in Forestburg. Dean Morgan’s trailer house was heavily damaged by fire and smoke. They believe the fire started in the addition that had been built on at one end of the home. The addition was completely destroyed. That end of the trailer house took on heavy fire and smoke damage. However, Fire Chief Travis Coulthard stated, “Things on the other end of the trailer house could probably be salvaged; they would probably smell like smoke but could be saved from the wreckage of what was left of the house.” 

What is left of the home is not livable, and Chief Coulthard did not know what the plans were for rebuilding or correcting the damage. 

…See a photo in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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