The Town ‘N Kountry Kids Red Group 4-H Club participated in a local version of “Dirty Jobs” this past weekend as a result of an “opportunity” passed to them from the Woonsocket Community Club. There is a drop-off container at the south end of Dumont Avenue to support an easy way for community members to recycle aluminum cans. The group bagged/re-bagged the aluminum cans, sorted off the additional garbage (tin cans, bottles and more) found in the container and loaded the bags in trailers for the next step. The group filled one trailer with pre-bagged cans and filled about 70 42-gallon bags for the second trailer. The aluminum cans will be sold, and the proceeds used for 4-H club activities. Cans may be dropped off at the container anytime, but please include only aluminum cans, not bottles or tin cans or any other garbage. 

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the students who attended the Sanborn County 4-H Day Camp are pictured with Horizon Healthcare employees, CMA Bobbi White and CNP Katlyn Rostyne. First aid instruction was one of many topics covered at the Day Camp held in Forestburg.

Sanborn County 4-H held a Day Camp on April 1 at the 4-H Building, organized and led by Volunteers Lisa Snedeker, Pat Carsrud, and Paula Linke, 4-H Advisor Audra Scheel and 4-H Secretary Sherryl Rankin. The camp offered a day of learning and fun with numerous hands-on sessions. While the day started with registrations from 44 kids, the weather had other ideas and the snow kept some of the kids at home.

Horizon Health Care presented a First Aid session, teaching about basic first aid such as CPR, stop the bleed and how to use basic first aid supplies you may keep in a home kit. Horizon employees CNP Katlyn Rostyne and CMA Bobbi White and 4-H member Hope Baysinger set up three rotating stations to teach the first aid skills and also give out a kit of first aid supplies donated by Horizon Health Care. In the 4-H First Aid project area, 4-H’ers can enter a first aid kit in various categories.

South Dakota State University Extension Precision Agriculture Specialist Ali Mirzakhani Nafchi brought a team to present a session on precision agriculture. The session showed how the integration of computer technology with farm equipment, farm sensors, satellite imagery and drone imagery are changing ag production. The campers were able to participate in a hands-on activity to help understand how the information that is captured through sensors and imagery can be used by farmers to make better decisions for planting crops.  Ali also talked about various careers in the Precision Ag field.

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These youth had a great time making bead bracelets, led by the Town ‘N Kountry Blue Group 4-H Club.

An open house was held this past Saturday to showcase and celebrate the completion of the Sanborn County 4-H Building Addition.  Around 200 people enjoyed the event that included a meal, numerous activities to take advantage of the huge space the addition brings, and lots of good conversation and fun.

The first meeting to discuss the need for expanding the 4-H Building was in 2018 and included looking at the growing needs of more space for 4-H, school and community. As plans were beginning to evolve, we moved to 2020 and COVID, which brought these discussions to a pause. 

In the fall of 2021, a group of volunteers determined the time was right and established a building committee to begin a committed path to making this dream a reality.  Building committee members were Art and Audrey Kneen, Andy Ettswold, Scott Senska, Riley Zoss-Littau, Rod Weber and Paula Linke.

Potential building plans were created, a budget was developed, and discussions were held with the Sanborn County Commissioners, school boards, 4-H volunteers and families, community leaders, businesses, and perhaps anyone who would listen to our ideas.  Once we had the support and financial commitment from the Commissioners, as well as hearing the support from many throughout the county, we began some fundraising and lots of communication. 

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