The Town ‘N Kountry Kids 4-H Club Blue Group met on Feb. 16, at the Letcher Community Center. The meeting was called to order by member McKenzie Uecker. Pledges were led by Memphis Moody and Riley Kneen. Thirteen members and six Cloverbuds answered the roll call topic “What is your favorite game?” Secretary’s report was read by Payton Uecker. Bryce Larson gave the treasurer’s report. A motion was made to approve the treasurer’s report by Caleb Kneen and second by Sidney Richardson.

Old Business: Sidney Richardson gave a report on shooting sports. Shooting sports received a grant from the NRA. The grant will be used to buy guns, targets and stands. Sidney also reported several members have qualified for the state shooting sports event to be held in April. Fruit sales orders are due to the Extension Office by Feb. 27, and each family is asked to sell five items. Club calendars will hopefully be here by the next meeting for easier note taking. A bead-making workshop, judging school, and PQI were held earlier in the day. Payton gave a report on the bead making, Teagen reported on the judging school, and Dean talked about the PQI.

New Business: Roxann Larson talked about having someone come talk to the club about Internet/phone safety. Payton Uecker made a motion to have Toby Russell give a presentation on Internet/phone safety to the club. Dean Hanson second the motion. Discussion was held on different ideas for the park celebration. June 10 looks like the date the club chose to have the celebration. A committee was formed for the park celebration: Cole Wilson, Sidney Richardson, Caleb Kneen, Parker Ettswold, Payton Uecker, McKenzie Uecker, Brady Larson, and Bryce Larson.

Talks and demonstrations were given by: Ashlee Hanson – “Homemade Playdough and Benefits,” and Sophie Kelly – “Making a Shelf out of Popsicle Sticks.”

McKenzie Uecker adjourned the meeting.

Snacks were provided by Parker, Brady, Bryce and Brooklyn.

The next meeting will be held on March 24 at 7 p.m. Ellie Evans and Keaton, Kenlie and Kaidence Fridley will serve snacks.

…See a picture of the meeting in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.

Sanborn County 4-H happenings

By Audra Scheel, SDSU Extension 4-H Youth Program Advisor

Whitney Adams and Landree Zoss are super excited to show off their new necklaces they made at the Cultural Paper Bead Workshop.

Friday, Feb. 16, was a busy day of 4-H! Audra Scheel, SDSU Extension 4-H Youth Program Advisor, led a training for swine exhibitors titled “Youth for the Quality Care of Animals.” This is the first year for the program, which is replacing the old training “Pork Quality Assurance.” Seven Sanborn County 4-H members attended the training. Starting in 2019, all youth who are exhibiting meat-producing animals will take the training on an annual basis.

YQCA certification is designed to help prepare youth as young producers in animal agriculture industry. That’s why the program includes information on multiple species even though the member may only be raising one or two. The hope is that, by raising animals, the 4-Her sees they are part of a larger community that relies on the good faith of everyone doing their part. The training focuses on food safety, animal well-being and being a person of good character.

Nineteen youth attended the Cultural Paper Bead Workshop later that morning. Youth learned how to make paper beads and then were able to string them into their own jewelry.

The art of paper beads goes back, in England at least, as far as the Victorian age. The women of the house would gather to make beads from scraps of wallpaper that were rolled on knitting needles. They would then polish the beads with bees wax and string them on to long pieces of yarn. Attendees learned how the women and children of Haiti make beads and use the income to support themselves and their families.

This project can be shown in the Cultural Education or Visual Art 4-H project areas.

Youth were also able to take part in Consumer Decision Making and Horticulture Skillathon Contests. Critical thinking is a vital life skill for 4-Hers, and SDSU Extension is dedicated to providing those opportunities for youth.

In the CDM contest, youth are given a scenario and have to decide, for example, what laundry soap they should purchase based on the considerations of the class. They then rank those types of laundry soaps one through four. The CDM contest has classes in areas of personal finance, personal care, entertainment, nutrition and clothing. The Horticulture Skillathon tests knowledge of types of vegetables and fruits and basic plant care.

The day was rounded out by weighing in 4-H market beef animals. The Artesian Vet Clinic graciously allowed the use of their facility. New for this year – all animals (breeding and market) need to be entered into www.4honline.com by June 1 by the 4-H families.

If you are interested in joining 4-H, please contact the Sanborn Co. Extension office at 605-796-4380 or sanborn.county@sdstate.edu.

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The Sanborn County 4-H Shooting Sports season is well underway with over 50 shooters qualified in multiple disciplines for the State 4-H Shoot to be held in Pierre at the end of April.

Shooters can participate and compete in air pistol, air rifle, BB gun and archery.  Practice is held every Sunday from 2-6 p.m. for guns and archery and on Tuesday night from 6-9 p.m. for guns. There is also an option for 22 rifle.

If your child is interested in joining shooting sports, please contact Paula Linke at plinke@santel.net or 605-796-4558.

…See a picture in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.