The Town ‘N Kountry Kids Blue Group met on Friday, May 3, at 5:30 p.m. at the Letcher Community Center. The meeting began with Talks/Demonstrations by Cole Wilson and Riley Kneen. The club then went to Rossy Park to clean up tree branches.

The meeting was called to order by president, Ellie Evans. The pledges were led by Madi Morris and Brooklyn Larson; 18 members, three clover buds, and two guests answered the roll call topic, “What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?” Payton Uecker read the secretary’s report, there were no changes made. Bryce Larson gave the treasurer’s report. Miley Adams made a motion, and Kenzie Uecker seconded the motion to approve the treasurer’s report.

Committee Reports:

Delaney gave an update on grandparents and will assign each club member a grandparent to send a note or card to in the summer months. 

The officers on the Letcher Fun Day committee will meet with Steve Zoss after the club meeting to get a game plan. The Parade Committee for Fun Days are Ellie Evans and Angie Meier, Jerilyn and Teagen Moody, Emily Kneen and Sidney Richardson and Toby Kneen. The Soup Committee for Fun Days are Sara, Miley, Kaylee Adams and Chloe Ruml, Lacy and Shay Bechen, Roxann and Brooklyn Larson.

Old Business: 

Soles 4 Souls – Drop Box Committees: Janet is asking the following members to provide a box for each location: Letcher – Tori Hoffman and Miley Adams; Letcher Church – Brady, Brooklyn and Bryce Larson; Artesian- Cole and Kelly Wilson, Payton and Kenzie Uecker; Mt.Vernon – Cooper Greenway, Dean and Ashlee Hanson; Mitchell – Shay and Sury Bechen, Delaney, Cannon, and Cain Zoss. Boxes will need to be delivered to the 4-H office in Woonsocket by May 21. 

New Business:

Project Day – Steve Zoss let the club know they will be having a project day on June 5 in the afternoon. Members will get to pick two projects to complete. The club is still in need of adult volunteers if anyone is interested. 

Upcoming Dates – A complete list will be in the monthly newsletter. Here are a few: Livestock Weigh will take place May 22; May 29 will be the Special Foods Contest and Judging School, and Horse Training will be in Wessington Springs; June 18 will be the Horse Show in Wessington Springs.

The next club event is Letcher Fun Day on June 8 (meeting). The club will be selling burgers and hot dogs in the evening. 

No meeting is set for July. Janet will send out an e-mail about a July meeting as the time gets closer. Achievement Days are set for Aug. 8-10. 

Talks/Demonstrations: Cole Wilson – “How to make a bouncy ball!” Riley Kneen – “All you need for a First-Aid Bag.”

…See a picture in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

Sanborn County 4-H Shooting Sports recorded an amazing year in 2019, with many new shooters, numerous county records set, and 65 shooters qualifying for the State Shoot in 168 events.  

County Shoot placings were decided over the county match shoots from January through April.  The top scores from the match shoots were used to determine the first, second and third place finishes for the county level.

…Read the results and see pictures in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

The Town ‘N Kountry Kids 4-H Club Blue Group met on Sunday, April 7, at 6:30 p.m. at the Letcher Community Center. The meeting was called to order by president, Ellie Evans. Pledges were led by Kelly Wilson and Brooklyn Larson. Roll call question was “What is your favorite color of jelly bean?” Twenty-three members and six clover buds answered the roll call question. Payton Uecker read the secretary’s report; no changes were made. Bryce Larson gave the treasurer’s report. Teagen Moody made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, and Cole Wilson seconded the motion. 

Old Business: Roxann has poster paper for anyone who wants to make a poster for Achievement Days. The first drawing for the early project completion incentive will be on April 29. If you have a project completed, take a picture and send it to Sherryl or one of the club leaders. Velma reported the club made about $4,000 on fruit sales this year; that money will be used to add on to the 4-H building. 

New Business: Jeremy Uecker will be doing a computer coding workshop on Sunday, April 14, following the next 4-H meeting at approximately 6:30 p.m. If you are interested let Janet know so she can give Jeremy a number of participants. Letcher Fun Days will be held on June 7-8. Letcher Fun Day committee members are: Ellie Evans, Delaney Zoss, Brady Larson, Bryce Larson, Payton Uecker and Caleb Kneen. This committee will need to be in contact with Deb Jacobsen and figure out a plan for the Fun Days. Sanborn County 4-H is participating in the 10,000 shoe drive (Soles4Souls). Each club member’s family is asked to donate a slightly used pair of shoes for the shoe drive at the April 14 meeting.

There are many upcoming events: Livestock Workshop – April 13, Horse Safety – April 15, Barn Quilt registration deadline- May 10, YQCA training – May 20 in Plankinton and May 22 in Forestburg, Market Animal Weigh-in – May 22, Special Foods Contest – May 29, Deadline for entering animals online – June 1, TLC in Brookings – June 3-7, Performing Arts Camp – June 9-15, 4-H Camp – June 10-12, Fashion Revue – July 9, Public Presentation Contest – July 11. 

The following talks/demonstrations were given: Cain Zoss – BB Gun Safety and Parts of a BB Gun, Delaney Zoss- Horse Discipline, Caleb Kneen – Great Sportsmanship, Payton Uecker – How to make Chocolate Chip Cookies, Westen White – Wood Carving, Miley Adams – Derby Car, Teagen and Memphis Moody – Flag Folding, Kenzie Uecker – Sensory Bottles.

The next meeting is April 14 at 4 p.m. at the Letcher Community Center. 

…See a photo in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!