The Town ‘N Kountry Kids Red Crew 4-H Club met on April 3 at the 4-H Building.

Prior to the meeting, club members prepared Easter cards to send to their elderly friends.

The meeting was called to order by President Xavier Baysinger.  The Flag Pledge was led by Ezra Schultz, and the 4-H Pledge was led by Kahle Johnson. 

Roll call was led by Vice President Emily Ohlrogge with the topic, “Favorite Part of Easter” which was answered by 13 members.  

The secretary’s report was read by Secretary Acaiya Schultz and approved as read. The treasurer’s report was given by Hope Baysinger and approved as presented.  

Reports were given by Shiloh Senska and Trevor Johnson on Shooting Sports, Paige and Alex Anderson on Fruit Sales, Trevor on Beef Weigh-in, and Elisha and Ezra on Ice Skating/Bumper Cars.  Kolby Lindsey and Emily read cards that were received from the group’s elderly friends.  

The club discussed project day plans. Previous ideas included making t-shirts or kitchen towels with vinyl graphics like the group did with the potholders and a dried flower project. Pat Carsrud visited the meeting to show members a cement figure painting project option.

Members were reminded about the Project Incentive program. The club will be donating $251 to the theatre stage curtain project from donations collected at the community play ice cream social.  It was decided to donate $100 to the Wessington Springs Winter Park Activities fund for their sledding party fun.

The 2021 State Fair 4-H Book has been released.  Members should review the changes, especially the limits on State Fair entries. Anyone who has not completed YQCA training needs to get that scheduled.

The club has scheduled a school-wide Flag Burning ceremony with the American Legion Post #29 on May 18 at 2:40 p.m. Leader Paula Linke will be working with the officers to coordinate the details of the ceremony.

After discussion, members decided to participate in the American Legion Memorial Day program on May 31.  Committee members appointed are as follows:  Trevor, Kahle, Shiloh, Hope, Xavier and Emily.

The State 4-H Leaders are sponsoring their annual t-shirt logo design contest. Members were encouraged to submit a design for a chance to win $50.  

Anyone who needs a club t-shirt needs to get their size to Leader Paula.

The club has been asked to organize some round-robin presentations for the annual Sanborn County Farmers Union Camp on May 25. Club members were asked to consider doing a presentation for this day.

The theme for the summer library program is about animals, and Librarian Bev Dunn has asked the club to consider helping her with an animal nursery day to kickoff the summer program. Members will get more details later.

Following the meeting, Character Officer Hope presented a character activity.  She had three different colored eggs.  As she broke each one, she explained that while each egg looked different on the outside, they all looked similar on the inside, just like people, and each person deserves to be treated with kindness.

Co-Recreation Officer Trevor led club members in a relay race where each team member had to do a jumping jack for each letter of their name.

Trevor presented an illustrated talk about how to shoot a basketball.  Ty Burkel gave a presentation on how to show his Brahma chicken.  Lane Burkel explained how he made his mousetrap car.   

Club members learned about judging chocolate chip cookies from Leader Paula, including getting to eat the cookies as a snack.

The next meeting will be scheduled later in April.  Other dates to keep in mind include State 4-H Shoot April 23-25, 4-H Camp at Poinsett June 2-4, and Goat Tying Clinic June 7.

….See pictures in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

The Town ‘N Kountry Kids Blue Group met on March 19 at the Letcher Community Center. A light meal was served by the leaders prior to the meeting.

The meeting was called to order by President Brady Larson. The pledges were led by Shay Bechen and Cole Wilson. The roll call question of favorite college basketball team was answered by members. The group welcomed one new member, Aubrey Goral, to the meeting. The secretary’s report was read by Hudson Fouberg and approved. Hudson also read the thank you card received from the Sanborn County Food Pantry for the donation in December. Payton Uecker gave the treasurer’s report, and it was approved. No safety officer report was available. Health Officer, Bryce Larson, provided information to members on “Getting enough protein in your diet.” Members were reminded to keep writing letters to their adopted grandparents monthly. 

Old Business:

• Park updates/basketball hoops at Rossy Park – Stacy Zoss reported that the committee investigated the cost of new basketball hoops and are checking with the city to make sure it is okay. Discussion was held by club members. A motion was made by Hudson Fouberg to purchase new basketball hoops, and was seconded by Ramsey Fouberg to approve the purchase. The planning committee is also looking at purchasing something to put between the Community Center and Jake’s Lounge.  

• Buzzer Board – Steve Zoss is doing some checking on these. He has spoken with several other counties looking for a type that others recommend.  

• Fruit Sales and pickup – Members were reminded that pickup is March 27 and that an e-mail should be going out about assigned times. They were also reminded to deliver fruit right away.

• Teen Leadership Academy – Delaney Zoss provided an update on the latest meeting.

• Shooting sports update – Cole Wilson, Teagen Moody, and Kelly Wilson provided updates. The 3D Archery shoot a few weeks ago was successful.

• Goal planning sheets were collected from members present.

• The talk/demonstration sign up sheet was passed around.

• Letcher Fun Days will be June 12-13. The planning committee will meet later for ideas.

New Business:

• Ice Skating – Several members of the club spoke on how well they enjoyed the club outing on March 18. If a club member needs a group picture for the record book, let Jen Fouberg know, and she can text or e-mail it.

• Eye-Glass Community Service Project – This statewide service project was reviewed with members. Club members discussed, and Kelly Wilson volunteered to decorate a box for Sanborn Central School and place an announcement in the school news. Miley Adams will decorate one for the bank in Letcher.

• T-Shirt Design Contest – Members were reminded of this activity on the state 4-H page and encouraged to submit ideas.

• Yard Clean Up Activity – Members discussed this community service project idea for Shirley Enfield’s home and business in Letcher, as well as at Rossy Park. When the weather is nicer, leaders will send out an e-mail or text to members, letting them know when and where to report for clean up. Those that are able to attend will plan to do so. 

• Community Service Projects – The City of Letcher has asked if the club would take on staining the new fence at Rossy Park. Discussion was held, and club members will plan to do it the same day as the yard clean-up. 

• Spring Perennial Flower Exchange – Several ideas were discussed among members.  Members agreed that they would like to do some type of horticulture project, but could not agree on one thing. Steve Zoss will do some checking with Audra on possibly doing a project with other counties as well. Things discussed included: Perennial flower exchange, Horiticulture ID, and grass head plantings.

• Brookings Field Trip – An idea was brought forth to tour the SDSU Dairy Microlab as a club. Discussion was held, and a motion was made by Teagen Moody, seconded by Cain Zoss, to move forward with a date selection. Leaders will look at school calendars and send information out to families.

• Stacy Zoss provided a leader’s report and included dates to remember:

o May 31: Deadline to register for 4-H online;

o YQCA needs to be done if showing any animal;

o May 1 – Rodeo packets are due;

o March 25 – 7 p.m. is  the Sanborn County Leaders meeting in Forestburg. All are welcome;

o April 2-3 (Wessington Springs) and June 7 (Forestburg) are Goat Tying clinics. Contact the 4-H office with questions;

o March 27 – 10 a.m., is the Beef Market Weigh-ins at the Artesian Vet Clinic (pull hair and get green tags);

o March 27 – 4-H fruit pickup 

o 4-H Camp is June 2-4 for ages 8-12. Sara Adams is planning to go as a chaperone.  This is at Lake Poinsett. If anyone is interested, talk to the 4-H office. Male chaperones are always needed.

o April 23-25 is State Shoot in Pierre.

o Aug. 5-7 – Achievement days in Forestburg;

Talks included:  Cain Zoss – Photography 101, Hudson Fouberg – How to make tie dyed jeans, Ramsey Fouberg – How to make a rice bag.

Executive Committee items for discussion:

Things that the kids brain stormed on included: 

Letcher Fun Day – 5K, bean bag tourney, face painting, three-on-three basketball, kickball, fishing derby (with parent), dunk tank – need to call Under the Sun Rental, Bingo;

Field Trips – Rockport Colony, SDSU, Stockyard Ag Experience, Air Madness, Rollerblading, Bowling, Kickball with Red Group/4-H Alumni;

Cloverbud Activities – grass head, coloring contest, lego build, stickers;

Club Judging ideas – Horticulture, Livestock, Horse, CDM;

Community Service Project ideas – Letcher clean-up, staining fence, painting fire hydrants, new garbage containers on main street, clean-up 4-H grounds. The group could apply for ALM grant for trash cans or BB hoops;

Club Goals 2021 – Everyone complete a record book (could offer help time before or after club meeting), everyone complete a demonstration or talk at the county or club level, everyone complete at least one project.

…See pictures in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

The Town and Kountry Kids Blue Group met on Feb. 7 at the Letcher Community Center. The meeting was called to order by President Brady Larson.  The pledges were led by Teagen Moody and Cannon Zoss.  Roll call of your favorite football team was answered by members. The secretary’s report was read by Delaney Zoss and approved. The treasurer’s report was given by Payton Uecker. A motion was made by Teagen Moody and seconded by Brady Larson to approve the treasurer’s report. Members were reminded to keep writing letters to their adopted grandparents monthly. Committee reports were as follows: Christmas hayride and food pantry donations – Teagen Moody reported that all went well.  Courthouse treats – Morgan Hoffman said she delivered microwave popcorn bags to all employees and said most were surprised and brought a smile. Coffee donations at Buckshots and Country Pumper were delivered and appreciated. 

 The safety officer, Sophie Kelly, gave a safety tip.  Bryce Larson, health officer, gave a health tip for the club.  

Old Business: Updates on improvements in Letcher will be continued closer to spring. 

New Business: Fruit sales were explained by Stacy Zoss.  Orders are due March 2. Each member is responsible for getting their orders online and money collected. The delivery date is March 28. Letcher Fun Days are June 12-13. Events were discussed to assist with Fun Days.  

A motion was made and passed to purchase a buzzer board to assist with quiz bowls and club activities. Steve Zoss will purchase the equipment.

Teen Leadership Academy sign up was discussed and encouraged.

Club goal planning sheets were handed out to all families. These need to be returned to club leaders by March 18 for a planning meeting with club officers at 6:30 p.m. at the community center. 

Stacy Zoss gave the leaders report. YQCA trainings are on Feb. 27 at Forestburg at 2 p.m. and on March 5 at Plankinton at 5 p.m. April 23-25 is the state shoot. Achievement days are Aug. 5-7.

Talks given included: Delaney Zoss – Elements of a Good Presentation and Tori Hoffman – Special Foods Tips.

The next meeting will be March 19 at the community center at 6:30 p.m. with leaders in charge of lunch. Talks will be given by Cain Zoss and Morgan Hoffman.  

…See a picture of the meeting in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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