4-H CLUB members get instructions on how to make a reindeer clothespin craft from Leader Lisa Snedeker.

The Town ‘N Kountry Kids Red Crew 4-H Club met on Nov. 5 at the Community Center in Woonsocket.
The meeting was called to order by President Nathan Linke. The flag pledge was led by Acaiya Schultz and the 4-H pledge was led by Brooklyn Swenson. Roll call was led by Vice President Xavier Baysinger with the question, “What is your middle name?” which was answered by 31 members and guests. We also did introductions and welcomed new members, Logan Potrament, Lainey Goertz, Alex Anderson, and Blake and Chaz Larson.
The secretary’s report was read by Spens Schlicht, and approved as read. The treasurer’s report was given by Acaiya Schultz and approved. The club is expecting income from barrel setting and will have expenses for National Education Week.
A report on the horse/safety day was given by Bailey Feistner. A barrel setting review was given by Emily Ohlrogge and Morgan Schmiedt. Evan Ohlrogge read a thank you received from the club’s elderly friend, Alice Baruth.
Under old business, they talked about bringing two dozen cookies and a pot-luck dish for the recognition event on Nov. 11. Make sure to wear a green 4-H shirt for pictures. Club members who need a club T-shirt need to get their size to Leader Paula Linke.
They discussed plans for celebrating American Education Week Nov. 13-17. They need to write their teacher notes and get the gifts ready, and they also need families to make chocolate chip cookies. The club reviewed the election of officers from last month and talked about additional positions that are open.
Under new business, they talked about some community service ideas such as Heroes Among Us recognizing veterans or a digital sign for community event announcements.
The club is going to participate in the Parade of Trees at the Courthouse, and Gavin Scofield, Logan Potrament, Sutton Senska, Blake Larson, and Lane Burkel were assigned as committee members.
Record Books and member certificates were passed out by Paula.
The club planned their December Christmas Caring project and decided to deliver goodies/goodie plates to their elderly friends.
The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, Dec.10 at 2 p.m. at the 4-H Building.
Character Officer Bailey Feistner led an “I’m Thankful” character activity.
Following the meeting, club members wrote notes to their elderly friends, prepared for celebrating American Education Week and made a clothespin craft.

Eight counties were represented at the 4-H Fun Horse Show, held Oct. 1 at the 4-H Grounds in Forestburg. Thirty-seven 4-Hers kicked off National 4-H Week by participating in horse safety training and improving their horsemanship skills in several individual events.
Working with horses builds confidence and provides responsibility for children, but nothing is more important than their safety. Eric Kobernusz of Mt. Vernon served as horse safety instructor and judge throughout the day. He kept the attention of the participants by teaching them basic horse safety skills. Safety is always at the forefront of any project done in 4-H. Other information he taught included:
• How to pick up a horse’s feet;
• Safe ground handling;
• Checking tack;
• Loping each direction in the correct lead;
• Turning a horse on its forehand and hind quarter;
• Backing the horse on the ground.
Ribbons were awarded in each event to the top six finishers in each class of beginner, junior and senior participants. Points were totaled and Grand Champion and Reserve Champion ribbons and prizes were awarded to overall beginner, junior and senior participants. This event was sponsored by Sanborn County 4-H leaders.
The new 4-H year has begun. For more information on how to join 4-H, contact your local Extension office or www.igrow.org.

…Check out this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal to read the results and see a picture.

The Town ‘N Kountry Kids Red Crew 4-H Club met on Oct. 15 at the community center in Woonsocket. Prior to the meeting, members enjoyed a potluck supper.
The meeting was called to order by acting President Nathan Linke. The flag pledge was led by Luke Larson, and the 4-H pledge was led by Sutton Senska. Roll call was led by Vice President Xavier Baysinger with the question, “What is your favorite fall activity?” which was answered by 16 members.
The club welcomed new members Luke and Blake Larson and Gavin Scofield to the club. Members introduced themselves to the new families, along with their favorite thing to show in 4-H.
The secretary’s report was read by Spens Schlicht and approved. The treasurer’s report was given by Megan Linke and approved.
A report on the Western Junior Livestock Show was given by Megan and Nathan Linke. Shooting Sports awards night was talked about by Sutton Senska. Lane Burkel told the club about 4-H Week around the school, and Xavier and Hope Baysinger reported on the 4-H booth at the craft fair.
Under old business, members talked about the schedule for setting barrels – Oct. 27-29. The club are going to check into the possibility of helping with fundraising for new playground equipment at the school.
Under new business, members were reminded that Recognition Event is Nov. 11, beginning with a potluck supper. Families are asked to bring two dozen cookies per family for the sponsor plates.
The members need to complete enrollment for the new 4-H year with 4-H online.
The club reviewed the 2016-17 goals: get talks and demonstrations done before September, 100 percent of the record books turned in, and each member tries a new project area. It was decided to keep the club goal the same for 2017-18. Individual goals for the year were written down, and the club talked about planning for awards.
The club will provide a T-shirt for any club member who needs one.
The club made plans for celebrating American Education Week Nov. 13-17 and will prepare for it at the November meeting.
Election of officers was held with the following results: President – Nathan Linke, Vice President – Xavier Baysinger, Secretary – Spens Schlicht, Treasurer – Acaiya Schultz, Character – Bailey Feistner, Recreation – Hope Baysinger, Health/Safety – Emily Ohlrogge and Henry Hunter, and Photography – Lane Burkel. The club will work on filling a few more spots at the November meeting.
Following the meeting, Leader Paula Linke led a Character activity about “Fairness” using coins, and Hope led a “Saran wrap” game.
The next meeting will be scheduled in November.

…See a picture in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.