Artesian First Lutheran and area women met at the church on Friday, Oct. 27. Those who attended were: Judi Larson, Joyce Olson, Jess Ludvik, Wanda Effling, Jean Wormstadt, Jan Peskey, Vickie Scott, Judy Wormstadt, Terri Moore, Gwen Effling and Jerolyn Dean.
The evening began at 6:30 p.m. with a business meeting. Judy Wormstadt reported that the items collected for Lutheran World Relief were delivered to Brookings, where a semi-truck takes the items to Minneapolis to the LWR Warehouse. There is an efficient distribution process in place to get the items to the people overseas who need them. This year, there were 26 quilts, 90 school kits, as well as several kits for personal care, baby care, sewing and also soap. The ladies are grateful to all those who helped in any way, and a special thank you to Judy Wormstadt and Angie Scott for delivering the items to the truck in Brookings.
The quilt that was sewn for the Lutheran Outdoors Quilt Auction received a blue ribbon at the SD State Fair. Rather than sending the quilt to the auction, Shirley Olson purchased the quilt at the Unity Service. Thank you, Shirley!
The annual Harvest Festival, which has replaced the Church Supper, would be Nov. 5, with an 11 a.m. church service, followed by a potluck dinner and a bazaar table.
Thankofferings will be gathered during the 9:30 a.m. worship service on Nov. 19.
Christmas holiday projects were discussed, and the group will be contributing to The Angel Tree, turkeys (purchased with filled stamp cards from County Fair) and food items for the Sanborn County Food Pantry, as well as other projects similar to things they have done in past years. Any new suggestions are welcome.
The WWTS Christmas program will be held Wednesday, Dec. 13, at 6 p.m., and the women’s group will serve lunch following the program.
In lieu of Bible study, Jerolyn Dean showed some pictures and talked about her recent trip to Israel and Egypt. The trip was led by Pastor Nabil Nour, who is a Missouri Lutheran Pastor in Hartford. He was born in Nazareth and has been leading tours for over 20 years. He speaks the native languages and is extremely well versed in all aspects of life in the Holy Land. There were 19 people in the tour group.
The group prayed the Lord’s Prayer, and Judy Wormstadt served lunch.
The latter part of the evening was spent arranging blocks and putting together quilt kits. They hope to have some quilts completed for distribution during the Christmas season.

The First Lutheran Church and community gals recently boxed up all the quilts and kits for Lutheran World Relief that they had completed. Totals were: 26 quilts, 90 school kits, eight personal care kits, six baby care kits, four sewing kits and two pounds of soap.
Pictured are: Lanette Dean, Logan Hetland, Jess Ludvik, Casady Dean, Samantha Dean, Deanna Dean, Karen Hoffman, Pam Moore, Judi Larson, Morgan Renshaw, Kara Wormstadt, Myrna Moore, Judy Wormstadt and Melissa Wormstadt.

…See another picture in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.

The CorTrust Bank ALM (Artesian, Letcher, Mt. Vernon) Community Foundation Board of Directors met recently to award its semi-annual grants. The following distributions were approved: City of Mt. Vernon for $2,000 to be used towards the purchase of a mosquito fogger for the City of Mt. Vernon; and Kaci Bechen of Artesian for $850 to be used towards the purchase of CPR mannequins.
The CorTrust Bank ALM Community Foundation is an organization formed to attract and distribute gifts of capital for community betterment. It was initially funded by CorTrust Bank with a match from the South Dakota Community Foundation for the benefit of the Artesian, Letcher and Mt. Vernon communities. The first grants were awarded in August 2000.
Grant applications are considered based on several factors, including the potential benefit of the proposed project to the particular population to be served and to the community as a whole. The CorTrust Bank ALM Community Foundation has awarded over $125,000 since its inception.
The CorTrust Bank ALM Community Foundation encourages and welcomes donations, memorial gifts, bequests and gifts of capital. The income generated from investment of these funds is then made available for grants. Donors may restrict their gifts to certain types of grants or to certain communities, or they may designate them as unrestricted.
The CorTrust Bank ALM Community Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors that consists of people from the Artesian, Letcher and Mt. Vernon communities, as well as CorTrust Bank.
The current members of the Board of Directors are Jeff Ebersdorfer of Artesian, Gibi Page of Fedora, Lori Kluth and Cheryl Hohbach of Mt. Vernon, Sherri Stekl and Janet Maeschen of Letcher, and Brad Haiar, Barb Metzinger and Don Threadgold from CorTrust Bank.
The Board meets twice a year to review grant applications. The next grant application deadline is Feb. 15, 2018. Applications and more information can be obtained from the CorTrust Banks in Artesian, Letcher and Mt. Vernon, or at