Pictured are the group of runners and their support group who either met them at the Muddy Cup or traveled with them. They made it to Woonsocket at around 3 p.m. on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday, Sept. 24, a group of runners taking part in The 437 Project made a stop at The Muddy Cup in Woonsocket while on their way across the state. The runners joined together to create The 437 Project with the mission to bolster both physical and mental wellness and the often overlooked connection between the two. 

The runners started in Belle Fourche and ran the 437 miles across the state to Sioux Falls in a relay-style format. They started on Thursday, Sept. 22 and ended on Sunday, Sept. 25. There were 12 runners in the group – six men and six women. They each ran 10-mile sections four times with long resting periods between each of their sections. 

With the idea that suicide used to be such a private and personal subject that no one liked to talk about, the runners ran to raise awareness for the new accredited service for suicide prevention that has licensed counselors on staff to help anyone in a suicidal crisis. People all over the state can call or send a text to 988 to be connected to experts in suicide prevention.

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Area residents awoke on Saturday morning to news of a high-speed chase that had started in the dark hours of the early morning that day. The Huron Police Department had been in pursuit of a stolen vehicle and the chase brought them south to the rural Sanborn and Jerauld County line. According to the Jerauld County Sheriff’s Office, “The pursuit ended in a corn field in rural Jerauld County and a perimeter was setup. Officers located the vehicle and prepared to use Police Service Dog Mack [of Jerauld County Sheriff’s Department] to locate the suspects.” Once the officers announced they would be sending the dog in to search, a female from the car gave herself up prior to Mack being deployed to search. The vehicle was then cleared and towed.

Later, on Saturday, officers were called out to a rural Jerauld County home where it was reported that a male the homeowners did not know was seen on their property. The location was not far from the original location, so when officers arrived, a male was taken into custody. It was then determined that there was another male still at large. Jerauld County Deputy Sheriff Sheldon reported, “Due to the homeowners not knowing where the first male had come from, officers cleared the property in search of the last male. Police Service Dog Mack was deployed into the home to search for the other male suspect. No other suspects were located at this time.”

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Woonsocket School Board Vice President Lisa Snedeker has begun her year-long term as President of the Associated School Boards of South Dakota.

Snedeker takes charge of the 18-member Board of Directors on which she has represented the Southeast Region’s 265 & Under enrollment category since 2018.

For the past three years Snedeker has served as First Vice President and Second Vice President as part of the Association’s Executive Committee, which comprises the leadership team of the ASBSD Board of Directors.

Snedeker has been a member of the Woonsocket school board since 2015 during which she has served as both President and Vice President and represented her local board at ASBSD’s Delegate Assembly and as their Legislative Action Network member. She is a Branch Manager and Training Coordinator for Dakotaland Federal Credit Union.

“Lisa’s dedication to public education and enthusiasm to ensure it succeeds for the students, staff and the communities it serves make her a fantastic leader for ASBSD,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said.

“The Association will continue to thrive under her guidance and we’re thankful for her willingness to serve.”

Snedeker succeeded Eric Stroeder, who now assumes the role of ASBSD Past President, of the Mobridge-Pollock School District.

The 18-member ASBSD Board of Directors is made up of local school board members elected from four geographic regions (Central, Northeast, Southeast and Western) and five enrollment size categories (265 and under, 266-699, 700-1,399, 1,400-9,999 and 10,000 and above).

ASBSD is a private, non-profit association representing more than 850 South Dakota school board members, the 149 school districts they govern and the students they serve. Our vision is leadership to achieve excellence for South Dakota public education through a mission of partnering, advocating and leading.

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