Public Notices

Leonard Steichen


Leonard Otto Steichen, 96, died Jan. 2, 2019, at his home in rural Woonsocket.

His funeral was held Monday, Jan. 7, at St. Wilfrid Catholic Church in Woonsocket. Visitations were held Sunday, Jan. 6, at the church, with a Rosary and scripture service. Burial was in the church cemetery with Fr. Jim Friedrich officiating.

Leonard was born Nov. 14, 1922, to Nicholas and Frances (Schmidt) Steichen on the same family farm where he lived and farmed nearly all his life. He had five brothers, Carl, Bernard, Edward, Harry, and Tom Steichen, and one sister, Margaret Irving.

He married Donna Rodee, of Garden City, on June 8, 1951, in Woonsocket. They had nine children, Steven of Mitchell, Brad (Lynda) of Woonsocket, Jalene (Rick) Martin of Ridgecrest, Calif., Tim (Deborah) of Watertown, Kandy (Bruce) Schmiedt of Woonsocket, Lenna (David) Schreiner of Tripp, Trent (Nadine) of Ridgecrest, Calif., Jennifer (Jonathon) Davis of Annapolis, Md., and Lynette (Rex) Geyer of Manchester.

Except for two years when Leonard worked in aircraft plants in Omaha, Neb., and Buffalo, N.Y., in the 1940s, he was a lifelong farmer. He actively worked until his late 80s and proudly farmed the land homesteaded by his grandfather in 1881. He was a lifelong member of St. Wilfrid Catholic Church.

Leonard is survived by all his children; 15 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren; sisters-in-law, Betty Steichen of Albuquerque, N.M., and Daun Whetsel of Mitchell; numerous nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Donna in 2008; his parents; all of his brothers and sisters, including an infant sister, Lucy.

Sanborn County Commissioners met in regular session on Thursday, December 27, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. to conduct end of the year business with Chairman Ebersdorfer presiding. Other members present were: Ohlrogge, Blindauer, and P. Larson. Absent was S. Larson.  Also present was Deputy Auditor Regynski. Motion by Ohlrogge, seconded by Blindauer, to approve the minutes as presented. All ayes. Motion carried. 


Stacy Mendenhall, Highway Supervisor, and Sheri Kogel, Administrative Assistant, met with the board to discuss matters in the highway department. Purchasing a belly dump trailer in 2019 was discussed. Mendenhall will look for some more prices on trailers. Bridges in the county were also discussed.    


Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Ohlrogge, to transfer the following amounts from contingency to the department named to balance for the year: Commissioners, $7,684.65 and Elections, $755.77. All ayes. Motion carried. The board commended many departments for staying within budget.  


Auditor Larson presented a prisoner care contract for the year 2019 with Beadle County Jail.  Sanborn County agrees to pay Beadle County $80.00 per prisoner-day. Motion by Blindauer, seconded by P. Larson, to enter into this contract. All ayes. Motion carried.


Motion by Ohlrogge, seconded by P. Larson, to pay the following bills. All ayes. Motion carried.

Office of Child Support, Wage Garnishment $240.00

Accounts Management Inc., Wage Garnishment $280.92

First National Bank, Tax Liability $2,364.42

Woonsocket Community Center, Rent $100.00

Avera Health, Insurance $20,326.26

AFLAC, Insurance $1,202.54

AFLAC, Insurance $221.83

South Dakota Retirement System, Retirement $7,815.44

South Dakota Retirement System, Spouse Option $43.06

Small Business, Insurance $51.00

Sanborn County Treasurer, Real Estate Taxes $70.00

Sun Life Financial, Insurance $323.31

VSP, Insurance $212.41

EMC National Life, Insurance $420.41

Colonial Life, Insurance $202.84

Colonial Life, Insurance $33.00

First National Bank, Tax Liability $11,772.17

EMC National Life, Insurance $47.25

Sanborn County Treasurer, Taxes In Trust $1,118.25

3D Specialities, Supplies $520.66

American Solutions for Business, Mat $80.13

AmeriPride Services, Laundry $85.25

Beadle County Sheriff, Prisoner Care $160.00

Churchill, Manolis, Freeman, Court Appointed Attorney Fees $266.80

Dakota Two Way, Supplies $1,623.90

Davison County Sheriff Office, Prisoner Care $95.00

Express 2, Fuel $97.84

Farmers Elevator Co., Fuel $12,517.60

Farnams Genuine Parts, Supplies $732.87

Glen Lowriees LLC, Dual Wall Pipe $3,051.40

Katz Law Office Prof LLC, Mental Health Board Hearing $47.25

Velma Kneen, Refund Deposit $100.00

KO’s, Tow Fee/Supplies $405.36

McLeod’s, Folders $369.90

Mobile Binders, Laminating/Books $1,432.50

Northern Truck Equipment, Equipment for Truck $71,238.00

NorthWestern Energy, Electricity $2,233.98

Office Peeps, Supplies $17.10

Pheasantland Industries, Supplies $84.04

Sherryl Rankin, Mileage/Supplies $42.82

South Dakota Department of Transportation, Share of Costs $17,752.27

Sanborn Weekly Journal, Publication Fees $234.68

James D. Taylor, Mental Health Board Services $942.81

Transource Truck & Equipment, 2020 Mack Truck $120,866.00

Woony Foods, Supplies $87.03

December payroll before deductions:

Commissioners $3,025.00

Auditor $5,176.48

Treasurer $5,296.48

States Attorney $3,621.96

Courthouse $3,406.85

Assessor $5,541.54

Register of Deeds $6,087.03

Sheriff $12,055.90

Ambulance $800.00

WIC $1,146.95

Extension Office $1,533.98

Weed Salary $1,300.00

Drainage $135.00

Planning and Zoning $315.00

Road and Bridge $28,764.54

E-911 $56.50

Emergency Management $496.44

Sobriety Testing $390.40

Motion by P. Larson, seconded by Blindauer, to close the courthouse today at noon because of the bad weather. All ayes. Motion carried.

Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Ohlrogge, to adjourn the meeting. All ayes. Motion carried. The next regularly scheduled meeting  will be Tuesday, January 8th, 2019, because the first Tuesday in January is a holiday.  

Diane Larson

Sanborn County Auditor

Jeff Ebersdorfer

Chairman of the Board, 

Sanborn County

Artesian Town Board proceedings

Unapproved Minutes January 2, 2019

The Town of Artesian Council met on January 2, 2019, in regular session at the Artesian Community Center.  Council Member K. Effling called the meeting to order with Council Member C. Danek, Council Member Travis King and Finance Officer G. Effling present.  Also present was Tom Fridley.

The minutes of the December  5, 2018, meeting was read, motion to approve by Danek;  motion carried. Financial reports were read; motion to approve by Danek, seconded by King; motion carried.  

The following vouchers were presented for the month; motion to approve by Danek, seconded by King; motion carried:

Artesian Fire Department – $125.00

Candace Danek – $120.00

Dawson Construction Inc. – $1,064.88

Department of Environment & Natural Resources – $50.00

Gwen Effling – $500.00

Kurt Effling – $120.00

Tom Fridley – $280.00

Howard Auto Clinic – $544.89

Travis King – $162.00

Runnings – $59.01

Tractor Supply Co. – $78.72

USDA – $1,116.00

Town of Artesian – $220.96

Xcel Energy –  $1,064.73

Old Business: 

Streets – The snow removal went well. Town residents are asked to trim back down tree branches on boulevards or tree limbs that hang over the street.

Lagoon – It’s in good condition.   

Sewer/Garbage – The Board reviewed and discussed delinquent bills and implementing the sewer shut off for non-payment ordinance No. 2019-2. A current listing of volunteer fire department personnel has been received.   

New Business:

A motion was made to join the District III Association by Danek, seconded by King; motion carried.

Election date notice – April 9, 2019. You may pick up petitions through  January 25, 2019. Petitions are due back on February 22, 2019. Kurt Effling’s term is up for re-election. It is a three-year term. Gwen Effling will remain on all accounts at CorTrust Bank. 

Dakota Pump’s annual inspection was discussed. 

Regular town board meetings will be held the first Wednesday of each month at the Artesian Community Center. Regular depository is CorTrust Bank, Artesian, S.D. The official publication is the Sanborn Weekly Journal. The regular meeting attendance is $40.00 per meeting. The Finance Officer salary is $500.00 per month. Administrative wage is $10.00 per hour. The Head Maintenance wage is $14.00 per hour. Part-time maintenance wage is $9.10 per hour.  Mileage is $0.485 cents per mile. It is $50.00 per hour for tractor/wages snow removal. Motion to approve all by Danek, seconded by King; motion carried.  

The next regular meeting is scheduled for February 6, 2019, at the Artesian Community Center at 7:30 p.m.

There being no further business motion by King, seconded by Danek; motion carried.

Gwen Effling

Town of Artesian, 

Finance Officer

Kurt Effling

Council Member