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Students LEAVE the school from the doors of the new addition to the Woonsocket School campus.

The Elementary Addition project is coming to an end.  The students and teachers moved in after Labor Day weekend and have been enjoying the new classrooms with just a few minor things yet to complete. The estimated 5,000 square foot project cost around $850,000, which equates to $170 per square foot. The capital outlay fund covered the expenses and no bond issue was needed. The Woonsocket media class will present a virtual tour on social media in the coming weeks for the public to view.  Everyone is also welcome to visit our school and see the new addition in person.

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Teagen Moody won Grand Champion Heifer – Any Other Breed in 4-H breeding beef. He also received purple ribbon ranking in swine and beef showmanship.

The 2018 South Dakota State Fair is in the books for the 4-H kids in Sanborn County, and they did a fantastic job again this year. There were participants in all kinds of exhibit areas and youth-in-action competitions from Special Foods to showing livestock to static exhibits in a number of exhibit areas. Some of the Sanborn County 4-Hers only had one entry at the fair, and some of them had several entries. Overall, a lot was learned and fun was had by everyone again this year.

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This photo was taken outside the Express 2 while a group of antique motorcycle bikers came through town on their way across country. All the bikes in this picture are over 90 years old and running.

On Saturday, Sept. 15, a large group of 100 antique motorcycles stopped to refuel at Express 2 in Woonsocket. The group is part of the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball Run, an antique cross-country endurance competition made up of riders and their antique motorcycles. These historical motorcycles are usually seen only on display in museums, not running a trek of thousands of miles. 

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