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Although there is still only one death documented in the state in connection to the COVID-19 virus, the disease is spreading quickly and needs to be taken very seriously. If not, more lives will be in jeopardy. According to healthcare workers all over the state, there is not enough equipment to help everyone who becomes critically ill with the virus, so extreme measures need to be taken, and people need to pay attention and heed all warnings. 

As of 3 p.m. on Monday, there were 28 confirmed cases in South Dakota spread throughout 10 counties, the hardest hit being Beadle County, with 12 cases confirmed there. Every day the numbers keep rising, so it is foolish to think, with that many cases in the Huron area already, that the virus will not affect or enter Sanborn County. Authorities are asking the public to please be diligent about staying home and staying informed. Everyone plays a role in keeping the number of positive cases down and keeping the communities healthy.

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Early Friday morning, March 20, a 2001 Bonneville was stolen from Janet Maeschen’s yard, which is south of Woonsocket and west of Letcher, on the Mt. Vernon road. The vehicle was recovered on Sunday, March 22, in McCook County. Two perpetrators have been arrested in connection to the theft; they are Aaron Stevens, 20, of Letcher, and Roxanne Johnson, 27, of Howard. 

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Social Distancing is the act of keeping physical separation from people with the intention of stopping or reducing the spread of a disease.  The “social distancing,” cancellations and closures that Coronavirus, COVID-19, has introduced to the lives of people around the world is not a new technique. In fact, during the 1918 Spanish Flu, many of the same techniques that are suggested today were practiced in the United States.

According to the CDC website, the Spanish Flu occurred in the United States from March 1918 to the Summer of 1919, but the Spanish Flu began making headlines in the Sanborn County Herald-Times in October 1918. In the Oct. 3, 1918, issue, it was reported that members of the Jackie Band that were set to perform in Woonsocket as part of the War Trophy Train event did not perform but were sent back to the Great Lakes Training Camp due to influenza cases within the band. The event still took place, but Woonsocket’s community band played instead. It was reported in the Oct. 17, 1918, State News of the Sanborn County Herald-Times that Huron had 150 reported cases. There was also a large front-page ad from the Sanborn County Council of Defense with suggestions on preventing and treating influenza. The number one suggestion was “Avoid contact with other people so far as possible. Especially avoid crowds indoors, in street cars, theaters, motion picture houses and other places of public assemblage.”

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