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Acaiya Schultz addresses a tough topic for students in her illustration talk “A Kid’s Worse Enemy… the Book Report.”

Do you know how to hypnotize a chicken? Do you know how many stages of sleep there are?  Are you familiar with the term “vaping”? If you were one of the privileged spectators at the recent 4-H Public Presentation Contest on July 11, you will know the answers to these questions. In an outstanding display of knowledge, 4-Hers wowed the judges and audience in the widest array of topics. Subjects on Thursday ranged from wool to vaping to cyberbullying to book reports to car maintenance!  It was an amazing testament to the talent and expertise of our 4-H youth.

Judging this wonderful event were Jennifer Larson of Mitchell and Cindy Larson of Woonsocket. Purple ribbons were awarded to all of these deserving 4-Hers: Xavier Baysinger – “Wool You Use My Fleece,” Hope Baysinger – “If You Love Me, Let Me Sleep!,” Brady Larson and Megan Linke – “Is It Worth It?,” Luke Larson – “Chicken Hypnosis,” Bryce Larson – “Cyberbullying… It Has To STOP!,” Brooklyn Larson – “Fire Smart,” Payton Uecker – “Sportsmanship – The Biggest Part of the Game,” McKenzie Uecker – “Camping Safety,” Bailey Feistner – “Adoption is the Best Option,” Acaiya Schultz – “A Kid’s Worse Enemy… the Book Report,” Lane Burkel – “Don’t Chase Rabbits!,” Ty Burkel – “How to Train Your Sheep,” Delaney Zoss – “4-H… A Road to Leadership Success,” Blake Howard – “Just Playing With Some Friends,” Erica Howard – “For the Love of the Children,” and Emily Ohlrogge – “Maintenance is Key.”

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Cindy mckittrick displays the plans for the new Hope Harbor facility near Parker, S.D. Photo courtesy of The Marshall Independent.

Woonsocket native, Cindy (Knigge) McKittrick is the Executive Director for Hope Harbor Ministry based out of Marshall, Minn. They are happy to announce that the work on a location in Parker is almost complete and should be able to open this fall. 

McKittrick came to Woonsocket a couple of years ago as a presenter for the annual Catholic Daughters Tour of Tables to explain what Hope Harbor does and her role in the operation of their ministry. At that time, and up until this year, their only two locations were in Marshall and Winona, Minn., and they strictly housed and worked with teenage girls. They have now had the opportunity to expand to South Dakota to create a facility in Parker, and the Parker location will be strictly working with teen boys.

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Have you ever thought about what your clothes say about you? Participating 4-Hers in the Fashion Revue Contest are given that chance to present themselves through clothing they have sewn or purchased.  The goal of this Youth-In-Action event is to develop an understanding of personal presentation in public situations with regards to clothing, accessories and grooming.

Eleven 4-Hers presented their best selves in 23 different outfits this past Tuesday, July 9, at the 4-H building in Forestburg.  Judging the event was Nancy Friske of Castlewood with help from her daughter, Jennifer Larson.  Purple ribbons were awarded to:

Alexis Kelly – Constructed (2), Selected Outfit (2); Hope Baysinger – Constructed, Selected Outfit (3); Bailey Feistner – Selected Outfit; Sophie Kelly – Constructed, Selected Outfit (2); Ty Burkel – Selected Outfit (2); Brooklyn Larson – Constructed; Ashlee Hanson – Constructed; Lane Burkel – Selected Outfit (2); Victoria Hoffman – Constructed; Miley Adams – Constructed;

Cloverbuds participating in the contest were: Anna Hunter – Constructed, Selected; Kaylee Adams – Constructed.

Following the Fashion Revue Contest, 4-Hers were also able to have their clothing judged on construction.  The following ribbons were awarded:

Purple: Hope Baysinger (4), Lane Burkel (2), Ty Burkel (2), Bailey Feistner, Ashlee Hanson, Victoria Hoffman, Alexis Kelly (3), Sophie Kelly (3);

Blue: Miley Adams, Ashlee Hanson, Alexis Kelly, Brooklyn Larson.

…See a photo in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.