April 2024

Young couples who grew up in Woonsocket and would like to move back to the area to raise their family are having difficulty returning because there is very little housing available. The same goes for people who have decided to live in the Woonsocket area or in town whose family then starts to grow, so they have to seek a home with more room. There just aren’t a lot of options in Woonsocket at this time. It can also be said for retired persons looking to downsize into a smaller, yet sizeable home to help with transitioning into their golden years. 

Due to the increase of importance of this issue, the Woonsocket Development Corporation (WDC) is seeking area residents’ input on assessing the housing demand. WDC President, Gay Swenson, stated, “We are seeking a more specific understanding of the area’s housing needs. The survey’s information will help our Housing Group understand the greatest area of need and lead to discussions as to how we can resolve these needs in our community.” 

The WDC, in conjunction with the City of Woonsocket, has engaged the Third Planning District to assist in market assessment, survey creation and response tabulation. Once the data is compiled, a report will be presented to the community and reviewed for opportunities to improve the housing situation. Swenson noted, “The short survey can be completed quickly online, with a computer or smart phone, or we’ll have a couple locations in town to pick up a hard copy if one prefers that method.”

The online survey is available for a limited time at http://s.alchemer.com/s3/Woonsocket-Community-Housing-Survey. A printed version of the survey is available at the Woonsocket City Finance Office, Express Stop and Express 2. The survey is currently available for completion and will close after May 15.

Amanda Radke and her daughter, Scarlett Radke, visited Sanborn Central last week to promote their new children’s books. Scarlett is a nine-year-old Mitchell third grader who attended preschool at Sanborn Central. She wrote and illustrated her first book, “Scarlett and Lucky,” last year, and she is now taking opportunities to promote the book and its story. Her mother, Amanda, has recently revealed her newest of nine children’s books, “The Journal of Rowdy the Cow Kid,” so she has joined her daughter in promoting her books, as well.

Amanda says that Scarlett has wanted to write her own children’s books since she was five years old. When she approached her mother about writing her own book, Amanda said to her, “Well, you know, maybe you should learn how to read and write first. [That] would be step one.” Once she mastered that skill, she was ready to start a children’s story, and Lucky provided her that story.

Lucky is a calf that was born prematurely in a snowbank and was incredibly small, weighing in at under 40 pounds. Scarlett says that’s what brought about his name. “And so, I named him Lucky because he was lucky to be alive because usually when they’re 30 pounds, they don’t even last,” stated Scarlett. From there, she started making short videos of her life with Lucky on the farm, and after they were posted on social media, the videos went viral. So, Amanda thought now would be a good time for Scarlett to write; she had a story to tell that people were interested in because people were so excited to see kids working on the farm and taking care of a cute little calf. 

…Read on and see a picture in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

Kevin Knutson


Kevin Dean Knutson, 69, of Letcher, passed away Tuesday, April 16, 2024. 

A visitation was held on Sunday, April 21, 2024, at Will Funeral Chapel in Mitchell. A Celebration of Life was held on Monday, April 22, at the Letcher Community Center.

Kevin was born on Oct. 23, 1954, to Darwin and Arlene (Edwards) Knutson in Mitchell. After graduating in 1972 from Letcher High School, he bought and successfully ran The Rec, an establishment on Letcher’s Main Street where kids and adults could hangout.  

He married his high school sweetheart, Shelley Putnam, on Nov. 1, 1975. Soon after, Kevin handed the reins of The Rec to Shelley and started his career with Terry’s Propane, dedicating nearly 32 years of service. Kevin went on to work for Big Green in Mitchell and later helped drive truck and farm machinery for friends and family.

Kevin was a devoted husband and proud father. His love extended beyond his immediate family. He was a friend in the truest sense, always ready to lend a hand. Kevin was an avid gardener and motorcycle enthusiast and enjoyed traveling with his family.

Kevin is survived by his children, Katie (Keith) Ramm and J.D. (Tara) Knutson; sister, Lynette (Ron) Vermeulen; brothers, Mark (Elaine) Knutson and Keith Knutson; stepmother, Elaine Knutson; and three grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Darwin and Arlene; a brother, Michael; and wife, Shelley Knutson in 2019.

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