CREW members work to complete the road before this year’s Melon Festival in Forestburg.

The town of Forestburg has been working on raising funds to pave their roads and fix the roads to be more passable and easier to maintain during the winter months. The Forestburg Community Development Corporation (FCDC) has been organizing an annual Melon Festival to raise money to help defray the costs of this much needed project, and on Aug. 2, their work was rewarded. Corliss Avenue, one of the main roads in Forestburg, was newly paved by Commercial Asphalt of Mitchell. 

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Those summer rec baseball and softball team members who earned awards this year and attended the end-of-the-year party are, back row, left to right: Coach Armando Rodriguez, Erica Howard, Lizzy Boschee, Jeslynn Moody and Assistant Coach Trey Weber; front row: Rylan Grassel, McCoy Schulz, Tyson Kokesh, Trinity Boschee, Dylan Klich, Tristan Jensen and Kailynn Eggleston.

The Woonsocket Summer Rec program came to an end on Wednesday, August 1 with their annual end-of-the-year party and awards night. They had a cookout and open swimming at the city pool to celebrate their successful seasons this year.

Coach Rodriguez and his assistant, Trey Weber, presented awards to the deserving members of the softball and baseball teams this year. For the Rookies baseball team, Tyson Kokesh was awarded most valuable player (MVP). For the minors baseball team, Rylan Grassel was awarded most improved, and MVP went to McCoy Schulz. For the majors team, Lane Burkel earned the title of the most improved, and Dylan Klich received the MVP trophy.

On the softball side of things, Lizzy Boschee earned the title of MVP for the U10 team. Jeslynn Moody was awarded most improved and Tristan Jensen earned the MVP trophy for the U12 team. For the U14 girls, the most improved award went to Dilyn Brooks and the MVP award went to Trinity Boschee. Kaylee White was awarded MVP for the U16/18 team, and Erica Howard earned the Greg “Ace” Uken award.

The summer rec program is funded by the City of Woonsocket and is coordinated by Tara Weber, City Finance Officer.  

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Local farmer, Rob Hetland, second from the left, presents the Sanborn County Food Pantry with a $2,500 grant donation.

Sanborn  County farmer Rob Hetland directed a $2,500 grant to the Sanborn County Food Pantry as part of the America’s Farmers Grow Communities program, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund. 

As part of their mission the food pantry will use the funds to help stock the pantry with food. The pantry also gives recipients a coupon to take to the local grocery store for a dozen eggs, a gallon of milk, and a loaf of bread.  It will be especially helpful at Christmas time when over 100 boxes of food are distributed throughout the county. “Sanborn County Food Pantry wants to thank Hetland and his family for thinking of us. Hetland told us that farmers feed people, so they thought this would be a very good place for their money to go” said the members of the food pantry.

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