For his senior project requirement, Carter Hitchcock put on a science fair for eighth through 11th grade Sanborn Central students on Feb. 23 from 9:30-10:30 a.m. Visitors were given tickets, and were instructed to vote for their favorite project after they had visited all of the stations. Projects included how runoff impacts farming, how different types of therapy help people, testing the effectiveness of different hair heat protectants, and how a photoelectric sensor will help detect combine fires. 

Hitchcock chose to put on a science fair for his senior project because he is pursuing a career as a science teacher. He has been preparing for several months by preparing the project guidelines, coordinating with students and teachers, and gathering materials such as the presentation boards. He stated the most challenging part of the project was making sure the students were on track with the timeline he provided for them and ultimately making sure the projects got done on time. He does feel like the project was a success as the presenters seemed to enjoy their projects and there were lots of visitors who came and found the projects interesting. 

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On Wednesday, Feb. 21, the students from Woonsocket and Sanborn Central in grades seven through 12 were gathered at the Sanborn Central School gym in Forestburg to listen to Lynn Riemer, an accomplished speaker, trainer and advocate on issues related to substance abuse. She was invited here and sponsored by the South Dakota Firefighters Union to speak to the county’s youth and educators about addictive and psychoactive substances, both legal and illegal, which are available in their communities. She has worked with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and North Metro Drug Task Force and has been involved in thousands of drug busts. Most of her work has been done in San Francisco and the state of Colorado. Thus, she has an incredible amount of information on the topic. 

Riemer started her presentation with information about how the nation’s youth are targeted by the drug companies and drug dealers. Drugs are glamorized in music, movies, social media and TV shows. She talked a lot about vaping and the dangers of it. She stated that in her experiences, they have taken vapes off of kids as young as kindergartners. Vaping is illegal for people under the age of 21 in most states, but that doesn’t keep youth of all ages thinking it is something they should do. Many people vape marijuana, and that is extremely dangerous because the oils of the THC in marijuana are what get clogged up in a person’s lungs and make them so sick, they have to be hospitalized, and there have been deaths reported from it.

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The Custer Battlefield Highway (CBH) Academic Festival was held in Mitchell at Dakota Wesleyan University on Wednesday, Feb. 21, after being postponed due to weather the week before. Sanborn Central and Woonsocket Schools sent students to participate in a variety of subject areas. Students who placed in the top six of each category earned a medal.

The Sanborn Central students who placed included: Hudson Fouberg, Accounting I – sixth place; Cameron Edwards, Algebra I – third place, Grammar II – fourth place; Lucia Castillo, Algebra II – fourth place, Grammar II – sixth place; Caleb Kneen, Algebra II – third place; Carter Hitchcock, American Government – fifth place, Biology – sixth place; Randy Bitterman, Literature III – sixth place; Isabella Bitterman, Literature IV – sixth place; and Cole Wilson, Physical Science – sixth place. Sanborn Central finished in eighth place overall.

The Woonsocket students who placed in individual events are as follows: Alex Anderson, Accounting – fifth place, Algebra I – fifth place; Camden Rassel, American History – fifth place, Chemistry – fifth place; Emilie Lindgren, American History – sixth place; Kenzie Baruth, Biology – first place; Addyson Baruth, Geometry – fifth place; Brendan Evans, Physical Science – second place; Isaiah Schultz, Physics – third place; and Jaycee Baruth, Senior Math – fourth place. The Quiz Bowl team of Camden Rassel, Emilie Lindgren, Brendan Evans and Eli Fry placed third. Woonsocket School finished seventh place overall.   

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