On Sept. 6-8, the South Dakota Council of Teachers of English (SDCTE) held their annual conference. This year the conference was held in Huron. At this year’s conference, Ms. Susan Farrell-Poncelet, the 7-10 grade English teacher for Sanborn Central, was honored with the Young Leader Award for 2018-2019. 

In order to be considered for the award, you have to be nominated by your colleagues and then the nominees go through an elimination process. 

The citizens of Sanborn County have always known that the teachers here are the best, but it is nice to have others recognize that as well. 

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The Crowd enjoys the football game as they sit on the newly constructed bleachers.

We have built a new press box/concession stand on the east side of the football field in Forestburg. It has three separate rooms on the top level where coaches and different press personnel will have space to work and cover Blackhawk Football.

On the lower level, we have built a new concession stand to make it easier for fans to grab a bite to eat without missing any action.  The remaining portion of the lower level is for storage at the moment. However, that portion will be finished with bathrooms in the future stage of the project.

The space has also been upgraded with a 500-seat bleacher system for spectators to sit while watching the activities, should they choose to do so. The Sanborn Central Booster Club has been very instrumental in assisting the project through their generous contributions and continued fund-raising efforts.  The goal of the project was to ensure that football games were still played in Forestburg, and that those in attendance would have a great experience. Also, the upgrades will provide an improved experience for our youth soccer program that takes place in the spring.

We are still in the planning stages of additional storage options within the campus so that materials that are not currently in use will have an appropriate place to be stored to maintain their usability.  As with all large scale projects, patience is necessary to ensure that everything is completed the way it is intended to be. There is still work to be done to complete this project, but just like the rest of our campus, the end product will be something that our communities can be proud of.  We hope to see all interested community members at the field this year!

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Jason Bruce leads students at the pool noodle workout station during gym class at the pool on Friday, Aug. 17.

On Friday, Aug. 10, Woonsocket Elementary students got to enjoy their physical education classes in a unique setting for a small school – at the pool. The school divided the kids into two sections. Group one consisted of kindergarten through third graders, and group two was fourth grade through sixth grade. Each group was then broken into two sections to enjoy stations with Mr. Jason Bruce and Mr. Charley Larson each directing a group with exercises to enjoy in the water. Then, each group also got to appreciate some free time to swim and enjoy one of the final days of hot weather as the end of the summer nears.

This type of activity is not something that every small school gets to have at their school, so the Woonsocket students are truly blessed to have such a wonderful community who works hard to maintain such a beautiful facility.

…See more pictures in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.