Elementary Principal, Paula Lynch, wishes to congratulate the following fourth through sixth grade students for their academic achievement during the fourth quarter:
Superior Honor Roll (all A’s): fourth grade – Summer Beekman, Rylan Grassel, Whitney Hagman, Sebastian Kotilinek, Emily Lindgren, Raily Munoz-Martinez, Kade Olinger, Camden Rassel, Ethan Schmiedt, Colten Trabing; fifth grade – Patton Peterson; sixth grade – Natalie Evans, Blake Howard, Tristan Jensen, Camden Jost, Hannah Terkildsen;
A Honor Roll: fourth grade – Lily Dise, Tyson Eddy, Elijah Fry, Yuli Garcia, Tailynn Larson, Logan Potrament, Makenzie Schley, Sutton Senska, Reese Stephens, Kaitlyn Swenson; fifth grade – Lane Burkel, Jeritt Kokesh, Aiden Lieber, Serymar Matias; sixth grade – Bailey Feistner, Dylan Klich;
B Honor Roll: fourth grade – Devyn Brooks, Jared LaVine; fifth grade – Jaycee Baruth, Shenae Blue, Carter Christian, Kayannah Peterson; sixth grade – Annabella Fry, Breanna Terkildsen.

Superintendent and High School Principal Rod Weber would like to congratulate the following high school and junior high school students for their academic excellence:
Seventh grade: Superior Honor Roll (all A’s) – Mary Frances Bruce, Brooke Doering, Clay Olinger; A Honor Roll-  Trinity Boschee, Dilyn Brooks, Taryn Guinn, Emily Ohlrogge, Kylie Schlenker, Michael Schmiedt; B Honor Roll –  Gabe Boschee, Braxton Gentles, Trista White;        Eighth grade: Superior Honor Roll (all A’s) –  Wyatt Burkel, Aleya Fry, Andrew Lindgren; A Honor Roll – Xavier Baysinger, Kaitlin Brueske, Tyler Eddy, Mazie Opsahl, Collin Schmiedt, Madison Schmiedt, Noah Terkildsen, Ellie Von Eye; B Honor Roll – Caycee Guinn, Morgan Scmiedt;
Freshmen: Superior Honor Roll (all A’s) –  Mariah Jost, Megan Linke, Wesley Linke, Taryn Ziebart; A Honor Roll- Cage Boschee, Carter Linke, Evan Ohlrogge, Brooklyn Swenson; B Honor Roll – Taylor Lindsey, Weston Uttecht, Josie Weber, Kaylee White;
Sophomores: Superior Honor Roll (all A’s) –  Sarah Baysinger, Kadin Schlenker; A Honor Roll – Erica Howard, Tesa Jensen, Megan Poyer, Ryan Poyer, Spens Schlicht, Raelynn Weber; B Honor Roll –  Trinity Brick, Corey Fink, Abigayle Fry;
Juniors: Superior Honor Roll (all A’s) –  Nathan Linke, Tristan Ziebart; A Honor Roll-  Alissa Ball, Abby Doering, Jared Goldammer, Sawyer Swenson, Trey Weber; B Honor Roll-  Callie Bezpaletz, Trent Feistner, Ashleigh Fry, Chris Howard, Lauren Johnson, Bailey Schmiedt;
Seniors: Superior Honor Roll (all A’s) –  Destiny Brick, Taylor Burkel; A Honor Roll – Wyatt Feistner, Aaron Linke, Kyla Morgan, Drew Olinger, Riley Schmiedt, Shay Swenson, Peyton Uttecht; B Honor Roll –  Charlie Enfield, Colton Hotchkiss, Dayna Ophsahl, Shaun Snedeker, Ty Ziebart;

Steichen 39 web    Gary Steichen was honored by the Woonsocket School Board at their recent meeting for his 15 years of service to the Board.
Steichen, who is retiring from his position, is pictured above, receiving a plaque from the school and a certificate from the Associated School Boards of South Dakota.
The certificates states:
An Associated School Boards of South Dakota COMMEMORATION,
Commending and honoring Gary  Steichen from the Woonsocket Board of Education:
WHEREAS, Gary Steichen has served the Woonsocket Board of Education for 15 consecutive years; and
WHEREAS, Gary has served with the best interest of the Woonsocket students, teachers and administrators; and
WHEREAS, It is a blessing he survived the fire and explosion of his business in 2014 and;
WHEREAS, Even with his injuries he still continued to serve the community on the School Board,
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED, by the Board of Directors of the Associated School Boards of South Dakota, that Gary Steichen be honored for his service to the Woonsocket community.