Members of the SCW FFA chapter participated in several contests at the District 4 CDE in Platte on Tuesday, March 12. They competed in the following contests: Veterinary Science, Ag Mechanics, Food Science, Floriculture, Poultry Evaluation, Natural Resources and Meat Evaluation. The meats team brought home first place. The members of the meats team are: Aiden Wormstadt who took first place, Cayden Slykhuis,  second place, Collin Schmiedt, fifth, and Nick Snedeker, seventh place. 

Xavier Baysinger brought home fourth place in Poultry Evaluation, and Austin Schmit earned eighth in Ag Mechanics.

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Carter Linke, prosecuting attorney, questions the witness for the prosecution, Chiara Heiss, while the presiding judge, Wesley Linke and his bailiff, Evan Ohlrogge, listen to the testimony. This mock trial was included in the juniors’ lessons about World War I in their United States history class.

The Woonsocket United States History class was able to experience a look at the judicial system this week. In Mrs. Henriksen’s class, students were asked to prepare a mock trial, where they learned about the Sedition & Espionage Acts of 1917. Each student was eager to help in any way possible, even if that meant dressing the part.

The Woonsocket United States History class is currently learning about the first World War and the actions taken in them. The Sedition & Espionage Acts were put in place to help counter negative support for the war. It made speech that was critical towards the war, or the war efforts, illegal. During this mock trial, John Doe was charged with unlawful actions that went against the Sedition & Espionage Acts.

Prosecutors, Carter Linke, Megan Linke, and Taryn Ziebart, were asked to build a case to find the defendant, Malachi Bruce, guilty. Meanwhile the defense attorneys, Brooklyn Swenson, Cage Boschee, Mariah Jost, and Kaylee White, were asked to build a case to find the defendant innocent.

The class really did a great job and had fun doing it, too.

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Woonsocket sophomore Kaitlin Brueske reads “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss to Farah Knudson during Woonsocket’s celebration of Read Across America Day.

On Wednesday, March 6, the Woonsocket School District celebrated Read Across America Day and Spread the Word: Inclusion Day. All kids in Pre-K through grade 11, who were available at the time, met in the Woonsocket gym, where the kids in grades 7-11 read to small groups of kids in Pre-K through grade 6.

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