Marla Feistner gave a presentation to both schools in Sanborn County about the dangers of vaping and e-cigarettes. She used a Jeopardy-type game and other activities to get the information to the kids in an entertaining and engaging manner.

According to a 2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 17.3 percent of high school students in South Dakota are currently using e-cigarettes, and according to a 2017 Youth Tobacco Survey, 2.5 percent of middle school students in South Dakota are using e-cigarettes. There are currently 13 cases of vape associated illnesses in South Dakota, and three of them are 17-year-old teens. As of Jan. 21, there have been 60 deaths in 27 states due to health issues from vaping. A young teen in Michigan had to have a double lung transplant due to non-reversible damage to his lungs from vaping. These statistics are shocking but also very real, and the damage to people’s bodies from vaping and e-cigarettes continues to increase.

With these statistics in hand, Sanborn County’s Health Nurse, Marla Feistner, decided to address the young people in the county about the need to stop using or to never start using e-cigarettes or vape pens. She presented to the students in Sanborn Central first on Feb. 10, and then to the students in Woonsocket on March 5. She had to reschedule her time in Woonsocket twice, due to the weather, but she was finally able to talk to them, too.

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Elsie Klaas, right, brought her uncle’s FFA jacket to school for FFA Week last week. While watching the Ag Olympics competition, she and her classmate and friend, Carlee Spelbring, left, put it on together. The name Allen Amick is stitched on the jacket, but it was reported that Elsie’s Uncle Vern had also worn the jacket.

Last week, Feb. 24-28, was National FFA Week. FFA members from both Sanborn Central and Woonsocket schools worked together to organize and implement activities throughout the week. 

The days of the week were designated as Monday – comfy clothes day, Tuesday – western day, Wednesday – hat day, Thursday – FFA shirt/blue and gold day, and Friday – I hate winter day. 

The FFA provided donuts to all the kids who wanted one on Thursday morning, and they delivered them to local businesses and groups who have shown support to the SC/W FFA chapter all year. 

Activities culminated on Thursday afternoon with a friendly competition in Ag Olympics in the Sanborn Central gym. Woonsocket’s students in grades seven through 12 were bussed over so they could also compete. They had wooden horse races, pen the pig races and a partner-pose competition. 

For the entire week, the SCW FFA chapter collected food for the Sanborn County Food Pantry. By the end of the week, they collected over 600 food items between both schools.

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A huge crowd was once again in attendance at the annual Family Bingo and Silent Auction Night put on by the Woonsocket Elementary Parent Club on Sunday, March 1. They had tables full of silent auction items and raffle ticket items along the bottom row of the north bleachers, in addition to many Bingo prizes and concessions. There is always something for everyone, which is why it is such a success every year.

…See a photo in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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