Sanborn Central sixth grade STEM class set up a classroom aquaponics system. Aquaponics is a sustainable method of food production combining aquaculture (raising aquatic animals) and hydroponics (cultivating plants in nutrient-rich water). In this circulating system, fish waste acts as a natural fertilizer for plants, while plants take up those nutrients and return clean water to the fish. 

With the guidance of Mrs. Farmer, the students assembled the system and added the vegetable seeds; during the following months, the students will continue to monitor the water quality, maintain the health of the fish and harvest the vegetables. 

Throughout the process, the students will be learning how to reduce their environmental footprint and how to protect natural resources by growing aquaponically.

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The SCW Lady Blackhawks won the 281 Conference Tournament Championship on Thursday, Jan. 17. They played a good game against Hitchcock-Tulare and won with a final score of 58-45. Members of the championship team are back row, left to right: Head Coach Tim McCain, Taryn Ziebart, Madi Moody, Tesa Jensen, Mariah Jost, Megan Poyer, Brooke Doering, Erica Howard and Assistant Coaches Robin Moody and Sarah Swenson; front row: Katie Schmit, Trista White, Ellie VonEye, Teya Moody, Trinity Boschee, Abby Vermeulen, Kaylee White and Taylor Lindsey.

On Monday, Jan. 14, the girls beat Wolsey-Wessington 60-40, which advanced them into the championship game against Hitchcock-Tulare. They had already met the Patriots and beat them earlier this season, but the 281 Tournament always proves to bring on new challenges. It was a tougher battle, but the Lady Blackhawks came out on top with a final score of 58-45 and the title of 2019 281 Conference Tournament Champs.

The Lady Blackhawks improve to 8-3 on the year, and their next action on the court was Tuesday in a doubleheader against Hanson in Woonsocket. Details on that game will be in next week’s issue. Following the Hanson game, the girls will be in Wessington Springs on Thursday, Jan. 24. 

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Each year, the Black Hills Stock Show Foundation awards scholarships to graduating seniors across the region. These scholarships are given in five categories.

Madison Moody of Sanborn Central High School was one of the recipients of Category I, a $4,000 scholarship payable in two segments over two years. 

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