On the afternoon of Friday, May 10 and all day Monday, May 13, Woonsocket’s third grade class strolled the streets of Woonsocket and visited as many businesses as they could schedule. This plan was created by their teacher, Mrs. Jessica Bruce, because it became apparent to her one class day, that her students didn’t know where most of the businesses and offices were located in town. 

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Everyone has someone in their lives that they consider to be very important to them. The students at Woonsocket Elementary recently got to show their Very Important Person (VIP) just how much they mean to them by inviting them to Woonsocket’s very first VIP Day.

The idea was brought up by the kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Kylie Pauly. She took the idea from something they do similarly in her grade school alma mater, Lyman County Schools. Every student writes a letter to their VIP to invite them to come to the school and enjoy VIP Day with them. The letter tells the VIP the reason why the student chose them as their VIP.

Once the VIP arrived at the school that morning, they were treated to donuts for breakfast, which were provided by the Woonsocket Elementary Parent Club. Following breakfast, they went to the classrooms of the kids who invited them. The students each introduced their VIP and explained why they consider them a Very Important Person. Then, each classroom teacher had activities for the students and their guests to enjoy for the morning.

Everyone had a good time, and the school made sure that each student had someone there to be their VIP. The event was such a success that they are planning to make it an annual event.

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The Build Dakota Scholarship is a highly competitive full-ride scholarship offered to the best and the brightest students attending a South Dakota technical institution and entering a high-need workforce area. The scholarship pays for not only tuition, but also fees, books, tools, laptops and any other requirements for the program equaling a possibility of $24,000. 

According to the Build Dakota Scholarship website, “In the first five years, a projected 300 scholarships will be awarded annually. Beyond the first five years, the endowment will support approximately 50 full-ride scholarships.” 

This year, one of the recipients of the Build Dakota Scholarship is Kadin Schlenker, a 2019 graduate of Woonsocket High School. Schlenker plans to attend Mitchell Technical Institute in the fall. 

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