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Did you know that only five percent of the population donates to meet 100 percent of the patient blood needs? Misconceptions are a big reason why more people don’t donate blood, but new donors are always in high demand.

“It’s surprising to hear the reasons why many people think they can’t donate, and most often it’s due to outdated or misunderstood information,” said Donor Recruitment Manager, Travis Dressler. “We encourage anyone who thinks they can’t donate blood to give us a call and find out more. With every donation, we can save up to three lives. Think of the impact we can have if more people were willing and able to give!”

While much more goes in to qualifying a donor to safely give blood, there are many common instances when people assume they can’t give blood but generally is not disqualifying. Some of these include taking medication including blood pressure, cholesterol, or anti-depressants, traveling outside the U.S., getting a tattoo or piercing or having a history of cancer.

Potential donors are encouraged to call Vitalant to find out if they are eligible to donate blood. The next opportunity to give will be Friday, Feb. 14 at the Woonsocket Community Center from 1 to 5:30 p.m. Contact Carrie Howard at 770-8997 or Mariah Jost at 351-9593 to make an appointment or call Vitalant at 877-25-VITAL for more information.

To save time, donors can now complete their Fast Track Health History Questionaire online the day of their donation by visiting or via the Vitalant mobile app. To donate blood, volunteers must be at least 16 years old (16- and 17-year-old donors need a minor donor permit which is available at the blood drive or online) and be in good health.

Snow was piled high in the open lot between Express Stop and Steichen Service on Woonsocket’s Main Street (Dumont Ave.).

A winter storm landed upon Sanborn County on Friday morning and stayed until Saturday evening. No travel was advised for a good portion of the time, and Interstate 90 was closed from Mitchell to Sioux Falls, while Interstate 29 was closed from Sioux Falls to the North Dakota border. 

The snow started on Friday morning and continued for a few hours. Then, the worst part of the storm, the wind, hit and created low to zero visibility conditions. The wind howled and gusted up to 40 miles per hour through Friday night and Saturday, which made caring for livestock very difficult for farmers. The wind eventually died down early Saturday evening, but Sanborn County’s Sheriff’s office had sent the word out that roads would not be cleared until Sunday morning, and travel was not advised until then. 

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Pictured are the Chad Wentland family, of Corsica, with members of the Woonsocket National Honor Society, Woonsocket Student Council and the Artesian-Letcher and Woonsocket baseball teams, who were just some of the kids who helped with the fundraisers held on Thursday night to help the Wentland family with Chad’s fight against cancer.

The highlight of the night for the SCW vs. Corsica-Stickney games played in Woonsocket last Thursday night was the fundraiser that was conducted by the Pony Hills Thunder Baseball team for Chad Wentland. Wentland is from Corsica, and his son is a member of the Corsica-Stickney boys’ basketball team. Wentland is currently fighting neuroendocrine cancer and has been for the past three years. He was most recently informed in October that his cancer had metastasized after tumors were found on his liver and three different bones.

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