On Monday, Nov. 21, the WWSSC football program had their annual awards banquet in the Woonsocket gym. Coach Kenny Huether and his staff handed out several awards voted on by the team. However, the evening started with each letterwinner receiving their pin. Letter winners in the freshman class were Eli White, Parker Graff, Grant Edwards, JD Thompson, Dawson Larson, Luke Larson, Teagen Moody, Hayes Havlik, Tyler Brueske, Landon Jensen, Colby Flowers, Michael Foos, Grady Gran, Clay Moody, McCoy Schulz and Treyvon Lobster. Letterwinners at the sophomore level were Karter Mebius, Holden Havlik, Bryce Larson, Ryder Michalek, Landon Christensen, Payton Uecker, Tyson Eddy, Kade Olinger, Alex Schelske, Logan Potrament, Caleb Kneen, Robbie Hine, Shea Reindl and Rylan Grassel. Junior letterwinners were Brock Krueger, Blake Larson, Evan VonEye, Carter Gaikowski and Cooper Goldammer. Seniors who earned their letter for the season were Hayden Beigh, Michael Hoffman, Brady Larson, Camden Jost, Braydin LaBore, Carver Lindsey and Toby Kneen. Manager certificates were given to Cole Wilson, Tyson Kokesh, Brett Miller and Nathan Gaikowski.

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Three members of the WWSSC football team earned SESD All-Conference honors for their efforts on the grid iron, and two SCW Lady Blackhawks earned 281 All-Conference team membership for their action on the court. Two Blackhawks from Sanborn Central were selected to the SESD All-Conference team, senior Toby Kneen on the left and senior Brady Larson on the right. Players from Woonsocket who earned All-Conference recognition are senior Camden Jost, SESD All-Conference, junior Kamryn Ochsner, 281 All-Conference honorable mention and junior Kennadie Ochsner, 281-All Conference second team. Other WWSSC football team members who were selected for the SESD All-Conference team were Wessington Springs students, junior Blake Larson, and sophomore Holden Havlik.

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eSports Club members, Alex Anderson, forefront, and Ryan Munoz-Martinez, back, compete against each other during a recent Esports Club meeting at Woonsocket High School.

For his senior project, Woonsocket senior Blake Howard wanted to do something he was interested in but was also different from what other seniors have done for their projects in the past. He wanted to do something with video games, but he wasn’t sure where to go with them. Then, he found out that his mentor for the project, Mr. Armando Rodriguez, was working on getting an Esports team together for next school year, and Howard thought maybe he could help. So, he talked to Mr. Rodriguez about starting an Esports Club, and things developed from there. 

Some may wonder, what exactly is Esports? According to, Esports, “also known as E-Sports, Egames or electronic sports, is organized, competitive video gaming. It primarily involves teams competing against each other in tournaments for a cash prize. Functionally, it’s the same as traditional sports. Top-level athletes are constantly vying for the top spots in their sport, or game, of choice.” At the high-school level, the games that are played cannot have weapons used in them, so other types of competitive games are used that challenge a player’s ability, such as building something or solving puzzles, racing games, or games that have different levels, and the winner is the player who gets done with each level in the fastest time. The article on states that Esports are so popular because gamers love competition, and Esports are so easily accessible. To play a traditional sport, a person may have to organize a group of people into the same physical location, whereas with online gaming, a person can play with people from all over the world instantly with an internet connection from the comfort of their own home. 

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