Tales from the Outback

Society’s demise, LOL

By Bryan Lutter

I’ve noticed that my telephone became a bigger hindrance than it’s worth. Text messaging is a super way to communicate simple stuff while getting past greetings and salutations, but it’s become an animal unto itself.
The WORST is Facebook. Facebook is something I’m done with except a place to put pictures. I’ve noticed that I’m not as engaged in personal conversation while I’ve got my phone dinging at me, and I’m missing out on life.
The next generation is just screwed. They don’t appear to even know how to talk, let alone talk to each other. Evidently the future in their hands is gonna be one huge, “…LOL” experience.
They tell me that “LOL” means “Laughing Out Loud”. Really? Near as I can tell, young people put “LOL” on 250 texts per day. You mean to tell me that you actually Laugh Out Loud every minute of every day? So does everybody else below the age of 25? The entire high-school age population remains in a state of constant mirth and hilarity every waking moment?
A few years ago it was considered rude to text in public. Now it’s actually rude to TALK period. Talking interrupts texting. Ya, we’ve actually fallen to that level. I’ve also noticed that people ignore their pets more than they used to. That’s because pets can’t text. Poor things.
This December is really strange, and not just because the world is coming to an end. It actually has (count ‘em) FIVE Saturdays and FIVE Sundays. I, for one, am going to avoid my phone on those days for all social usage, and if I had a teenager, they would too.

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