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“Cabin Fever”

“Cabin Fever”

Another era of bartending has come to a close. Margie Larson has stepped out from behind the bar of the former Don’s Silver Dollar. Many a late night I shared with her and so many good times with customers that were more like an extended family of friends.
We bartended in the years when it may have required you to leg-wrestle for a free round of drinks, dance on the bar, dance to the jukebox with many a customer, have the ability to do shots of tequila, flash a bra for fun or “moon” if the moment called for it, be able to roll a mean game of Ship, Captain, Crew (they wanted tip money back), and be able to jump into a bar fight and throw nasties out the front door. Margie was up for any of these and, plus, could tell a joke while doing it! Laughter will be her bar legacy she leaves behind. (Now most bartenders don’t talk to you — they serve a beer and text. ERRR!)
One of my favorite stories is when Margie turned 40 years old. She had long lamented the size of her bosom just for the fact that bras her size only came in “blah-white”. We gal pals ordered a fancy leopard bra from Victoria’s Secret and presented it to her at the bar. Margie was feeling pretty special until we showed her we all had leopard bras on too!
On another note, I was so glad to go with a car full of women to the Cancer Society Tour of Homes. Some years I don’t attend but was so thrilled that I took the time this year. All of us who got to take a peek into your beautiful and unique homes are thankful to you.
Our first stop was at Doc and Karla Olson’s home in the old neighborhood I grew up in. (When I was young, it was Arlyce Larson’s farm home.) I think we were the first to arrive and leisurely got a tour with Karla. I halfway expected to see Doc in one of the giant recliners, but he was out of sight. I loved the open kitchen, multiple fireplaces and the sunshine flowing in from the many windows and the way they incorporated the antiques with modern. My favorite room was the bedroom with gigantic bed and a fireplace. I wanted to just crawl into it with a good book but reminded myself I wouldn’t be able to use the fireplace with my wretched hot flashes. Thanks, Karla, for sending us on our way with a cup of deluxe mixed nuts.
Our second stop was Rod and Jane Marten’s spacious home just past the Forestburg junction. I have admired it from the highway many times and never dreamt I would be inside. Their home could house a family of 10 easily and still not seem crowded. Ultra-modern and full of gadgets that Jane said her hubby loved. He has a switch in the master bedroom that turns on the shower ahead of time. Speaking of the master bedroom, I think all of us wondered what the pole was from ceiling to floor by the bed. Stripper pole was flashing through my mind when Jane assured us her hubby had, I think, knee surgery and it was just for maneuverability.
The laundry room right off the bathroom got many an ooh and aah. It held a whole wall of organized bins and laundry racks that moved and a washing machine you filled with soap only once a year! Everything to make a drab job more enjoyable. Yet, every woman likes a different house aspect. I heard moaning coming from off the kitchen and peeked in to find Wanda Swenson swooning over the walk-in pantry with myriad shelves and its own private door from the garage to unload groceries. Thanks, Jane, for sharing your home with us. I really believe they should feature it in a home idea T.V. show.
As the old saying goes “last but not least” was the log cabin of Andy and Darla Beedle. (This was the cabin originally started by Lenny Jarabek many years ago. I had not seen it since its very start.) Since I love rustic, I would say this was my favorite stop. The Beedles greeted us all so warmly like we were old friends who had stopped to visit. We loved hearing the history of their house and all the hard work it took to make it the showcase it is today. They bought it when it was in a sad state of disrepair and had the faith it could be the dream it is today (many hours of manual labor).
The polished wood floors were remarkable, and the dining room off the kitchen with the place settings on the table looked ready for a feast. The blue tiles in the kitchen surprised me, but I enjoyed the touch of bright color. We all could imagine the bliss of sitting and watching it snow from the cozy living room furniture. When we departed, they related we should return to see the gardens in the summer. I responded, “You really shouldn’t tell me that ‘cuz I might start stalking you.”
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