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Decency is Dead in the Rockies by Hillary Lutter

As an admitted rabid Packer fan, I mostly stopped paying attention to the football world a few weeks ago. I must admit, I didn’t have a lot of faith in my Packers this year. It’s been pretty obvious since their bye in week six, they didn’t have much hope of finding themselves in SB50.
I have a lot of theories as to what happened that week and why their collective heads seemed to be buried up into someplace sunless ever since, but don’t worry, I’ll spare you the ranting and conspiracy theories.
My husband and I were, unfortunately, in attendance at that, their first debacle of the 2015 season — very unfortunately, for more than one reason.
Yeah, the game obviously sucked, but the nasty taste in our mouths walking away from the stadium was not from the terrible play on the part of the Green Bay players. Instead, it was the loathsome state of the Broncos fan base that made us want to immediately check out of our hotel and high-tail it across the Colorado border.
Broncos fans bring a new meaning to bad sportsmanship.
Bryan and I had sat down last summer and looked at the Packers schedule and chosen that game to attend, not only because it was largely assumed to be a solidly competitive game (boy, were they wrong), but because our “second favorite” team  — which MUST be in the opposite conference of the “first favorite” team — used to be the Broncos.
Let me say that again — USED to be the Broncos.
We left Denver the next day knowing, without a doubt, that Broncos fans were the absolute worst in the NFL.
Now, it’s understandable that, as an opposing fan in “enemy territory,” you may not be completely welcomed with open arms, however, there is something called common decency to the fellow human being. Denver fans have never heard of such a thing.
We have our theories as to why this is — maybe it’s the weed, maybe it’s the widespread, liberal hippy-ism, maybe it’s the influx of West Coasters who’ve bombarded the area. Whatever the reason, these rude fans seem to have lost their basic human decency.
So, next year it’s back to friendly territory for Bryan and I. And as a Packer team owner (yes, I bought into them and no, I won’t be receiving any dividends… ever), I welcome opposing team fans to Lambeau. You are encouraged to visit this mecca of football history — take a tour of the stadium and enjoy a small town tailgating atmosphere. Based on our past experiences in the small metropolis of Green Bay, you will be welcomed no matter what you’re wearing — maybe not with the same open arms as if you’re sporting green and gold — but if you are respectful and decent, you can count on the same treatment in return.
I believe it can be attributed to what I call the “Center Country Effect.” The closer you get to the middle of the country, the better the people are. As a whole, I believe Center Country people to be literally BETTER, in every sense of the word.
I’ve attended games in Minneapolis as an opposing team fan and, though the Vikings are much more a rival to Green Bay than Denver, been treated a million times better than we were in Denver. Every time.
I’m not sure if it was a strange anomaly that we were also treated quite humanely last year in Miami. Maybe it was the idea that the Packers and Dolphins are not rivals of any kind, nor are they in the same conference, so common sense says there was no need to get too terribly worked up, win or lose. (Ahem… Denver…) Maybe Dolphins fans are just happier due to more vitamin D.
Or maybe the Denver fan base is an abomination to sportsmanship.
That said, I’m still torn this Super Bowl Sunday. Up until just this past Nov. 1, I had been a Broncos fan since the days of Elway. (I may or may not have had a schoolgirl crush on him). Even considering our disgusting experience in the mile-high city, it’s hard to hold a grudge against the actual team, when they’ve earned a chance at a few minutes of world domination. It wasn’t the team that wronged us, but that team’s unfortunate fans.
Plus, I have a ton of respect for Peyton Manning, and a big part of me would like to see him go out on top. I believe Manning to be the best quarterback of less-than-superb talent in the game today, and probably ever. He’s got talent, sure, but his level of talent alone would never have propelled him to his current station. I’m sure that statement could be debated to the moon and back, but this is my stance, and I’m not budging.
So come Feb. 7, I’ve elected not to watch the big game at all, since my true football love, the Green and Gold, will not be taking the field… and it’s way easier to just watch the commercials on YouTube.

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