Woonsocket Community Dinner Theatre performances

Woonsocket Community Dinner/Theatre will be performing a childrens play called, “Situation Un-Sittable” by Anne K. Glasner, along with a play by the adults called, “Anybody for Tea?” by C.B. Gilford.  The performances will be held in the Woonsocket Gym at 7 p.m. on March 31 and April 1 and is targeted for all ages.
Ticket prices are free for pre-school, $5 for K–6 and $7 for all others. Profits will go towards supplies for the theatre in the new Event Center.
The March 31 performance includes an optional dinner, at which the Post Prom Committee is serving a spaghetti dinner for $4.50 per plate, starting at 5:30 p.m. with ticket purchases at the door. A concession stand will also be available.
“Situation, Un-Sittable” is short comedy held in the living room of the McDonalds home at about 7:30 p.m. The McDonalds have two babysitters take care of their children while they go out to eat with his boss.
The play cast consists of seventh and eighth graders:  Aleya Fry, Ellie Voneye, Andrew Lindgrey, Jessa Fisher, Morgan Schmiedt, Carter Linke, Kaitlin Brueske, Xavier Baysinger, Noah Terkildsen, Josie Weber, Bailey Huss, Collin Schmiedt  and Grace Terkildsen.
“Anybody for Tea?” is a short comedy held in a living room and office. Detective Dennis O’Finn, investigating the death of an elderly lady, discovers that he is the motive for the murder. The sweet but balmy spinsters are in love with their bachelor neighbor, the handsome and muscular O’Finn. To get him to visit them, they stage a homicide. To keep him around, another one must be arranged.
The cast consists of community adults: Brett Kroger,  Gayle Feistner, Carrie Howard, Lisa Snedeker, Anita Fouberg,  Margie Larson, Carrie Gutierrez, Armando Rodriguez, Tom Fouberg and Jack Davis.
Come and support the Community Theatre and Post Prom for an evening of social, laughter and entertainment.
The theater program is in need of clothing, hats, purses, suitcases or props. If you have items that you would like to donate, contact Bernie at 605-354-1793 or 796-4669 or Emily Olson at the Woonsocket School at 797-4431.
The plays are directed by Bernie Davis and Jody Schmiedt.

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