Sanborn County Food Pantry helps those in need

At this time each year, the Sanborn County Food Pantry is required to send a report to the Rural Office of Community Services (ROCS). The report covers the time frame of Oct. 1, 2017 through Sept. 30, 2018 and is nothing short of outstanding.

According to Lynn Brueske, co-administrator for the Sanborn County Food Pantry, the county’s pantry operates solely on volunteerism and donations. It was started over 40 years ago to help families in need during the Christmas holiday and has blossomed into having a truckload of food come to the county once a month for nine months out of the year to give to anyone who may need some help supplementing their groceries to get through each month. The only months they don’t have monthly provisions is January, July and August. During the past reporting year, the Sanborn County Food Pantry has helped 910 families, which includes 2,343 people, and that’s just in the nine monthly giveaways. 

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