Town ‘N Kountry Kids 4-H Club Blue Group meets

The Town ‘N Kountry Kids 4-H Club Blue Group met on Sunday, Aug. 5, at the Letcher Community Center. The meeting was called to order by president Brady Larson. Pledges were led by Cannon Zoss and Shay Bechen. Roll call topic was “name an insect or garden weed.” Fifteen members and five clover buds answered the roll call question.

Payton Uecker read the secretary’s report, and it was approved.

Bryce Larson gave the treasurer’s report. He made a deposit of $758, and he will finish writing checks for 4-H camp when the kids give their talks about camp. The club t-shirt bill will also need to be paid. Payton made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report; Dean Hanson seconded the motion. 

A committee report was given on the bird houses. All the bird houses were taken to the Woonsocket nursing home. They appreciated receiving the bird houses very much! Ellie Evans gave an update on grandparents. She sent cards on the Fourth of July and will again send cards on Grandparents Day in September. Kenzie Uecker gave a report on public speaking. Tori Hoffman talked about her experience at 4-H camp.

Old Business: The 4-H and United States flags are in and will be out during Achievement Days. They ordered two of each flag. All State Fair books should be handed out and club t-shirts were handed out to the members who ordered them and were at the meeting.

New Business: The Achievement Days work schedule is out. Members need to make sure to check it. The leaders decided it would be a nice gesture to hand out BBQ tickets to the administrators at Sanborn Central, so they can see what the kids do in the summer. Payton and Kenzie Uecker will distribute them to the administrators at SC.

Record books will be due by Oct. 1. Janet will e-mail out the first page with the club information.

Steve Zoss talked about the Sanborn County Horse Fun Show and Safety Training to be held on Oct. 7 in Forestburg. The safety training will be good for the 2019 4-H year. Steve also talked about Western Junior. Registration is due Aug. 25. Western Junior is held from Oct. 10-13. 

Brady Larson adjourned the meeting. 

The date and time of the next meeting is to be determined.

Members who gave talks at the meeting were Brady Larson – “Get in the Game,” Bryce Larson – “All About Beef,” Payton Uecker – “Seat Belt Safety,” McKenzie Uecker – “Yuck! What is that… Slime!”

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