Winter Storm Wesley wreaks havoc in Sanborn County

On Friday morning, the snow was piled high up and down Woonsocket’s Dumont Avenue, also known as their Main Street. The city crew had to pile it wherever they could find space, and space was getting scarce.

It started as freezing rain on Wednesday afternoon and advanced into snowfall during the night from Wednesday to Thursday. In the following 24 hours, approximately 18-20 inches of snow fell all over Sanborn County. Some places saw a little more, but on average, most of the area was covered with just under two feet of snow by Thursday night. The wind howled all day Thursday, which, with that much snow falling, created some huge drifts that caused problems for local farmers to get to their cows and the many new calves that were brought into the world during the bothersome weather. The cold temperatures, deep snow, and blustering wind gusts, made terrible conditions for farmers’ efforts in keeping their newest calves alive, but that didn’t keep them from working hard to save their livestock. Many of them had to recruit help from family, including kids who are normally in school during the day, but most families worked well together to keep the newest members of their herds alive and thriving.

…Read on and see more pictures in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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